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Episode Summary

Brian discusses Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing, giving a summary of some of its core principles such as the alternative space, pendulums and importance. Reality Transurfing is a powerful tool for managing reality.

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Brian discusses Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing, giving a summary of some of its core principles such as the alternative space, pendulums and importance. Reality Transurfing is a powerful tool for managing reality.

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00:01                                     Welcome to the reality revolution podcast. I am your host, Brian Scott. Thank you for so much for tuning into our podcast today. The Reality Revolution podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. You are not small and insignificant, but multidimensional, infinite and eternal. The primary purpose of this podcast is to awaken your sense of fascination and awe towards life. We want you to shatter your rigid belief systems and look at the world in a new way. Hopefully you have gotten a chance to listen to the first two episodes. You don’t have to, but we tried to give a little bit of background or I tried to give a little background about what happened to me and the journey that I have been on and the second episode discussed quantum physics and the idea of parallel realities. Some of that was a little bit complicated and I totally understand if you decided to skip some of it, but I am so excited today because we’re going to be talking about Reality Trans Surfing.

01:12                                     I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it is one of the most wonderful and incredible concepts and has absolutely changed my life and I want to bring some of these ideas to you so you can be exposed to it and become aware of it because once you start to apply the understandings and Principles of Reality Trans Surfing, I personally believe it can change your life in a fundamental absolute way. Just to give you some background, reality transferring comes from a book written by Vadim Zealand, a physicist from Russia. As I understand, this book’s incredibly popular in Russia and it took a very long time to become translated into English. It is an incredibly long book. It’s about 800 pages long and every chapter is filled with incredible depth and detail. I’ve read it seven or eight times. You can listen to it on youtube if you want.

02:08                                     We’ll try to put some links later on on our youtube channel so you can find this book. You can listen to it to understand it better. It is one of those books you need to listen to at regular speed, which for me is very difficult. Uh, but you can listen to it and understand it. I’d like to go over my explanation of it as best I can, but Iem Zeeland is discussing a lot of the things that we discussed in the first two podcasts about parallel realities. And the main idea of trans surfing as according to Zeeland is based on the existence of the alternative space, which stores the scripts of all possible events. The number of alternatives is infinite. Just like the number of possible points on a coordinate graph is infinite. In the alternative space is written. Everything that was is or ever will be under certain conditions, a person’s thought energy can materialize a given sector of the alternative space.

03:09                                     So it’s very different than the law of attraction. They coincide in many ways, but personally I believe that the Reality Trans Surfing idea is much more powerful and works much more effectively then the law of attraction. There are great things that come with both, but the idea behind Reality Trans surfing is you’re not necessarily changing your reality or manifesting a new reality. You’re choosing your reality. Reality presents itself in a numberless variety of appearances and these appearances form according to our basic beliefs as to how the world is. No appearance is more or less valid than any other appearance. This is the fundamental quality of our world and material objects manifest for us according to the sensory apparatus of our earthly bodies, augmented and filtered by how our species and culture view what it is possible to be. All possibilities are already there in this information field that Vadim Zeeland is referring to and he calls it the space of variations.

04:18                                     It serves as a template governing how matter moves through space and time. It is important to understand that each point in this space contains its own variation of possible outcomes from each event. All variations of all possible events, past, present, and future are available. Each observer of each event manifest reality according to their worldview, which as mentioned in his book is governed according to the sensory apparatus of our earthly bodies augmented in filtered by how species and culture view. So these events when we attempt to order our experience manifest as a series of causes and Effects Strung together in a timeline that we view as our own personal past, present, and Future Zealand refers to this as our Lifetrak waves of thought energy materialize. Each variant as long as it does defined by consciousness or in other words fits our worldview. A lot of this goes back to what we talked about in the first episode.

05:21                                     Just as a reminder, all of the above as observed studied by many quantum physicists, especially the late Hugh Everett who termed his research finding has his relative state formulation, but it is more widely known as the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics. Everett opposed, the views of the day and proposed at wave functions did not collapse. Therefore, there were an infinite number of outcomes of each event. The Observer only sees one outcome, but the others according to Everett do exist. Although ever it was ridiculed in his day over 50% of quantum physicist today except this view so far, the math behind this theory has not been disproven. Another excellent author, Adrian can’t tries to explain this theory and I think that Vadim Zeeland is using his knowledge of whoever it, when he talks about the space of variations and our life tracks, especially when he asserts that we can choose alterations to our life track or where it seems our Lifetrak is leading us.

