Discussion and Review of Quantum Jumps: The Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity by Cynthia Sue Larson || EP 97

I was grateful to interview Cynthia Sue Larson recently. Before posting the interview I wanted to do a review and discussion of her wonderful books is Quantum Jumps: The Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

This book does a terrific job of explaining the physics behind parallel realities and in many ways explains how quantum physics interacts with our consciousness. This book does a terrific job of explaining all physics models and how you can use this knowledge to instantly transform your life.

This book came as a light in the dark for me to explain crazy things that had happened to my life. If you want to understand how you can move into different realities and shift your reality this is a great place to start.

I really wish I could have read the book verbatim to you but I tried to summarize the book and read several passages to highlight the information.

The intention of this was to give a summary, I definitely spoke way too fast because there was so much to go over! Make sure to check out the interview which is amazing!

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so happy you get to join me. Today. I’m doing a review and study notes and analysis of a book called quantum jumps and extraordinary science of happiness and prosperity. This is one of my favorite books. I have read it multiple times and it came to me in a time in my life that really helped me deal with reality shifts that I had experienced and gave me a better understanding of how to maneuver through parallel realities. This book is the genius in design and written very well. It’s got a huge bibliography and really gives very grounded physics-based representation of a lot of the ideas that we discuss on the reality revolution podcast. This is completely consistent with Reality Trend Surfing. It’s consistent with Frederick Dotson’s parallel universes of self. It is an exploration that is similar to what I talk about in my book, the reality revolution. This book is talking about quantum jumps and once I gained an understanding of this, I think it really saved my life and I mean that I had an event where I was in, my life was threatened and the way I dealt with it was partially from an understanding of these concepts and then also becoming aware of of these things in the future and past. It’s really hard to explain. I will dedicate an entire episode on it, but in this episode I wanted to share what I learned from this book because there’s some gold in here and this is the greatest news of all is tomorrow I’m doing an interview with the author, Cynthia Sue Larson, so you’ve got to check that out. The interview is going to become an up and I’ll be posting it as soon as we’ve posted these reviews and Cynthia, sue Larson is a fantastic writer and she’s basically giving a model of reality trend surfing and but she’s referring to specific physics studies and gives great examples and exercises and the science behind it is very good. It’s easy to read if you have a hard time understanding physics then it’s one of the best books because she does a terrific job of explaining the physics behind quantum jumping and how the physics allows you to maneuver through realities in a certain way. And the way she explains it helped me to understand and I started exploring this before I had crazy events happened to me and I’ve used it to find lost items, to go on vacations, to change job scenarios, to have huge investment opportunities come to me and I’ve created a quantum jump in it. Meditation, if you check out the A, there’s a previous episode is I have a short quantum jump meditation. I have the trans dimensional nexus meditation, which is a longer meditation based on the concepts from this book. And I will definitely do more meditations based on the concepts of this book and just somebody had to come along and write a synthesis of all the different science and ideas so that it was relatable to people so they can understand. And she did a terrific job of doing that. And so the name of the book is quantum jumps and extraordinary science of happiness and prosperity. And I’m planning on reading several sections of this book. She goes into an explanation of what quantum actually means, where it was coined by Max Max plank. Uh, but the beginning of the book is welcome to the quantum age and she does a terrific job of outlining what, what kind of advancements that we’re facing and the reality of our current situation right now that we are entering into a new quantum age, which is what was happening. It’s a reality revolution. And this new quantum age is, it has quantum technologies with science of instant transformation. In a moment you can become healthier, smarter, more confident, happier, more outgoing, more effective, more energetic, more tenacious and better relationships with better vision and willpower in this quantum age. Our experience of reality is transformed when we acknowledge we are all connected and that any given moment there exists an infinite number of possibilities in. Isn’t that what we talk about when we talk about things like the space of variations and all of the different many worlds theories and in Reality Trans Surfing, the alternate space, when making quantum jumps to a reality you enjoy rather than manifesting or bringing something into your life, you become the change you wish to see in the world. You become it. You just enter into a new lifeline where it’s happened. It’s not coming to you and it’s not magic. It’s a real thing that you do. And there’s no wonder that we see all of these books like this, but the way she, I didn’t understand. And so to give you a little more background on what happened to me, I had a home invasion and somebody shot at me in the bullet, bounced off my back. But in this experience it felt like I was experiencing a memory. I had meditated a lot and I, I had this general feeling that something was about to happen. And I did all the right things and it was a very lucky, low probability of survival situation. And afterwards I experienced a huge reality shifts where everything around me was completely different. People were acting differently, people were talking to me, acting like we were regular friends. There were, there were buildings that appeared out of nowhere, objects that had appeared in my [inaudible], my house out of nowhere as if I’d owned them for a long time, notes and emails. And I was worried. I had some kind of brain damage or had gone insane. And the doctor said I was fine. I was in perfect health. And so I started exploring all of these things. Why did this happen to me? I started exploring all these different forms of meditation and psychology and philosophy and doing all these different kind of crazy meditations and different energetic work. And one of the books that I came to that helped me to realize I wasn’t insane was the first book by Cynthia Sue Larson, which has reality shifts, which is another review I did. And then this book and it explained everything. Why I had seen these changes, why I wasn’t crazy, and then once I started becoming more aware of it, it became so fascinating to me and I started seeing it and think about it. You guys are seeing references to things like this on the news, on TV and cartoons, Rick and Morty, it’s happening. Why are we getting all these orchids? A part of our total consciousness right now is the expiration of infinite possibilities and so she’s come along and crafted a book to really explain this stuff and she goes on to talk about the quantum computers and how they, you know, as we talk about, it’s really going to change everything for us. Thanks to the race to build quantum computers, harnessing the remarkable power of quantum behavior on a macroscopic scale. Schrodinger’s thought experiment is much more than just an amusing side note. In introductory physics classes, the race to build quantum computers is now propelling humanity into a new world of fuzzy logic, probability and quantum optimization. Rather than relying on the familiar binary bits of Zeros and ones, quantum computers depend on cubits. You want him bits which exist in a blurry superposition of states that can be both zero and one at the same time, quantum computers will tackle complex problems that our current classical computers can’t addressed, such as weather forecasting problems involving multiple