Ernest Holmes Money Is A Spiritual Idea || EP 1219

While there is an exact science of gaining wealth, yet I will say in beginning that possibly none of you will ever prove it. Nevertheless, I will say that it is an exact law, a scientific and unfailing Law. There IS a law of perfect supply.

To begin with, we must come to see that the supreme intelligence must, in creating man, have also made a way by which he could be provided for in harmony and in peace and without robbing anyone of that which belongs to them.

Now this way must be a natural way, it must be a natural law. Nature is always natural. Now we are talking about money as that is the evidence of supply. Money is the highest medium of exchange that the race has as yet been able to produce. Jesus knew this and told His students to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. He knew that money was an idea and a necessary one to the needs of human life. So there is a law of success and all who will, can prove it.

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