Dr. Frank B. Robinson – Psychiana Lesson 12: I Am Receiving That Which I Need || EP 709

Dear friend and student:

   Of all of the Lessons, Lesson 12 is probably one of the most important of all of them. It deals with life, and, as you know life is the only real thing on this earth.

   Some day we shall know in full what we begin to suspect now. So study this Lesson very carefully and see if you can’t grasp the thought I am trying to give to you. Read between the lines for these Lessons contain a deep Spiritual Truth which I want you to grasp.

   Your friend and teacher,

Frank B Robinson

   In this Lesson I deem it advisable to go a little farther with you into the realm in which we are pursuing our studies, for too much cannot be learned about the existence of the mighty operating Spiritual Law we are here discussing. Before I go any farther into it however, I want to call your attention to an Associated Press dispatch which appeared nationally in the columns of the press through out this country on February the 22nd this year. The clipping is mighty interesting, and is in absolute line with what I am teaching you here in this course of studies. Long before any scientist had advanced this theory, I was publishing it to the world. Had the statement come from a man of less standing than its author, I should not have paid much attention to it. As a matter of fact, however, scientists the wide world over are recognizing the staggering fact that THERE IS IN EXISTENCE AN UNSEEN POWER SO DYNAMIC IN ITS ESSENCE, THAT ALL OTHER POWERS AND FORCES FADE INTO INSIGNIFICANCE BESIDE IT. I put that statement into print over two years ago, and the fact that the scientific thinking minds of the world are now scientifically recognizing the truth of that statement, is evidence beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt that I know whereof I speak.

   Not only the gentleman in question here makes the statement, but others of equal standing are recognizing the fact that, as I am teaching you here, the UNSEEN REALM IS THE REAL CREATIVE REALM WHEREAS THE CREATION ITSELF IS OF SECONDARY IMPORTANCE. The cosmic ray of Dr. Milliken is an established fact. The scientists are mostly agreed also regarding this ray that it is an emanation of, or perhaps the cause of A UNIVERSE THAT IS BUILDING UP. I have already referred to one man who thinks that this ray is an emanation from a disintegrating universe, but I think that gentleman is very wrong. He is entitled to his opinion however, and I am glad that we are not all agreed on the subject. It is always the doubter and the thinker that finds the truth, and not the one who blindly accepts. So I am happy that the English scientist I mentioned in a foregoing Lesson holds the view that he does hold. That gives those of us who hold the opposite view a chance to investigate further and find out if possible which is correct.

   Certain it is that the mighty truths of creation are at our hands. They do NOT lie in some future life. We cannot perhaps grasp them fully now–but you may depend upon it that it is HERE ON THIS EARTH WHERE THESE MIGHTY TRUTHS WILL BE GRASPED—not in “heaven.” And, as I consistently claim, there will be found under, and over, and all around this marvelous creation, A VAST SPIRITUAL LAW. Not a personality of any sort or kind–but a Law. A SPIRITUAL LAW though. But a LAW just the same. It must be a LAW. It can be nothing else. It may upset the hopes of those who are looking to “heaven” after death for their hopes, but just the same, and, without being at all dogmatic, all the evidence to hand clearly discloses that LAW–and not an anthropomorphic “god” is responsible for it all.

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