Dr Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 3 The Living God And The Creation Of The Heavens And Earth || EP 679

In our search for the LAW which controls health, wealth, and happiness, it is necessary at this point that we turn our attention to the creation of this universe and man. It might occur to you that it is passing strange that a consideration of creation is necessary when all we are attempting to do is to find the LAW which is responsible for success, health, and happiness. You may say, “Well what has the story of creation to do with either health, success, or happiness?” And my answer to you is that it has a whole lot to do with it. In fact you cannot obtain any of these blessings intelligently until you have a true picture of creation, For behind that picture of creation lies a POWER. And what a Power it is.

Were it not for that mighty Power or Law, you and I would not be here, neither could we possibly stay here another second of time. The fact that there is a creation pre-supposes, in fact proves that there is a Creator. It would be utter foolishness to think for one moment that yon heavens, decked in all their glory and splendor, together with their millions of satellites, planets, suns, stars, etc.–just haphazardly happened. To think that would be utter foolishness. For the remarkable precision with which yon starry spheres revolve in their orbits, and travel along their respective paths, through infinite space, is proof beyond shadow of doubt that an intelligent Power, or Law is in control. And not only is this Force, or Power, or Law in control every second of time, but this same Power or Law was the causing factor in the first place. This same POWER, this same LAW, this same FORCE, no matter what it may be called, (and we will not concern ourselves with that yet) this same LAW, IS THE VERY SAME LAW THAT CAUSED THEM TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I do not care when the creation was. I do not care so much how it happened. I DO know that whether it be a Power, a Law or a Force, it must needs be AN INTELLIGENT POWER OR LAW OR FORCE.

By no mere chance could such an elaborate scheme of things ever come into existence without some controlling Power overlooking and controlling this brilliant scheme of things–for in reality it is a very brilliant scheme when we only faintly begin to understand something of the Power operating. And YOU are going to be given a glimpse of this very Power, so study earnestly and intently, and drink in every word I say to you. I can assure you that this course of instruction has not sprung into existence overnight, I promise you that. It has involved a lifetime’s study and thought along this line and in this realm. At times I have had to be rather daring. At other times I have had to do lots of experimenting in this remarkable realm. But in being able to point you direct to THE LAW as it exists, I think my efforts have been more than justified. I think my reward is great. So realize, my friend, that I am putting into your hands a weapon which you can use against all the enemies of life, and if you will use this weapon as I direct you to use it, you will be an absolutely overcoming warrior in life’s battle.

For life is a battle to those who do not know it as it is. Of course it’s a fight when one does not understand the mighty Law waiting to be used for either success, health, or happiness. But let me say to you here and now that life lost its fight when I began to realize the magnitude of the staggering truths I am revealing to you. Now–instead of fighting, I know a far better way–and I use it. And success follows everything I do. I am perfectly healthy, and I am supremely happy also. And it is all because I learned something of the existence of this mighty Creative Life Principle I am teaching you about.

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