Every Crisis Is An Opportunity With The Advantage Method || EP 336

All religions and mythologies speak of the critical tests faced by great spiritual teachers before their final victory. The individual who became the Buddha faced a supreme crisis before he achieved enlightenment. As he sat underneath the Bodhi tree, he was visited by the great Mara, “Lord Desire” of illusion. This invidious entity first insisted that he abandon his foolish quest for enlightenment and start living up to his social obligations. Then it came to him surrounded by voluptuous female spirits named Lust, Restlessness, and Greed, tempting the future world savior with carnal desire. When that failed, the Mara approached him in the form of “Lord Death,” along with a horrible army of demonic forms with multiple mouths, lolling tongues, and pointed teeth. In their hands they carried bows and arrows, darts, clubs, swords, even blazing mountains. But through all this, Gautama Sakyamuni remained still, unmoved by desire, fear, or the necessity of social commitments. Only after these tests were met and overcome did he become the Buddha—“the Enlightened One.” 

The Christian savior Jesus faced a similar encounter when he retreated to the wilderness, fasting for forty days after his baptism. His temptations concerned hunger, pride, and power. After undergoing this testing crisis, Jesus began his earthshaking ministry in earnest. Although the trials in these accounts are different, they touch on the same truth. 

Not only is every crisis a possible breakthrough, but most breakthroughs are in fact preceded by a crisis of some kind. Mythologist Joseph Campbell describes the cyclical pattern of crisis and breakthrough with the term monomyth, or the “mythological round.” All of us tread the path of the monomyth in our heroic quest toward spiritual fulfillment. In this cycle we (as the heroine or hero) are called to a journey, an inner exploration. Along this adventure we encounter challenges as well as assistance. 

The challenges will test our courage, our compassion, and our faith. Ultimately we are brought to the supreme test, which, if met successfully, is followed by a profound transformation. As a result of this rebirth, we discover new abilities or insights that can benefit us and others as well. Then we proceed once again along the cycle of growth.

In Tufti the Priestess Vadim Zeland also discusses the advantage method which when applied is very powerful.

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