Dr. Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 7: The Cosmic Ray || EP 736

Dear friend and fellow-student:

   I promised you last week that in this Lesson Seven we should go into quite some depths, and we have. The Lesson gives you a picture of creation that you have never had before. It shows you the reason for the “thought exercises” I have been prescribing, and it also shows you the dynamic power behind these exercises.

   You may have thought that you have been “talking to yourself” in doing these little exercises, but now you will know that if you have done them faithfully, you have put into operation a great Spiritual force and opened up the channel through which there can come to you just about whatever you need for complete success, health, and happiness.

   Read and study this Lesson many times. It is really a marvelous Lesson and will probably start you thinking in earnest. So remember, help yourself to grasp the truths that I am helping you to grasp. What I am telling you now is TRUTH. And truth always liberates.

   Sincerely your friend,

   Frank Robinson

   In our efforts, to find and understand this dynamic GOD-LAW which I claim operates throughout the whole universe, you will remember that in your last Lesson, (number 6) I told you of the probable cause of this universe. I showed you the generally accepted modern scientific theory of the primary cause resulting in yon vast bodies floating in the ether millions and billions of miles away, and called NEBULAE. It is absolutely necessary that you understand the primary cause and the following stages of the creation, in order to get the picture as I see it exists.

   And the creation is no less marvelous if we accept the nebula viewpoint than if we accepted the instantaneous six day creation. It is perhaps more marvelous as it is. It would, of course, be a wonderful thing if some power of other could call into being this universe in such a short time as six days, but it is infinitely more marvelous that this slow process of evolution has been going on through the millions and billions of years. Besides–I consider the exact manner of the creation to be not so important after all. The important fact is that we are here. The important fact is that every created thing was ever created at all.

   The Law of which I speak and teach, exists, and no matter whether we are right of wrong in our understanding of the first creation, the main thing is the existence of the great GOD-LAW. For it would be absolutely impossible to conceive of such a creation as this is, without some guiding intelligence behind it all. The mistake too many people make is in thinking that some PERSONALITY is behind it all. They consider some PERSONAL GOD of other responsible for it all. This is the very worst kind of foolishness however, for no PERSONAL power of any soft could have had any thing to do with it. Those of us who are scientifically inclined, and those of us who have gone about as far as science can take us, KNOW, and we know full well, that no PERSONALITY ever had anything to do with this marvelous creation.

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