06:22                                     We don’t create these alterations because they already exist. There is some lifetime where you’re a rock and roll star or a movie star. You’re just choosing a life track and that’s all that’s happening. According to Kent on this view, every time any of us does a quantum experiment with several possible outcomes, all those outcomes are enacted in different branches of reality. Each of which contains a copy of ourself whose memories are identical up to the start of experiment, but each of whom sees different results. None of these future selves has any claim to be the real one. They are all equally real, genuine, but distinct successors of the person who started the experiment. The same picture holds true more generally in cosmology alongside the reality we currently have it. There are many others in the history of the universe in our planet was ever so slightly different, many more in which humanity exists on earth, but the course of human history was significantly different from ours and many more still in which nothing resembles her or its inhabitants.

07:24                                     According to our quantum problem by Adrian Canton. Excellent book, and I recommend it, Richard Feinman, another physicist, advocates what he calls multiple histories, which is similar to the many worlds theory HDD or Zay states the idea of many minds. He argues that d cohering no collapsed universe, one can avoid the necessity of distinct macro realms by introducing as new psychophysical parallelism in which individual minds supervene on each non-interfering component and the physical state. So it follows that each entity human and its discourse has its own life track. And this is what [inaudible] Zealand is using as the basis of his book. The idea that we can access these life tracks. And how does this change to come about? How do we access these live tracks? So that’s what we’re going to talk about. No, most of us remember new age concepts to a great extent. You know, have been ridiculed.

08:18                                     I’m sure you’ve talked about with your friends and many of these ideas have been rejected or made fun of. They survive out of luck and live in a constant dread of disaster. Summer. Careful, they say less the smite button, crush them resulting in poverty and starvation. Making our reality does not mean that we create the material substance of our world with our minds, which is the big difference when we’re talking about this stuff. We cannot alter the events of our life track. So why are we not predestined? My answer is simple and it’s taken from Vadim Zealand’s view and I would not be surprised if you don’t throw this document into fire. And if you take what he’s saying and you throw it away and ignore it, because a lot of what I’m saying, it’s scary, but if you take this, you know that that’s fine, you’re free to choose another Lifetrak.

09:06                                     Why not? If you agree that events are already there to be made manifest by you, the observer and traveler on the track, than what is to prevent you from choosing to react or act in a slightly different way. In certain instances, of course you think you can’t. If you know that you can’t, then of course you can’t. If you’re still with me, then think about the new testament. Well known saying found there is. If you think you can move mountains, then you can. Why do you think some people overcome obstacles and succeed while others fall? Most of the time, but not always. They saw themselves either able to take this action or unable to. Many of us differ in our education and skills and aptitudes and opportunities, but many succeed against these overwhelming obstacles. So what was their secret? I believe that they shifted over into a new Lifetrak.

10:07                                     Remember, life tracks are not real. The word just helps us to understand that we have the freedom to respond to each event we encounter along the way. When you view a history of all these choices, they may be described as linear series of responses that lead to the present moment, a live track, so to speak. So the good news is that that Zealand who turned his life around and has had this incredible success, selling millions of copies of this book, reality, Trans Surfing in Russia, there are lots of readers who have tried these techniques and state that you can really choose your reality and have thanked him. And if you go online, you can see multiple success stories and I am one of them. You can choose your own reality that is very difficult to believe, but you can. I am fascinated by this concept and I realize that this is a little bit radical and it’s hard to understand his methods when they became aware of them, they really spoke to me.

11:03                                     I’ve known for some time that I can change anything about myself. I must start to accept all the bad things and the good things, the Maya irrationality, my impatience, everything. Here I am, warts, failures, failures, all mistakes, alright, blaming myself, getting guilty about myself, making excuses. All blocks, all of the different options that are available to me. So I believe you can do these things. Now, the first thing that Zealand really talks about that I want to talk about it a little bit is the idea of pendulums. And this is very interesting considering what is going on in the world, in politics on your television. We often find ourselves falling into the groove or going with the flow. We have decided that a new action or reaction is warranted and justified according to a change of basic belief. Zealand believes that through our mind becomes solidified into what he calls the power of pendulums.