variables influencing one another. Now the thing that I find interesting is that we are the ultimate quantum computer and if we trust ourselves and the parts of our bodies that are able to assimilate large amounts of information, we can become a quantum computer in our mind. And I will have a quantum computer meditation coming up soon when we to to analyze the possibilities of that. But we can tell we can’t. We can tell that we’ve officially entered the quantum age when we see how quantum effects are no longer limited exclusively to the realm of the very small. At this extraordinary time in human history, physicists are demonstrating quantum physics behavior at room temperature is with larger than quantum objects. The kind of quantum behavior Albert Einstein, one’s called spooky action at a distance can now be observed at room temperature in objects we can see with the naked eye and holding our hands. Scientists are now observing quantum behavior once thought to be relegated exclusively to sub microscopic realms such as entanglement, superposition of states, coherence tunneling and teleportation in our everyday world at a very human level, new interdisciplinary branches of science are springing forth that invite us to recognize our quantum biological nature, harness the phenomenal power of the placebo and discover how we can take positive actions to change our reality. Now that’s a lot, but that’s amazing and I’m so excited to interview her and see what her thoughts are about Trans Surfing and some of the other interesting concepts that are starting to develop. And she, she goes on to discuss an example of how quantum Peters will change our lives and it’s like a new age and there will be a new mindset in this quantum age. And she does go back and explain the word quantum and placebo effect very well. And she goes on to explain how we see a nature, marvelous ways that the quantum is used. The infinite po coexisting parallel universes are actually used in the way that plants grow and animals work and the quantum age. It will take us far beyond the information age to a way of living in which we delight in uncertainty, thrive and entanglement, and in flourish within awareness of many possibilities in the quantum age. We depend upon the fact that many possible realities co-exist at every point in space and time. The new quantum age represents a fusion between intuitive and rational understanding of a holistic reality. While the view of entangled non-local multiverse might at first seem to be completely modern discovery, many ancient indigenous cultures and proponents of the hermetic worldview have long maintained that humans are born with an innate connection to the unseen essence from which all material things spring forth by simply asking, how can I experience quantum effects in everyday life? We welcome a new direct experience with creative energetic experience and really the goal of this book, the quantum jumps, it just presents a radical new paradigm, which is in many ways similar to the some of these others, but it’s what the paradigm of the reality revolution is and that we exist in holographic multi-verse in which we can literally jump from one parallel universe to another. Supported by distinguished sources from fields of physics, biology, psychology, sociology and medicine. Quantum jumps provides you with the means to make an immediate shift to be the change you wish to see in the world. It is. This book is packed with real life quantum jump examples and scientific research, simple exercises and profound insights that help you to make the best life it can be. And I can’t tell you enough about it. A wealth of practical tools come from his book and that is simply the first before the even the first chapter. And so experiencing the quantum realm is a terrific book. She goes on to explain how can we experience these quantum effects in our lives? And she goes on to kind of explain how quantum particles work of course and explains the, at the intrinsic mystery of quantum particles is their dual nature. The wave nature explained in the, in the double slit experiment that we’ve talked about many times on this on reality revolution and there was fanfare and great excitement in 1986 when New York Times proudly announced, physicists finally get to see quantum jump with their own eyes and she documents that they’ve been able to witness a quantum. Joan and I’ve talked about this before as well, they’ve actually seen the blip where the the, the quantum where the, the quantum particle jumps from one spot to another. It doesn’t slowly move and they’ve been able to slow it down and capture the Adam is in one state and it moves to another and you can’t picture what it is in between. So this is a quantum jump and quantum jumping is the process by which a person envisions some desired result or state of being that is different from the existing situation. And by clearly observing that the possibility and supplying sufficient energy makes a leap into that alternate reality. Now, one of the unique understandings that I got from Cynthia Sue Larson, when I talk about quantum jumps, that is kind of not talked about in Reality Trans Surfing that I integrate into my meditations I talk about in my book as well, is there is a fundamental component when they see an Adam quantum jump, and that is there’s an [inaudible], there’s a burst of energy, and so energy is a part of the jump. The real powerful quantum jumps require energy. That’s why I have some meditations on energy. That’s why I do breathing meditations, breathing, uh, parts of the meditation before quantum jump. Because if you can amplify your energy, there’s a greater chance of the quantum jump happening. The idea behind quantum jumping is that we are living in a multiverse of parallel universes as we have talked about on the reality revolution. Usually these alternate realities have no connection to one another. A quantum jump can be made through a kind of handshake through time and space. So the jump is happening to a handshake and time and space. When you read this book, You understand the physics and the dimensions and the mechanics of a quantum jump and she takes it to a real world perspective and that’s what’s great about it. She explains usually these alternative realities have no connection to one another. A quantum junk can be made to a kind of handshake with through time and space and this handshake through time and space, I believe can happen through meditation. That’s where I’ve been able to experience it. This connection forms a bridge that allows someone experiencing a quantum jump to physically end up in another reality. The connection is so total that a person can literally walk into another place and time. While too, the universe is both, you still exists. Your awareness of who you are coalesces in one reality, often having the outer, the other out of reach and out of sight and out of mind. Imagine with awareness of your reality, which is why we say wake up, become aware because keeping your awareness and your memories, but imagine coming into another situation. How would you know? Well, there’s a certain process that steps that goes through that. So does any of this seem outlandish, too far out to be real? Of course there is. It’s not like I’m getting 10 million views on my, on these videos. This is an out of out there type of idea. And the more that you read the science behind it, it’s real. And that’s why I’m so Mike, this is one of my purposes is it for people to understand this concept because once you understand the concept of quantum jumping, you can have anything you want in your life. Once you understand how the forces try to balance themselves and the, and the way that energy works with different thought structures, you can have anything you want in your life. You can choose any reality you want to live. It’s really amazing. I’ve seen this myself and I’ve seen it with multiple people that I’ve helped coach on this. I think it’s one of the most powerful things and it does seem outlandish and it may sound like science fiction and it covers a wide range of experiences from rather mundane to the truly extraordinary. And as you learn more about the various examples of quantum jumps, you’ll likely recognize common experiences from your daily life when you’ve made quantum jumps without even realizing it at the time. Ultimately, when you really start to understand your quantum jumping every second some jumps where you