Dr. Joseph Murphy The Mighty Law Of Courage || EP 399


By Dr. Joseph Murphy

I sent my soul through the Invisible

Some letter of that after-life to spell,

And by and by my soul returned to me

And answered, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

(The Rubáiyát by Omar Khayyam)

Your retribution and reward depend on how you use your mind. If you make an erroneous decision in your mind, you invoke the mathematical and just response of the law of your subconscious mind. You will experience loss as a result of your erroneous judgment or decision. The law of action and reaction is universal throughout nature. If your thoughts are wise, your actions will be wise. God is not vengeful or vindictive, but the impersonal law of your own mind reacts and responds according to what is impressed upon it. Your thought-life produces what seems like vengeance when you are unawakened to the way your mind works.

Actually, you are experiencing a natural law of action and reaction, which is always equal, exact, and precise. Suppose a friend falls in a lake and drowns because he does not know how to swim. Would you blame the lake? Would you accuse it of acting vengefully? Of course not. The water is completely impersonal. It simply obeys a physical law.

Fear is a powerful force, but you can learn to live so that fear will no longer dominate you. Your fear may reach back into the past, perhaps even into the inheritance of the collective mind, but you need not stay subject to it. While there are many primitive fears in the subconscious of all of us, you can eradicate all those fears by joining mentally and emotionally with the God-Presence within you. As you learn to love God and all things good, and as you trust Him implicitly, you will overcome your fears and become a free and fearless person.

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