12:03                                     So what is a pendulum thought? Energy structure is how he defines it. Perhaps it might be called an emotional energy pattern that exists as part of the human body and outside of the human body and having an energy existence of its own. It’s this thing that has power. It’s an energy vortex and I’m talking crazy, but let’s just go on these pendulums established control and impose their own goals and put us on our different life tracks and push us on certain ways. We don’t have necessarily control over some examples. The Nuremberg rallies from 1933 to 1938 if you ever watch some documentaries on the world war, the main purpose of the Nuremberg rallies was hero worship of the savior of Hitler. Hundreds of people believed again and again and it was just crazy thing. People chanting and chanting, you read about this stuff and, and you see it on TV and how could they have done this?

13:01                                     But they got caught up in this energy. I remember when in high school I was in a program called boys state and it’s just a kind of a fake state government activity we did in high school. And we learn how to campaign. And I remember just a sudden energy flow in a group of people and we started heckling and yelling at each other and it was ridiculous and disruptive and, and it made no sense we were caught up in this destructive pendulum. We’ve see it today in politics, both on the left and in the right. There are people that get caught up in these waves of anger and hate and they become incredibly destructive. And even our opposition to the pendulum becomes powerful. This group energy sucks us in and defines our world. Good or bad, right or wrong, it has power. So what I’m saying and what this book says is to become aware of these pendulums.

13:59                                     You’re Republican, you’re a Democrat, you’re conservative, you’re liberal. You are a football fan, a soccer fan. All of the things that you juxtapose when you start to join into these energy pendulums, they are very powerful. They told us when we can be happy, when we can be sad. You Watch TV if it bleeds, it leads. It’s sucks us into its own powerful energy vortex in many ways. As the one says, there is no way for us to avoid these pendulums. We simply have to find positive pendulums that will work for us and not against us. There are so many things that we can possibly look at. So what I’m saying and what he says is to look for possible pleasant events purposely squeezed out joy. Instead of focusing in on these pendulums. Look at the clouds. Clouds are fascinating. Look at peak experiences. Sunrise and sunset eating a great meal.

14:54                                     This source of joy costs nothing and only requires it lifted the head of switch from the internal dialogue, which usually governs our waking moments to a couple moments of concentration on the view and awareness of what comes up for you. You know that is one thing. Be Aware of the flight of birds in there. Sounds stop and listen. Be In the moment. And the more you find yourself in the moment, the more you can escape from these powerful pendulums. So the next thing that he talks about, and there’s many different techniques in the book to understand how pendulum work and warning you have the power of these pendulums. If we can choose our own life tracks, multiple people are choosing their life tracks. Do not let these large groups of people choose their life tracks for you. Become independent and your thought and your thinking stand aside, be observant of what’s going on.

15:42                                     It says most simple way for me to explain it without going into hours and hours on this podcast. The next big topic, he talks about his balance. He uses terms such as balance and access, potential balancing forces, emotions, attitudes, nonattachment in music and natural notice, either sharp or flat naturalness is announced stemming from nature alike. If it’s like nature, it’s natural. Okay? No two human beings are exactly identical. So we must look more deeply into what is meant by naturalness. What he emphasizes is there’s always an equilibrium and balance in nature. When you look at how nature works. So if you have a particular Lifetrak that you really want to experience and do, you have a goal and something you’re dreaming about and you create importance for it, what happens is there is always going to be balancing forces that come against it. So if you truly want to achieve what you want, if you desperately want that thing, you will almost never ever get it.

16:44                                     You must be aware, if you create importance for anything that you desire, that suddenly it can actually work against you by creating all these potentials and balancing forces and negative forces will build up in opposition to this and we will suffer. So this goes back to Buddhism, the idea of detachment. We can detach and if we detach from our goal but still move towards the life track that we want, but not creating a level of importance, it allows us to move on these life tracks much easier and we avoid some of the complications that occur with balancing forces. So in a nutshell, trans surfing is a model of seeing and controlling the world. Uh, some other concepts, the 12 rules of Trans Surfing is the one, the space of variations. And we’ve talked about this. It means that the world can be saved as an information structure that contains the infinity variations of materialization with their individual scenarios and decorations.