actually move into a reality that is different than yours or a jump, not a walk. You’re quantum Lee walking all the time shifting in and out of universes that are probably just the same according to Volume Zealand’s view, which is a little tiny bit different and I’ll explain but in Zeeland is saying there is only one material reality. Cynthia Tillerson is saying she doesn’t know but she’s saying the physics behind it and that this works. This model works either way so there could just be an information field or there could be only one material or multiple material universities. I don’t think there’s any way to know. There are various examples and some are minor and some are small. Visualize another example of a man preparing for an interview by dressing for success in attire worn by those making the hiring decisions or clinical try present with headaches, who upon taking a placebo such as a sugar pill, suddenly have their, their headache gone. That’s an example of a minor quantum jump. And how about that? Just as I’m talking to you and doing this review, it’s 11:11 PM on August 11 it’s one of those days. So imagine understanding and really starting to focus on this. And it as with anything, whatever you put your energy towards, you get more of. So if you want to focus on Legos, you’re going to find out all about the different kinds of legos. Whatever you put your attention to, you get more of. So it’s interesting, and I’m giving this as a personal example, when you start to put your attention towards quantum jumping, you get more of them. And if you’re open to the possibility of major changes and accepting that you’re not insane, you can move into and out of realities were incredible things happen. Once you really start to craft how this works and start to understand it, the limitations, the rules, it’s incredible. So some quantum jumps can be literally leap to a better future as seen in real life examples. Uh, she gives an example of a woman that leaped to safety from an oncoming tornado and how it’s some sometimes similar making decisions that seem inconsequential or small at the time. Yet they have collective power to entirely transform our lives. Daily decision to spend a few minutes writing, exercising or practicing music makes a tremendous difference in a person’s life over a period of weeks or months. She’s giving you an example of how minor changes can exp exp go can expand. In most cases she says, people experience walking into parallel worlds that are not, that are nearly but not quite entirely identical to the one they came from. In such cases, it is possible to find something has seemingly shifted in some startling way. A door or building may appear where one had not been before or you might notice your keys are where you left them and searching for a while. Be surprised to find them in a very odd place or place that you’d already searched with no apparent explanation. These types of reality shifts are remarkably common place and she talks a lot about those in her first book reality shifts, so she, her second chapter is why do we quantum jump and she starts off with how are quantum jumps possible and she explains it. Consider the idea that many times, possibly even more, even every time that you can make a decision or choice, you’re actually moving between alternate realities between parallel worlds in those alternate realities. There is another possible you who you can connect with so strongly that the conscious awareness and energy that is you literally moves into that other reality and when feeling so strongly connected to another self in a different reality, it is possible to gain direct access to the knowledge available only in that time and space and to experience an entirely different self. Now in my experience, there’s a book by Bert Goldman called a quantum jumping. Um, there is two kinds of quantum jumps in particular. One is where you completely change your life and one is where you get information from. So imagine exploring a parallel universe where you can talk to somebody else that has a sense information that you need, that is something that that is sometimes easier to do. And I’ve had people that have and have not found success to quantum jumps and I when I, when I really demand authentic truth behind it, but I, but, but I believe if you can build up enough energy before a quantum jump meditation that you can do it. So what she says is what makes quantum jumping possible is that like a quantum particle, every person has the ability to exhibit quantum behavior. While that may seem extremely improbable that you can do the things quantum particles do, such as tunnel through solid barriers or make quantum jumps to oh other alternate time and places, our current understanding of physics suggest such things are within the realm of possibility and can be expected to occur. Experimental observation at the quantum level, change our assumptions about reality. As we see that quantum particles are not always particles and sometimes exist as pure energy. Some kind of invisible connection exists between entangled quantum particles, so they moved together simultaneously with non-local spooky action at a distance simply by observing an experiment, we are effecting it and the unlike classic physics quantum behavior can only ever be predicted by probabilities. What this all means to someone experiencing a quantum jump, they can enter another parallel reality by experiencing and imagining that they’re accessing some kind of bridge window or doorway. Another world with another self who has another set of characteristic qualities or skills with quantum jumping one makes the leap from simply imagining oneself in an alternate reality to actually being that other self. The success of most all visualization methods, affirmations, faking it til you make it placebo effect and even simply getting out of bed when you don’t feel like it can be attributed to quantum jumping. This is powerful stuff and it was wonderful to finally some find somebody that put this into an easy to understand synthesis with current physics knowledge. She talks about how getting out of bed is, is the, is an example of a quantum jump and how placebos are examples of quantum quantum jumps and even deception free placebos where people already know that it’s a sugar pill have been effective. So you knowing that you’re doing it does not negate your ability to do it. Because they’ve shown that people know that they’re taking a placebo. It’s still works. Placebos work for animals and there’s placebos and then there’s no CBOs, which is the opposite of a placebo patients who basically they have found the power of that. And she goes on to explain that placebos are happening more often. She talks about academic placebos helping people with grades and has some examples of some different exercises of faking it until you make it visualizing steps to success, which really work. And she, Ben goes into a Cha, a section on why do quantum jumps occur? And in order to understand quantum jumps, it’s essential that we fully appreciate what quantum means. And she explained it is a discrete quanta quantity of energy, proportional and magnitude, the frequency of the radio radiation it represents. And quantum mechanics is defined as the branch of mechanics that deals with mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantum quantization of energy wave particle duality, the uncertainty principle and the corresponding principle. So a lot of this stuff that she’s talking about, she, she goes in defines pretty well, which makes it one of the easier ways to understand. But she does go. And one of the things about this book is it’s a really good book if you have people that doubt your physics based or con be view of consciousness and how physics affects the world and how this stuff really does work. Point at this book you have one of the most common arguments if I sit and argue with a physicist and they will always try to denigrate your intelligence and they will always try to tell me that it’s only on the level that these things that we’re talking about only happen on the microscopic scale, at the smallest microscopic scale. But it’s not true. And she goes through and answers all the reasons why this isn’t crazy and she gives multiple examples of why it’s happening on a larger scale. If you want answers to some of the questions that you may have in doubts about quantum jumping, then you should check out this book. For