Dr. Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 14 Opening The Realm Of Heaven || EP 736

Dear friend and student:

   This Lesson is the focal point of everything that has gone before. It is the point at which I show you how to actually and literally find and use the Power of the Mighty Life Spirit of the universe.

   In the other Lessons I have led you slowly step by step up the ladder until you have now arrived at a point where you may see the view stretched before you. This Lesson will show you how to do that, for it is the most dynamic thing I have ever put into print. What you do with it lies in your own hands. If you use this cosmic Power for your own good and the good of others it will repay you many times.

   Let me warn you not to use it for the harm of others for if you do it will turn like a serpent and sting you.

   Sincerely your friend,

Dr Frank B Robinson

   It is often hard to explain, but there can be no question of the presence of this subtle something in the human life that knows the spiritual power-of the God Law. Men may try to explain the impelling and compelling power in such a life, but it cannot be done–for the power is spiritual and therefore cannot be explained by natural means. As a matter of fact however, we have seen that the spiritual realm, which has so often been alluded to as the realm of mystery, is, after all, nothing but the divinely natural realm. And the same spiritual power that exudes from this Christ man, should exude from you. More than that–it WILL exude from you in the moment you KNOW and USE spiritual God-Law as this Carpenter man knew and used it. And this is the normal natural condition of every man and woman. If you are living apart from the so-called “divine” power as manifested by this Christ man, then you are not enjoying life to the full, and neither are you YOURSELF.

   For the natural and normal condition of every man should be that he lead a life of overwhelming victory over the world around him, and over everything that crops up in his life which is not wanted. There should exude from the NORMAL man a power that can create whatever it is he needs, and more than that, SUCH A POWER IS NOW AT THE DISPOSAL OF EVERY MAN IF HE WILL TAKE IT.

   Everything I have said to you to date in these Lessons has been designed to bring you to the point where you will be able to absorb and understand the truth this 14th Lesson teaches. And it is a mighty spiritual truth too. Slowly I unfolded to you the facts of nature and of nature’s God as I believe them to exist. I showed you that your thoughts are the real spiritual part of you. I tried to show you something of the magnitude and reality of LIFE itself. Then I brought to your attention the fact of the existence of the “cosmic rays” and you will have observed that through these Lessons to date, I have been slowly and carefully taking you by the hand and leading you along the spiritual Life-Path, until such time as I considered that you were capable of absorbing a little bit of REAL spiritual truth, and more than that, OF LITERALLY APPLYING IT IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

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