17:43                                     The space of variations can be imagined as sort of a tree with infinite amount of branches and their entanglements, which each branch represents a certain possible variation. Zealand suggested our mind travels along the lines in the space of variations as an energy potential and materializes. The variation that is, it’s tuned to. So that is one of his rules. So the irradiation of mental energy induces materialization of the variation. It means that thoughts that we transmit inconspicuously transfer us to the lines and vectors of the space of variations which literally correspond to our thoughts. And the next idea is pendulums, which we just got done talking to. It’s essentially invisible energy information structures that push us and guide us. They can be religious, political, familial, national or corporate. A pendulum can reveal itself during massive public events, a football game, many material things that we value have pendulums.

18:41                                     And the bigger the followship to feeds the pendulum with energy. The more powerful is the pentium. If the amount of followers decrease its vibrations die out, a pendulum opposes its followers to other groups. A pendulum aggressively accuses everyone that didn’t decide to become a follower. It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate something, it doesn’t matter if you fight for it or against it. In both cases you are swinging a pendulum. A pendulum doesn’t care if the energy is negative or positive. So that is the second thing that he really talks about. The next concept is the wave of luck. Trans Surfing describes the wave of luck as a collection of positive lines. In the space of variations. This cascade of luck. We’ll follow only if you built up momentum from first success, destructive pendulums. We’ll try to lead you away from the wave of luck, but if you drop the importance, you will gain a freedom of choice.

19:34                                     By accepting and transmitting negative energy, you will create your own individual hell. By accepting and transmitting positive energy, you will create your own individual heaven. You should not be the source of external negative energy. Close your mind to bad news and open it to good, be the harbinger of the wave of luck. The next thing the Zealand talks about is excessive potentials there creative. When you give too much attention and value to a certain object or event, excessive potentials are invisible and insensible. They can play a significant and often insidious role in people’s lives. Equilibrium forces, which are targeted to remove the excessive potentials will come into play. They cause massive problems because their action is opposed to the intent that created the potential. All right, so excessive potential is bad in this created by when you create importance. So when you have a sense of guilt and internal desire, punishment, you realize the punishment and the solution is translate to strong desire per intent to take action against that so it can be guilt, losing money, obsession, perfectionism, intolerance, these create potentials.

20:45                                     I know all of you that are listening to this have had something that you’ve desperately wanted, especially if you’re listening to this podcast. You want to achieve goals. You want to achieve your desires, and when you really badly wanting something, that’s when it’s the hardest to get. It’s the idea of letting go. That is what he is talking about with the idea of importance. You can violate this equilibrium with a sense of guilt, a sense of superiority, inferiority, complex, discontent. When you idealize something or have contempt for something, excessive desire and perfectionism, we see these things all the time. We are sending messages out to the universe. I’m guilty, punish me. I’m superior. Slap me hard for my overinflated ego. I’m inferior. Prove me. Everything is so important. I feel such discontent. Give me more reasons to be unhappy. When I idealize some smack me in the face to ground reality, I have contempt for some push me down back into the place when I’m perfectionist.

21:46                                     The universe wants to make me struggle and show me that I cannot be perfect. All of these potentials generally describe with one word in that is important and that is what transferring is discussing. After you drop the importance which I did in my life, you immediately enter the state of balance. You become empty in the pendulums can establish their control because they simply can’t hook up the emptiness. The next idea that Zealand talks about is induced transition. The Concept of Trans Surfing implies that each person creates his own thoughts with a separate layer of the world in which he lives and emotional response to a negative event induces a transition to a negative lifeline pulling you into another pendulum or vortex. By being actively interested in any negative information and emotionally responding to negative news, which I am very, very guilty of. You can subconsciously draw bad stuff into your life and at some points it turns from an outside observer into a participant of the nightmare and you’re participating in a crisis of unemployment, epidemics, panics and disasters.