instance, she says that there are many types of behaviors exhibited at the quantum level that we don’t expect to see on the macro scale of our daily lives, mostly because we are unaware of being readily able to observe them with our ordinary senses. Our perception of our world in this new quantum age is about to undergo something on par with the Copernican Revolution in the Copernican Revolution of the 16th century. Most people worldwide cha challenge changed their mental model of our solar system from envisioning the sun and planets revolving around the earth to realizing the earth revolves around the sun. So imagine there was a time when everybody thought that everything was revolving around the earth and then everybody finds out in in like a week that that’s not true. Everything revolves around the sun. There’s going to be as discovery with physics in the same way when they’re going to be announced on TV, what they’re going to be like, sorry that your mind creates reality. And we’re shifting through parallel realities all the time. Um, it’ll be the same level of, of weirdness. And so we’re starting to see observations of quantum behavior on a macroscopic scale of physical objects. We can readily observe with our ordinary senses. Such aspects of quantum weirdness include quantum superposition of states, quantum coherence, quantum entanglement, quantum tunneling, and quantum teleportation. Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle in which quantum mechanics by which all possibility for something in material form exists simultaneously in all possible particle states. But whenever measured or observed the result corresponds to only one of the possible configurations. So when the particle, when the double slit experiment, when they shoot the light through the double slit, and when they don’t look at it and it’s a wave, it goes through both and there’s a wave a form on the back. But when they observe it, it becomes a particle. And so they realized when they shoot off the light object and it’s not being observed, it’s in a, in a superposition of state it both in a state of wave and in particle. And we as people can be in a state of wave and particle, both soul and body could be a similar explanation of that. We are in a superposition of states. Maybe we’re in more than one place at a time, so all of us could be connected from all of our different universes on some fundamental level. And so she goes on to explain quantum coherence. And quantum entanglement does a really good job of explaining quantum tunneling and quantum teleportation. She acts, she gives a full description of John Kramer’s transactional to interpretation, the handshake between the future and the past and how that works for communication of particles. She talks about whoever it’s many worlds interpretation and David Boom’s holographic interpretation of the universe. She documents Neil’s bores, Copenhagen interpretation, which all of them except on some fundamental level, these different variances in reality. And then there’s the whole graphic multi-verse interpretation. And after outlining all four of those, one to five of those, she basically says quantum jumps can be happening in any of these physics models. So she explains that, you know, too, when interpreting quantum jumps, it’s important to note that all the book possible explanations for what’s happening on the quantum level and with the word interpretation, reminding us that no physicist late yet lays claim to anything akin to quantum law of physics. The best that so far has been achieved are some beautiful possible topographies and elegant mathematical descriptions. It is clear that John Kramer’s transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics offers some uniquely helpful insights to assist anyone desiring a quantum jump, as does the relatively new holographic multi-verse interpretation. And she says she loves the idea that quantum theories can be combined to create imaginative new interpretations in much the same way that chefs create exotically delicious concoctions such as Thai flavored Mexican burritos. And I love that and that’s what’s going to be exciting because what she said is that there’s this, we can take these models and we can mix them together. We can be holographic with multiple universes at the same time, but she does seem to point out John Creamer’s transactional interpretation, which is transactional interpretation of quantum physics suggest that handshakes take place between quantum particles in different points in time and space. So there can be communication from past and future and in creamers. Interpretation of particle here and now on earth instantaneously communicates with particle light years away in time and space as one particle sends an author wave and another responds with a confirmation wave. And so when we’re visualizing and creating the energy to offer ourselves to a new reality, now this is my purse. This is, this is my personal opinion and this is crazy opinion. I have done some phenomenal meditations where I’ve done an hour of Chigong and then hung upside down with the vibration machine and tried a sensory deprivation tanks with different kinds of Ganzfeld effect machines where I was able to induce deep states of consciousness. And it’s amazing. What I believe is possible is that there’s some crazy realities out there, but there is a protective mechanism in your brain. So if you landed in, you know, say you’re a hundred pounds and you’d landed in a 300 pound person, it’s almost like there’s a protective mechanism that says no, it’s too different and it’s doesn’t want you to go and saying so. But imagine if like your best version of you has a totally different body type and maybe that’s what’s blocking you. If you just got your body into the same vibration as them, then it would be easier to jump into that reality. Or if we can train ourselves to be okay with the new body, which when you listen to Dr Joe Dispenza, he’s basically doing a quantum jump with many of his meditations and he always has a period of time, especially for his longer meditations where you sit and get used to your new body. And so that is one of the most fascinating things and she is giving some more fundamental information on how these work. And I think that quantum jumps are working when we are talking about waves of fortune in reality transfer in Rare Reality Trans Surfing. And she does explain starting with the understanding that everything is made up of quantum material at its very core. The idea behind quantum jumps is that it’s possible to jump to an alternate reality in much the same way that an electron dematerializes materializes at one orbital level and reappears at another. The fundamental principles behind quantum jumping are based upon the behavior of these very smallest particles known in physics quantum particles. There is a super position of states in the time of dematerialization in which a quantum particle is between states and is behaving like pure energy rather than like a particle, particularly piece of matter, such as electrons can make energetic leaps from one energetic level to another. People can jump, can quantum jump through alternate realities to experience dramatic shifts in a physical reality? Quantum jumps can be envisioned as occurring in a multiverse of many alternate realities within each one of these realities exist. Another possible you that you can just as easily being anyone who can relax, clear their mind and envision being different in some way such as more successful, funny, healthy, wealthier wise. Can Quantum jump to initiate? A quantum jump requires an open mind that you can experience another reality. It is important that you’re able to sincerely desire and feel a connection to another reality, envisioning some way of making a connection with it through a bridge, a door, a window, or a handshake. So you’ll notice that I, that’s why I do that in the quantum jump meditations is I will create a a door or a tunnel or some kind of bridge so you can psychically moved from one point to another. Your ability to form a strong intention to concentrate and get and stay focused while feeling detached from concerns of daily life, relaxed, open minded, and emotionally energized our essential justice. When you shift gears on your car, you must first disengage from one gear. Before re-engaging in a new gear, you must attain a mindset of detachment in order to release connection to physical realities