Deep Sleep Meditation -The Ultimate Transurfing Deep Sleep Programming Meditation -2000 Affirmations EP|| 127

This is a massive deep sleep meditation designed to fill up every hour of your sleep cycle.

The intention of this deep sleep meditation is to use the concepts from Transurfing and reprogram your subconscious using your sleep. This is a powerful technique that can completely change your subconscious mind. I have found nothing more powerful. This has over 2000 affirmations covering everything from health, wealth, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and relationships. There is deep hypnosis designed to change the way you think and the way you react as you move towards lifelines in your future.

This is a combination of many meditations and is sort of a greatest hits all placed into a 8 hour cycle.

You can listen to this with a blue tooth sleep mask or regular earphones.

There are binaural affirmations using different affirmations in both ears.

There are theta and Delta Waves and almost every important frequency is used with incredibly music that is perfect for sleeping.

By request I also include several affirmations to make it easier to have out of body experiences, astral travel and increase lucidity while you dream.

This will reprogram the way you give energy to pendulums, subtly move your subconscious to balance allowing you to become aware of actions that create importance and excess potential leading to balancing forces. This will allow you to find new potentials in the space of variations, listen to the Rustle of the Morning Stars and pull you into a wave of fortune. I also open up the ability for you to run simulations in the alternative space.

If you listen to this repeatedly it could transform your life forever.

Your sleep and dreams will never be the same.

The music has the most powerful sleep music that I could found, most of this is from Mettaverse with multiple tracks.

– 111hz The Divine Frequency

– 432hz lucid dreaming 4hz theta and 8hz alpha waves

– Soothing Strings 333hz angelic frequency

– 417hz sacral chakra remove negative energy and facilitate change

– 432hz Harmony intuition balance you are pure potentiality

– 432hz Dissolve Stress and Tension

– music of the spheres aligning with the harmony of creation 432z

– Into the Omniverse, 963hz Pineal activation meditation

– Still the mind and ease anxiety Aeolian wind harp in G

– 639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy positive meditation

– 777hz deep relaxation

– universal frequency 888hz quartz crystal bowl

– Through the haze Ambient blade runner tribute meditation 582hz

– Tibetan singing bowls rain and thunder 432 hz

– Ascension Waves ✧ 444Hz ✧ Ambient Healing Celestial Music

-Sound Medicine ✧ 528Hz DNA Integrity & 787Hz (Universal Remedy) Rife Frequency ✧ Ambient Music

-432Hz – Deep sleep // Night sounds // Relaxing Ambient Music

-Rejuvenating Sleep / Reconnect with Nature / Binaural Beat 3-Hz Delta Wave

– deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396hz and 528hz

Music by Mettaverse

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Constellation (Delta) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Mystic Dawn by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Mindfulness Bells Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

The Calling by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

The Awakening by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Mystic Dawn Delta by Christopher Lloyd Clark Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Singing Bowls Note G, Note D, Note C, Note E Rebecca Reads Licensed By Rebecca Reads

Different Universe licensed by Story Blocks audio at

Crossing Over licensed by Story Blocks audio at

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