22:54                                     You can prevent yourself from dragging yourself into these vortexes by applying this principle. Do not let any negative information into your layer of the world intentionally ignore it deprivate of attention and don’t engage with interest. There is no need to actively avoid the bad stuff even more so than you shouldn’t fight it. You just have to stay in different. If you oppose something or who support something, then you may manifest either the opposite or that thing, so that level of indifference will give you power. Another concept is the rustle of the morning stars. That’s one of the first things he mentioned in the book, and I find this fascinating. It’s just a term our soul has access to this information field and sees what lies ahead in the future. Whatever sectors that are there. Our heart knows if the variation is good or bad for us, and it senses are perceived by the mind as a vague sensation of spiritual comfort or discomfort.

23:54                                     We’ve all had that hunch, that feeling that we get that tells us that something is not right. When making a choice or taking a decision, listen to the quiet inner voice of your soul. The quiet part of you that says, that knows that is the Russell in the morning. Star’s listened to the rustle of the morning stars. If you can separate yourself and you can listen to that little voice in your head, that is what he is talking about when you want to make the right choice, finding your level of intuition, understanding it and enhancing it. The next concept that he talks about is the current, uh, variations. Now’s Eaglin identifies two extremes of behavior in life situations, swimming like a Willis paper boat, stubbornly insisting rowing against the current. Moving along the first path. A person sort of asks for alms, for his destiny, addressing his request either to pendulums order, some supernatural force.

24:50                                     In this case, the person liberates himself of responsibility and get stuck in internal importance. If a person does not like the role of the request or he can choose. The second way to take the role of the offended that is to express dissatisfaction with the world and to demand something like he is entitled to have it. You can also take the role of the warrior and turn his life into a continuous struggle with pendulums and equilibrium forces trying to change the whole world from Zealand’s point of view. This seems completely absurd and I am somebody who has advocated and fought against things in life, in business. And when I realized that what I was doing was creating imbalances in of my equilibrium and I was able to move away from it, it was very, very powerful. And from the transferring point of view, um, it seems it’s very absurd.

25:41                                     The current, uh, variations usually occurs along the path of least resistance. Usually it’s not going to be difficult to achieve your goal. When you find those infant of variety of realities, find the optimal and least energy demanding variation towards your intention of what it is you want to do. Therefore, you know, it addresses the question of how to increase energy efficiency in our daily lives and reduces the resistance of the outside world in accordance with this principle of moving. With the current going with the flow, everything should be done in the easiest and simplest way. When you make a decision, the mind makes a choice based on logical reasoning. However, the mind being under the pressure of stress worries, depression or exaggerated importance and constant activity doesn’t always choose the best course of action. Often it is inclined to complicate the situation of the problem.

26:38                                     The correct solution always lies on the surface. This is this usually the simplest solution and tangled uncertain situations. The best thing to do is harmonize yourself with the outside world and the surrender to the current, uh, variations. It’s not about becoming a Willis paper boat on the waves, but not uselessly slapping the water with your hands on the water wireless enough to make smooth, simple movements while gliding in the current variations you need to calmly except possible deviations from the scenario, but you should also pay attention to signs. Lines of life are qualitatively different from each other. Signs warn us because they appear before the transition to another. Lifeline signs create a feeling as if something is not right, which is what happened to me. I knew something was not right and I am a alive today in this particular lifeline because I listened to the rustle of the morning stars and followed this simple current a variations.

27:39                                     That next idea is intention. The way that he describes an intention is we don’t look at our arm and say, my arm will go up. We just lift our arms. That is intention. It does not imply thinking if the goal is achievable or not. The intention implies the goal is defined, the decision to implement has been made, so the only thing that remains is to take action. Zealand divides the concept of intention into two parts. There’s the internal intention is the intention to do something by ourselves to influence the world around us by focusing our intention on the process of our movement to a goal. And the second is external intention is the choice of the line of life in the space of variations. This is the green light of the self realization of the variation of reality. It’s a focus on how the circumstances align themselves so that the goal realizes itself.

28:33                                     If the inner intention is determination to act in the external intention is a termination to own. The external intention arises not as an act of will, but as a consequence of the unity of the soul and mind. Therefore, it is called pure intent. So that is a big rule and he talks a lot about unifying your heart and your mind and how early on in our lives, our hearts are divided from our minds. So when we find that connection, that unification between our heart and mind, we can find and take intentions and we can move toward what we intend. The next idea, he talks about his slides. A slide is a product of our imagination, distorted picture of reality. We see a slide that appears to attach excessive importance in our mind. They appears like a magnifying glass of your shortcomings. It’s that something in our minds we kind of focus on.