you have felt locked into with your thoughts and feelings. Please check out my episode on balance and excess potential. She is, is agreeing with Vadim Zeeland in the importance of reducing and detaching and that you have to go from one gear to another when you move detachment and disengagement gives you a necessary break. She says, from identifying as who you thought you are so you can experience the ecstasy of feeling relaxed and energized in a state of pure consciousness for a little while. While in such a state of pure consciousness, you become aware that you are capable of sensing all possible realities and you realize you can emerge from this meditation or lucid dream into the best possible reality of you. Wow. She goes on to give some exercises, imagining them any possible use, remembering what you desire. Imagine of lamp quantum leaping and I might integrate some of these in the future. Meditation. She has an unexercised and imagining excellent health, which I’ve used, which is fantastic, uh, a fantastic way for excellent health. And she also mentions visualizing a new daily activities that you do on a regular basis. Chapter two is why do we con quantum jump? And she goes into the full detail of the quantum age and the many worlds in cosmic radiation being proven and goes on to elaborate many different fundamental theories on why this stuff is happening on a macro scale. One of the most interesting is that she gave an example of how people have different memories of alternate histories. Much like the Mandela effect. She said, something I was not aware of until I read the book is that the entangled diamonds that they have found diamonds that are in quantum leap entangled in the and show the same behavior as oh Lectra, Ron’s the, when they have shown that they are quantum entangled. And that’s incredible. Diamonds were selected because of their crystalline nature. And so it’s interesting that diamonds can be quantum Lee entangled. So she talks about how plants and birds, birds will communicate and use quantum entanglement and the way that they and they interact and that plants in their process, the way that they filter the sun and create the perfect, um, photosynthesis. The whole process of photosynthesis is literally an exploration of different possibilities on a sub, on a smaller scale level. And that it’s using the the, it’s using a quantum type of such system, which is what for how photosynthesis works, which is amazing and so surprising cause that could be the basis for all life and it’s wonderful. So and she says, birds are assisted by, by quantum entanglement. It gives some examples, quantum and teleportation in our sense of smell. And she has a, another chapter, another section that reveals entangled beings. How people can be entangled like twins and giving different examples of pets being entangled with their owners. And she has a section on why do people corner jump in. There are many reasons to experience quantum jumping as there are, as people in the world with people from all walks of life, enjoying the benefits of making a sudden leap into a new reality. Feel like you missed your calling. Quantum jumping allows you to explore your interest and passion and feel you are living a life that more truly reflects your true identity. Want to live a richer life. Quantum jumping can give you a feeling of being more lucidly aware, like being awakened sighted, dream and finding. It’s possible to instantly change yourself and your situation. Ready for a fresh start. Quantum jumping can provide you with ways to escape an unpleasant situation in many ways from miraculous healings to superhuman strength and some people quantum jump to become happier, healthier, wealthier or wiser to find love or like minded friends or to rapidly and easily acquire a variety of skills and abilities. Quantum jumping can also come in literally handily in times of emergency when you have, when you can benefit from being teleported to safety tunneling safely through an oncoming vehicle. And what I read, what I recognize happen in this life or near death experience of mine is that I, it was, I was like, I was quantum. Lee jumped in that moment to another universe where I survived so I could see it, but I could sense them, I could sense those universes. And I think that’s unusual. I think that she, she does mention there’s something more that happens with near death experiences and maybe by, by, by having you know that that that was one of the only realities where I could serve hive. I don’t know, but it’s interesting when you talk to people that have near death experiences in many ways it’s like a quantum jump that they experience and people have used quantum jumping, defined, lost things, books, keys and she explains finding co using quantum, jumping to find love. It’s an interesting section for those out there that are looking for that specific person, whether you’d like to find that special someone to date or marry some friend who see you for who you are and are fun to hang out with. It’s possible to envision any or all of these things for yourself and jump into those realities. Quantum jumping can help you meet the types of people you most enjoy and do what it takes to improve your relationships. Once you’re in them by imagining you’re seeing your best possible relationship, self involved in healthy, respectful relationships with people who love being with you as much as you love being with them. If you’re already in a romantic relationship, but honeymoon feels like it’s over, you can make you can quantum jump into a relationship with your current partner where you feel much more compassionate and connected and you and your partner can instantly feel improvement in love, passion and intimacy so you both of you can enjoy a second honeymoon. She gives examples of quantum jumping to lose weight, to find career success and per physical performance for better health and for quantum jumping for money. And she has actually a terrific book. I, I don’t, hopefully I’ll be able to get to as an another one to review, which is called reality shifters guide to high energy money where she talks about the science of quantum jumping in reality shifting to get high energy mining. And what she’s saying is she’s described such occasions where this happens and there’s advantage in developing and maintaining a playful, fun sense of enthusiasm when moving into realities where you have the money you need and taking positive action to do good things in the world helps tremendously too. She has a section on surviving emergencies and one I highlighted, it says numerous people have shared stories with her of seeing fast moving car or truck bearing down on them at a time in place where they had nowhere to go. And then a split second later, either the oncoming vehicle was now on the other side of them without any sign of a crash or they found themselves instantaneously transported to safety. Go and listen to my interview was Shlomo Friedman and when he says where he had his big experience on when he was driving on the road, this explains, it describes a quantum jump. Very much so. Such firsthand accounts are remarkable to me for so clearly falling into these two general categories beyond coming vehicles now safely on the other side, or the experiencer was teleported to safety and in ways that closely mirror types of quantum behavior in case of emergency, take a moment to blip out of physical material form into pure energy until it’s safe to return or teleport to a safer location. Now, the only way that Shlomo described what happening was that he was neutral. He let go. And so she is saying becoming energy at the same time, becoming in that state of wave. So that’s what I felt like happened to me when I had people shooting guns at me and the bullets bouncing off of my back or going right by my, my, my eyes where I could see the bullet and me moving forward. And the bullet whizzing behind my bat, mud behind my head were six or seven shots were were at me when I woke up in the middle of the night and some people were robbing my home and I startled them cause they didn’t. I was, uh, watching the Superbowl and the Broncos were playing and I was, uh, so I was slept on the couch and I don’t think they knew I was there. And so it’s one of the craziest experiences. But in that moment, that is what happened to me. And that’s why I was drawn to interview Shlomo. And then when I saw what she said here, it kind of reminded me