Dr. Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 8 Allegories And Truth || EP 751

 Dear friend and student:

   In sending you the 8th Lesson it is very important that you study it with the fundamentals in mind as the allegorical illustrations are only for the purpose of bringing out the points involved. Literally the stories are merely allegories. but the principle behind them is scientifically true and it is for this reason that I have used them in this connection.

   Read and study this lesson until you are sure that it is clear, as it is very important. Be faithful in your exercises and do not fail to memorize the little poem at the close of the Lesson.

   Sincerely your friend,  

Dr. Frank B Robinson

   In your last Lesson I told you a few things which were quite new to you probably, and I think I opened up a realm of thought to you which is fraught with very vast possibilities to say the least. You will remember that the picture was as follows: We saw first the initial creation of the universe from the vast nebula. Probably through explosion, or from some other cause a sun was formed, as they still are being formed in the heavens. Then we saw the earth and its planets as a “throw-off” from the sun. All this, of course, was millions and billions of years ago as far as our own individual earth is concerned. but this same process is still being repeated now in the formation of other planets similar to our own.

   You will, of course, realize that this is an immense scheme. and must be governed by some marvelous CREATIVE LAW. We saw that no personality as such ever had anything to do with it, nor indeed can ever have anything to do with it. We saw that no “god” as such could ever be responsible for it, if one looks upon such “god” as an anthropomorphous being of any sort. We saw further that it was a SPIRITUAL LAW which is in operation in this staggering system of creation, and we saw further that the unseen or the spiritual realm is the REAL and the PERMANENT realm. from which all material things must first come.

   The Bible paragrapher was quite correct when he stated:- “For the things which are seen are temporal. but the things which are not seen, (or unseen) are ETERNAL.” And here in this course of study we are dealing with unseen things. Therefore they are ETERNAL things—they are spiritual things. Almost every scientist of note is quite fully agreed that behind the physical and material universe, there moves a great unseen force. More and more are men coming to realize that the material matters very little—but the spiritual matters very much. Certain it is that there can be no material thing at all, unless such material thing first had its inception and its conception in the unseen realm. It must have been created or its creation directed by the great unseen forces the scientists of to-day are talking about.

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