Dr Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 18 Beyond Material Manifestation || EP 792

Dear friend and student:

   You will find this 18th Lesson entirely different from those that have gone before and in a way this is rather a distasteful Lesson in parts; but in handling the truth as it exists, I must stay close by that truth and not allow sentiment to swing me at all.

   You will find also some very beautiful instructions and a beautiful spiritual sentiment running through this Lesson and I want you to apply this principle every day in your own life, for to find the power of the great God-Law means supreme happiness, supreme peace, and supreme supply.

   Sincerely your friend and teacher,

Frank B Robinson

   The Lessons in this Course which you have received to date have been specifically designed and very earnestly designed to show you something of the existence of this great, unseen Power , we sometimes chose to call “God.” I have shown you scientifically that there does exist an unseen, dynamic Spiritual Power, and I have further shown you that this Power does not and indeed could not operate through any one man or any one organization to the exclusion of the rest of the human race. I have so earnestly tried to show you the universality and the omnipotence and the omniscience and the everywhereness of this great, invisible, but dynamic Power. I have shown you furthermore that this Power is a Law, a Spiritual Law, which must respond and which does respond universally and in every individual case in which the conditions of this Law are complied with.

   I realize that the common opinion of perhaps ninety-nine per cent of the human race is that financial and material success are the only things necessary to complete happiness in life. I realize that this is perhaps the universally held opinion of practically everybody, so in this course of instruction so far I have carefully and purposely designed these Lessons to show you how this great God Law can be used for the manifestation of these material things. I have shown you, however, that, the source or every material manifestation must lie and does lie in the great, unseen Spiritual Cosmic GOD-REALM. In that Realm lies the starting point and the very beginning of every physical and material thing on this earth.

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