of that experience. So what I’m seeing to anybody out there that has some kind of emergency experience, then I want you to remember this, blink out for a second step back. It’s really hard to do when somebody has just shot you. But that is what I literally did. I went up, I saw a kid that had a gun pointed at me and I shut the porch door and he shot the bullet at me and I began to run. But in that moment, everything was okay. It was like I was able in that moment to anchor myself to, to my, to my reality, to my energy. And I had been experimenting with quantum jumping beforehand and, and that’s why it appealed to me. So she goes on to explain using exp quantum jumps to explore your true identity. Check out my identity, shifting meditation, uh, where I talk about some of this stuff. But she refers to a book in this section called future memory, which I really want to get to as another book for this podcast. It’s a wonderful book talking about where people have memories of stuff that happened and then they happen in the future. And that’s what happened with me as I had experienced this before as a future memory. Future memory registers in the mind as if a segment of physical reality was just experience in a complete entirety as if the future had unfolded in the present. Future memories are terrific guideposts for helping us select between parallel possible realities even as they’re beginning to fold unfold before us. Welcoming, welcoming us to walk forward as if on red carpets rolling out from this decision point right here and now when we get a glimpse for example of a possible reality in which our luggage has been stolen or in which we find a beautiful ring in a consignment shop and we sent, we’ve seen these possible futures before we can begin to play with the knowledge that we’ve seen and visited these other realities or other possible futures before. I’ve had to. She said she’s had type of future memory occur where while on a trip to southern California thanks to being tipped off to possible theft, I was able to prevent loss thanks to future memory of finding a ring in a consignment shop. I found a lovely piece of jewelry she had not otherwise discovered and so she has another section on quantum jumps to make you feel more spiritual, more lucid, more aware. The process of it. Quantum jumps to teleport ourselves and she quotes science, Scientific American saying in a quantum world, a particle does not just have to take one path. They can take all of them simultaneously and quantum mechanics is not just about teeny particles applies to things of all sizes, birch plants and maybe even people and if you’re a physicists out there and you’re telling me no, this stuff is only on the smallest microscopic scale, I beg to differ with you and when you experiment with this stuff and maybe something other than physics which is going on, but the model of physics helps me to understand and she goes on to say one implication of this idea of quantum behavior showing up on a macroscopic sale includes the notion that there is more than one of everything. Sometimes we can expect to see signs of alternate worlds around us, things in people transform, transport disappear and reappear. These signs can clue us into the possibility that we’re surrounded by an infinite number of parallel universes that on some level we are experiencing in their totality, which is what happened to me when I could see people transforming that. If the room transforming and disappearing, and I’m telling you from my experience, and this helps me to understand what happened to me. She has a section, a fairly long one on learning to allow quantum jumps. And that goes back to what I was saying. There may be a part of you that doesn’t want to have a major change in your life. You stay in your house, you don’t do anything different, you don’t focus on change. And so you’re not allowing for major quantum jumps. Even if you’re making minor ones every, every day for the same life that you’re living, there’s a process of allowing involved and you have to allow these quantum jumps to happen or your mind will always take you back to the original reality. And so she has a PR pretty good exercise on freewill and true identity perspective on experiencing the quantum realm, sensing the smile, smallest and largest on encourage predatory visions and, and an exercise to ask yourself why you really want a quantum jump. There’s a terrific chapter in the book on changing the past and the future. And it goes into the same things that I talk about on the space of variations episode and the ideas that these in these comical, the sorry, not these chemicals, these sub Tomich and quantum particles are interacting with the past and future and that there may be a quantum effect of the future affecting the past and that we can affect the future. And the past as I tried to do in the time in the time travel meditation, uh, we have all of our time machine and so it’s UL set in the movie, the time machine. We have all our time machines, don’t we, those that take us back in our memories and those that carry us forward in our dreams and we do experience time through these things and many ways that we live our life now based on the memories that we have. And so as there are some ways changing the past, you may not actually be changing the past, but your response to it, the wave of it that’s created, you can be completely changed. You can tune into different realities where some really great things happen if you just change a minor thing in your past. And so that’s why she explained that she gives three steps to quantum jumps. The following three steps to achieve quantum jumps are met, meditative in nature, so they tend to work best either whilst in quiet contemplation or in daydreams or hypnotic state people. It’s if you have access to a recording device in earphones, you can create your own guided journey through three steps, playing it back as you fall asleep each night or during a peaceful time of day when you can close your eyes and completely relax. People who experienced miracles are described in Carolyn Mural Miller’s book as creating the right conditions for miracles by attaining a detached and peaceful altered state, expecting a positive rather than negative outcome and focusing on love rather than fear with a changed perception of what had been viewed as the problems. Carolyn Miller defines a miracle as an instance in which a supernatural power interferes in the natural world, which sounds a lot like a quantum jump or reality shift to me. So the three steps are, one, obtain a relaxed, detached, and peaceful altered state. Why Does Reality Trans Surfing emphasize importance and better understanding of excess potential? It’s because this relaxed, detached state is key to quantum jumping. Feel energized about your visualized positive outcome. Why does Vadim Zealand talk about the wave of fortune? Because you want to feel energized about your visualized positive outcome in a quantum jump and one take positive action and keeping with your own new reality. You’re not just sitting and imagining the reality. You move into the script and when you move into the script, you have to do with the script calls for you to do. You have to do this thing. If you want to be a singer, you need to sing a song. If you want to write a book, you need it. If you want to sell a book, you want to write a book. So that are the steps that she gives for her steps for quantum jumping. And she goes into detail for each of these steps, uh, how to obtain a detached and peaceful state of mind. And she does mention if you’ve experienced the multiverse like quantum particle, the state of detached receptivity feels like letting go of your material nature as you no longer fixate on any given point in space time and instead spread yourself out in the form of pure energy waves across all possible realities in such a state of being pure energy. You can envision all possible futures and pass and quickly see where each choice ends up, which is what I’m trying to do in a lot of my meditations. Can you imagine that you and everything and everyone around you exists in a super position of states? Can you imagine if they announced on the news tomorrow and they said, well, we now know that everybody lives in in superposition of states. You live in multiple different places at the same time. You just don’t know. When we achieve a peaceful, detached state of mind, it’s analogous to the kind of super