Dr. Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 2 Finding The Power Of The Living God || EP 664

Dear friend and student:

   In this Lesson I am going to show you just a few of the things possible to YOU, and possible to YOU—NOW. The chances are many to one, that to date you have never even suspected that many of the good things of life might be yours. You found yourself placed on this earth some years ago, and you accepted life as it was given to you. You were handed certain cards when you first came into being, and, to the best of your ability, you played those cards in this game called LIFE. It probably has never dawned on you that if you did not hold a WINNING HAND, you could draw other cards. It is my happy privilege, however, to tell you that such is the case.

   For life is a card game. You draw when you enter the game. And you play accordingly. Most of us, however, seem to be laboring under the delusion that what ever cards were first dealt us, are the only cards we can ever draw. Such, however, is NOT the case. You may say that heredity enters into the playing of this game of life. The “heredity” card may have been dealt you, and you may not like it. Then perhaps the “circumstance” card was also dealt you. Perhaps you don’t like that card either. The card of “poor education” may also have fallen in front of you, and you don’t like that card either. Perhaps, through no fault of your own, a “college” education was denied you. Well I’m not so sure that you have missed too much through that–for “college-bred” men are in every breadline, and if you trace history back, you are very apt to find that those who have forged ahead to the greatest heights, were either men of no “college” education, or men who achieved in spite of their “college education. “

   Many are the cards which may have been dealt you when you first entered this game of life. You had nothing to say about these cards either. You did not deal. You could do nothing else than accept the cards as the “dealer” gave them to you. And to date, the chances are, you are highly dissatisfied with this game. The “other fellow” seems to be having all the “luck” while you seem to be always holding the “losing” hand. Well, in this Lesson my friend, let me just point out to you a few of the things which may be accomplished by YOU. And I mean YOU—whoever you are that is reading this Lesson. For never was a truer word spoken than this. You ARE the MASTER of your fate. You ARE the captain of your soul. And if you go on in this game of life, playing with inferior cards, it is simply because you want to. For THE CARDS MAY BE CHANGED—remember that. And I have contracted with you to show you how to change them.

   I know how to show you that. And I do not know it just in an abstract way, but I have PROVEN TO MYSELF FIRST THAT I DO KNOW THE WAY. I KNOW THE LAW INVOLVED. And let me say to you with all the earnestness at my command, that this great God-Law is no respector of persons. Have I made that clear? The mighty Creative God-Law of the universe, IS NO RESPECTOR OF PERSONS. Nor is the Power of that Law limited. The only thing that keeps you from having an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness, is your ignorance of this mighty LAW. Its not the fault of the Law—but the fault of YOU. I am not blaming you, for I did not know how the Law worked until I was 40 years of age. But I know now. And so will you before you finish this course of instruction with me.

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