Financial Security In A Changing World || EP 1156

Security is one of the most talked about things in the world today. Every day in the news reports there are discussions of how nations are going about the business of securing themselves. Families plan for security by putting bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Individuals give a lot of attention to such things as insurance of various kinds, investing in stocks and bonds, contributing to “nest egg” savings programs, and retirement annuities. Everyone longs for the feeling expressed by the Psalmist: “My heart is fixed, 0 God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise” (Ps. 57:7 KJV).  

Is this kind of security possible? If so, how do we achieve it? It depends upon what we think that security is. If we are thinking of security in terms of protective barriers and a continuous provision for food, clothing, shelter, heat, light, and medical care, then (and this may seem shocking) the most secure individual is a life-term convict in a penitentiary. Almost everything is cared for, thus he or she has little to worry about. He or she has real security, but at such a great price!  

Most public opinion surveys indicate that the one thing most people desire in life more than anything else is security. This is a sad commentary on contemporary values. Professor Peter Bartocci of Boston University has said, “It may be that any view of life that puts security rather than creativity first has misread life at its best, and thus misinterprets the cosmic process.” This is not to suggest that the desire for security is wrong or that we shouldn’t seek ways of achieving it. It is simply that when we place the emphasis on outer things, we miss the whole meaning of life. Life is for expressing, for growth and expansion.

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