position of a whole possibilities then majority of physicists agreed to is true of everything, not just tiny quantum particles. It is possible to contemplate that we can make better decisions when remembering that a multiverse of many possible worlds, everything can happen and actually is happening somewhere and in order to arrive at a preferred reality we must first disengage and detach from our daily struggles by taking a meditative break in the peace full feeling of a calm where we experience at the center of all options. Quantum jumping is very much like shifting gears when we change gears while driving with a car with a stick shift, we move out of one particular such as gear by first de-select thing. Her step two is feel energized about the visualized income and she goes on to explain that in magnetic MRI scans neuroscientists have begun to explain a mechanism to account for why imaginary practice can be so extraordinarily effective and she talks about and gives examples of why visualizations work on with MRI Scans and she says, picture yourself moving through a new daily activities in your most desired life. Imagine your future self is reaching handout and back to help make it easier for you to think, feel, speak and behave more in accordance with the person you’d most like to become. Notice what is most noticeably different and pay attention to how you can start behaving more like this possible future self. Even doing the simplest little action in the direction of living true to your dreams makes a huge difference. And then step three, taking positive action to experience positive, memorable, meaningful quantum jumps, you must maintain a lucid state of fearlessness and love while taking positive action and keeping with reality of your dreams. Your feeling of love must be genuine for the best results rather than merely doing what has to be done out of obligation, duty or expectation. Those are three pretty powerful steps. I believe there is more steps to it and I talk about in my book, but I think the key is the energy. If you really bring in a lot of energy and battery in your body by doing, by breathing exercises, cheek gong exercises, five Tibetans, and then you attempt a quantum jump, it’s amazing. And uh, you can see some pretty fantastic results. She explains getting started and in quantum jumps. In truth you’ve been quantum jumping without realizing it for quite some time, which is true. She goes on to explain and give examples of evidence of quantum jumps through parallel worlds and she says she has a surveys that show signs of quantum jumps in and where it’s interesting when you talk to people you think this stuff is crazy, but she has a survey on here of just 395 people and more than half of them there was all these different reality shifts. They’d synchronicities finding la parking places and then reality shifts of things being lost and weird things happening, things that were noticeably unusual, different time slowing down, time speeding up. People mentioned a lot of different things and of the recipients and she did a larger set of study in a whopping 93% of all respondents reported currently noticing synchronicity and coincidence in our daily life and 90% have seen time slowed down or speed up 83% report. They often find parking spot spots where and when they need them most. And that seems like it’s been that way for me. Try this trick. Next time you go park somewhere, just put that your tongue to the roof of your mouth and think I needed the best part in spot have been doing this. I’ve been finding some create spots. So uh, and then she goes on to say the next most commonly reported type of reality ship, which is 69% sometimes putting things down in one place and finding them in another. So we have examples of these things. These have, she has a whole list of different survey questions and the differences in both and how they’ve increased. And then she goes on to explain that quantum jumps can be done to change the past, which is what I’m trying to do and my time travel meditation. I might do another one here in the future, but if you go back and change the past, this is something that Frederick Dotson mentions in parallel universes of self, one of the best books ever. And in that one as well that you can go back and do these jumps and change the past. She as she did with reality shifting talks about lucid dreaming and how the process of lucid dreaming can aid in these reality shifts because you have, you gained control. And she, she had the story in here of receiving help from a positive future, had a ton of great exercises from gravity, gratitude, the heaven on earth exercises, wonderful experience being a pure consciousness. These are things I’ve integrated and will continue to integrate into all my meditations. And then there is a great chapter on different quantum jump experiences. Some of them are fascinating and it’s one of the reasons why you need to check the book out. Everything from people reducing health to finding the love of their lives to weird telepathy experiments. And it’s pretty interesting and there’s all of these stories will tell you that uh, some of them are impossible to believe. Car crashes and different things. All of these crazy jumps and it’s pretty amazing. So, and she has a chapter on get at quantum jumpstart and UN and really emphasizes in enjoy pleasant distractions, smile and feel happier and the positivity of leaving happier life striking a power pose. She gives some PR really good examples of the research on as if if you act as if the kind of changes that you can make, like holding your body in a power pose can give you constant confidence. She’s associating this with these quantum jump theories that if you act as if what may be happening is maybe you’re not quantum jumping but you’re starting to act as if and this and there’s still a positive result. And so she goes through the science of and what the studies say on acting as if reduce pain by seeing your healthiest self reduce pain by hugging yourself. Some great examples of of physical actions and acting as f, which would go with any kind of model. If you’re jumping into a parallel universe and you start acting like this other universe, you’re acting as if too. And it would be nice to have the awareness of both and eventually you kind of just forget where the old reality and you’re in the new one. She has some great examples of quantum jumps in daily night life and emphasizes mindfulness as a way of enhancing our ability to quantum jump and recommends quick creating your own customized meditation. That’s something I recommend you do. And I do offer the creation of meditation is customized for you as well, but be more agreeable for greater content contentment, be open to new experience and stay mentally sharp. She recommends, and there are some other examples, quantum jumping out of index injury and there’s a section on quantum jumps with money. And the end of the book was a great question and answer session and we’re almost done. But some of these questions were really specific about quantum jumping and they’re questions that I noticed I’ve gotten and that I, people like Sonny and quasi, uh, that talk about Reality Tron surfing on their boards. I’ve gotten questions, maybe they’re worded a little bit different, but this is what she is saying. So somebody asked, I’m pretty sure I called them jumped, but not quite sure. Is there something that you can explain to me how you know for sure and she says noticing significant changes in oneself, others or one surroundings can provide you with validation that you’ve made a quantum jump. Sometimes there isn’t much discernible evidence of a quantum jump, particularly if the jump mostly affects your emotions and confidence or other internal states being. Sometimes the evidence of a previous reality vanishes during the jump in such a way that x-ray photographs of her previously broken bone that is now suddenly healed for example, can no longer be found. Somebody asked, do you have to know how to do this to make it happen? She says it helps to know it’s possible to make a jump to another reality and that such things happen often the simple facts that the placebo effect is increasing in its effectiveness and even when people know they are taking just taking the placebo or are strong indicators that are most people really need is permission to know a huge positive change as possible. They asked, could a quantum jump actually happen