29:26                                     It’s an image, a negative thing that kind of becomes something that we focus on. It comes up constantly, um, to help us reduce the complexity of what’s going on. And oftentimes that slide helps define our actions. So create positive slides to your mind. Pleasant to your heart. Do not look at this slide is a picture, but live in it virtually. Look through your slide and add new details in larger slide. Don’t create simplistic images that define what we do. Slides can be, sounds like affirmations and repetitions. So it does concur with the idea of affirmations. We can create those and use those as slides. The next big difference is in visualization. Now we’re almost done. But the idea is what we visualize, it’s very important is how we visualize. If we visualize a bag of money, for instance, we might see that bag of money on a movie or television show.

30:25                                     We don’t visualize the bag of money in our own hands, something that we can use. Also, it’s more effective and powerful if we visualize the process. So for instance, we want to get a master’s degree. We visualize ourselves going to school, getting a grade in that class, going, doing the proper things in the proper order. So don’t direct your thoughts just to the one overriding goal, but imagine visualizing the process along the way and it has more power and moves us on lifelines much smoother. The other idea, which I’m still trying to understand is the idea of the soul frail and he mentioned that each soul has its own star sector. It’s a path of complete self realization that there is a specific track where we reach our greatest potential, our highest good, that is identifying and becoming a part of this soul. Frail. When we tune into that, you become satisfied with yourself.

31:19                                     You feel good, you love yourself with pleasure and you do what you love. It is a shining moment that we have and we take ourselves outside of the pendulums. We have control and we choose a reality that we want. There’s this one particular sector of our lifelines that is absolutely fantastic and that is our sole frail that he is talking about. The other idea is girls and how you set goals and doors. The goal is something that gives you pleasure, something that gives you a feeling of joy when you follow and the door is a path towards your goal in which you feel fascinated and inspired. The idea is to choose goals that are your goals. Not someone else’s. Goal is not a pendulums goals, not your mom or dad’s goals, but your goals and when you follow that, it is very powerful. False goals are imposed by a pendulums.

32:09                                     If you want to achieve a goal in order to prove something to yourself and others than it is not a goal. If you made a decision in your mind but your slow feels uncomfortable, then the goal is not your goal. So he gives basic principles live by the dictates of your heart. Bring the soul and mind into harmony. Don’t yield to extraneous influences that impose other people’s goals, do not fight with anyone or anything. Use what life offers you, be afraid of nothing and choose your path and act consistently. Transferring does not pretend to be a complete picture of the world. It doesn’t have to be true. It’s how you apply these concepts and if you do apply these concepts, there is some effectiveness to it. Transferring may confirm the existence of universal truths in laws but it doesn’t pretend to be an overwhelming philosophy on how to live your life.

33:00                                     It is a fascinating system. It is a fascinating book and I absolutely would love to hear your thoughts on this and I would love to discuss this more. I recommend listening also to Aron Dodi’s youtube channel. He is somebody that has been touched by Reality Tran surfing and teaches classes and offers a reality shifting academy and it’s very soon I plan on creating a program in which I will teach some of these concepts in in addition to some additional concepts that we’re going to discuss in future podcast episodes. But in any case, if you’ve lasted this long with me, I know a lot of that was in the weeds and a lot of that sounded confusing and it is still confusing to me after I’ve read this incredibly large book seven times, so thank you for hanging with me and I appreciate your desire for greater knowledge and together we can coordinate our abilities and together we can learn about this stuff and we can contribute to this idea and we can make it something greater and more significant. I am so happy that you’ve joined me. Again, I cannot wait to talk to you more about this soon. We’ll be having interviews and discussions. Please email me at brian@advancedsuccessinstitute.com if you have any ideas, suggestions, or conversations in how you’ve applied principles that are similar to this in your life, I would love to hear from you. If you are interesting in advertising, you can email me again@brianatadvancedsuccessinstitute.com this has been the reality revolution podcast. Thank you for joining the reality revolution.

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