Deep Sleep Programming Large Wonderful Sums Of Abundance Come To Me || EP 341

Meditation starts at 1:16

I have had many sleep meditations and affirmations on the podcast so far.  What I have tried to do is pull together some of my favorite.  This combines several of my favorites and the most popular including “large sums of money come to me quickly, I am prosperous, I am wealthy, free and secure. It includes a massive number of affirmations from Joseph Murphy Plus thousands of incredible affirmations mostly focused on wealth but also enhancing your confidence and awakening your chakras.  I have tried this 5 times before making it public and it has been very powerful.

You can program your subconscious mind by playing affirmations while you sleep.  In my own life this was the key to changing deep subconscious beliefs that I could not change by any other means.

The sum total of all of these affirmations will create a powerful mindset for you to achieve whatever your heart desires, changing deep patterns that have held your back from your greatest potential.

To begin this meditation allows you to revise your day and fall asleep to the feeling of the wish fulfillled before I repeat these affirmations binaurally.

Music by Mettaverse

When all things fade

inner worlds

Star wanderers a Cosmic remembering




A still Mind

journey through the multiverse

777hz deep relaxation  

111hz the holy frequency cellular healing  

111hz The language of light balancing the mind

372hz dimensional openness

528HZ solar winds

432 HZ natural vibrations restorative healing music

528 HZDNA integrity and 787hz universal remedy  

111 Hz the divine frequency

639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy

174 hz undercurrent of serenity

432 HZ deep sleep night sounds relaxing ambient mus

rhythm of breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart binaural beats Delta and Theta  

ambient healing sound bath 432 hz tuning  

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