the first time you try and she says, yes, you can absolutely experience a quantum jump the first time he tried. Most people find it helpful to know that reality shifts and quantum jumps happen infrequently in lots of ways, so reading real life first person accounts are such reality shifts and quantum jumps will definitely help. Somebody asked, sir, can you help earn, I feel I’ve tried everything and I can’t. Quantum jump, what’s the most easiest and effective way? And she says, the easiest way to quantum jump is to do something in keeping with the reality. You’re jumping too. That’s not a meditation, that’s just doing something and keeping with the reality you’re jumping to. If for example, if you wished to be happier, smile for no reason. It’s also important to be real in a relaxed and energized state of mind focused on your preferred reality. Such a mindset in combination with believing you are in your desired reality while doing things and keeping with staying there helps ensure successful jumps. [inaudible] somebody says, I’ve noticed that sometimes I’ll make a jump to a new reality, but when things revert back to the way they were, sometimes that happens a few times. Is it possible to lock into a particular reality when you jump to one you like? That’s a great question. So experiencing alternate realities indicates the additional energy is required in order to ensure a particular reality stays selected. I repeat. Experiencing alternate realities indicates that additional energy is required to order in order to ensure a particular at reality state selected physicists observer electrons make quantum jumps from an initial ground state to an excited state when the absorb energy from photons to make that jump, these jumps occur instantaneously as suddenly the electron is now in a new orbit around the atomic nucleus because that excited state is not stable. At some later random moment, the electron may fall back to its ground state. For us to experience lasting quantum jumps in our lives, we need to become [inaudible] and stay energized so we don’t experience a reversion back to our previous state. Doing things to increase your energy such as skipping, laughing, smiling, meditating, practicing Qigong and eating and sleeping well can help you lock in your quantum jumps and that’s what I’ve been trying to say. Somebody asked, I really need your help. I’m experiencing something strange. Since quite recently I’ve been seem to be manifesting things kind of instantly. I don’t know how it happened, but most of them thinkable has. Therefore I am now not sure whether it is a quantum jump, a manifestation, or if I’m losing my mind. My life has got somewhat complicated as I, as I now have an old love in my life after 22 years and this alternate reality I’m living or I’m going crazy. She keeps on going, but she says, all manifestation can be viewed as being in the result of quantum jumps to other universe of possibility that already exists. An instant manifestation is akin to making a quantum jump. Sometimes when one makes a jump, more than one reality shift may might be observed in the leap into another parallel reality. Since we are constantly moving through parallel universes with every decision and choice we make. You could say with each new decision we arrive in a new reality, parallel reality and when you notice something like a change in your voice that provides you with further confirmation that you’re in a new reality just in case you are beginning to question your sanity. Often there aren’t lots of signs that you’ve made a jump, but rather small things you may or may not really notice that taken together provide you with unmistakable sense of being in a whole new reality. Some more questions that are answered, but she really does answer talking about all kinds of different things with quantum jump. Let me see if, uh, what if a person wanted to use quantum jumping to become another Hitler? Is that possible? In theory, one can use quantum jumping to change their life in in any, any way, any way they choose. She said yes, people can make any kind of jump they wish, including choices that others might later regret. This is why I, Rebecca. People set an overriding intention of wishing the best for all concerned rather than pushing forward with what seems to be a good idea. At the time, somebody asked her about the butterfly effect and she does acknowledge that that c that that every tiny decision can make big differences, but you can continue to make the right decisions and then she says, I would appreciate one out. Somebody asked, I would appreciate if you give me points on what I need to do in order to quantum chump. Does one have to meditate? Are there other methods? So she says meditation is a great way to quantum jump, but there are other methods. It’s possible to feel grateful for what you desire as a memory of something that’s already happened. This is much like daydreaming with the important difference that you’ll be feeling, the relaxed, happy memory of something having occurred rather than connecting with the possible futures in which you’re still hoping for something to change. The main idea behind making quantum chumps is that in order to live a different life, all you need to do is first imagine it, then meditate silently and quietly until you attain a state of being detached from thoughts and feelings. When you sense a new connection to another possible you living the life you’d prefer, immerse yourself naturally into that new state of being. And Voila, you’ve made a quantum jump. Likely life will feel like pretty much the same with similar daily activities in any time in doubt or worry whether it changes occurred, return to a meditative state of quiet and connect with the new reality as you are selecting for yourself. [inaudible] somebody calls, uh, points out that Abraham Hicks says that quaint quantum leaping is a bad idea. So I wanted to read this because Abraham says Hicks does recommend that it’s a bet. Then you probably shouldn’t be exploring parallel realities live in your reality. Now, what I think Abraham Hicks is, is trying to do is not complicate things. Even though a lot of the recommendations are exploring through merit and parallel realities. It’s a simplified and better way and it’s pure. So I don’t think there’s a contradiction, but this is what she says. It’s important to set the intention to select overriding intentions that realities you jumped to, we’ll match energy frequencies you can hold and maintain. Working with ones high self with superconsciousness helps ensure success rather than going with what ego wants, seems to indicate we think we desire. When she says quantum leaps are never a good idea, she’s skipping the past. The concept that reality shifts are happening all the time. We see Mao, millions of shifts are each day millions of miracles, usually without noticing it. We don’t notice them precisely because the energy does match, so leaps go unnoticed. Reality shifting masters such as Shamans, Yogi and masters can easily maintain the energy levels required for all kinds of miraculous shifts. It takes time to build up the energy levels required. I can agree with the art of allowing the alignment process that it takes time for most people through meditation to get where they’d love to be, which is a great answer and you may not agree with her, but that’s interesting that she’s had that concept and I might ask her that question again. Um, on the interview tomorrow we’ll see how that goes and there’s questions about retro causality and tons of other questions. And as you can see from the stuff that I’ve gone over, this is a wonderful book and there’s terrific stuff in it and I highly recommend it. And so check out the interview. There’ll be posted very soon my interview with Cynthia Sue Larson, and I’ll try to talk to her about all of these concepts. It has been a gigantic pleasure. It’s always wonderful that you join me. If you have any need for coaching, go to my website@advancedsuccessinstitutedotcomallepisodesoftherealityrevolutioncanbefoundattherealityrevolution.com. You can email me@mediaeditadvancedsuccessinstitute.com is always with great joy and gratitude that I share my knowledge with you. Please join the reality revolution on my Facebook page. I plan lots of Nice things for people that are members of the Facebook group. So if there’s anything else that you need, let me know. It’s always a joy and welcome to the reality revolution.