Deep Sleep Meditation The New Earth I Am Jesus Christ Awakening || EP 312

The Meditation Begins at 7:00

In Dozens of lectures, Neville Goddard describe a pattern that occurs prior to awakening. A set of visions fulfill scripture and awaken you to the reality of you as god, christ born as man. This pattern is described in the greatest blessing of all, the eternal plan. And here is the grand awakening. He takes it out of man. Takes what out of man? He takes Christ out of man. Did he not tell him in the 7th chapter of 2nd Samuel: “And when you are gathered with your fathers”—meaning when you are dead; this [world] is the death spoken of—“I will raise up your son after you, who shall come forth from your body. I the Lord will be his father and he shall be my son” (verse 12). So everyone will be incorporated into that body of love and you will know the statement in Isaiah: “I will gather you one by one, O people of Israel.” Yes, one by one…you’re so unique. You can’t bring a friend, you can’t bring a wife, a husband, a child…one by one. You can’t be replaced; no one can take your part. Therefore you can’t be lost, because if one were lost the temple would be incomplete, and that’s unthinkable. But everyone will be gathered one by one to unite into a single being who is God, and that one being is made up of all. And the rejoicing that takes place when the drama is over! So God has a plan, he has a purpose. He reveals it to his servant and his servant is sent to tell it. And it’s not the servant’s concern who hears it, for he’s planned who’s going to hear it. He has a purpose, and no one can force it upon himself and say I’ll make the effort to be. This is a plan for the fullness of time.

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deep relaxation 777hz and 111hz holy frequency at the same time

a universal language for for 444HZ/528Z ambient meditation music

sound medicine 528 HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ universal remedy rife frequency

ascension waves 444HZ

celestial voices 372 HZ dimensional open it

528Hz solar winds

healing tranquility 111HZ beta endorphins and cell regeneration 

rhythm of the breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart Binaural Beats Delta and theta

432 Hz natural vibrations restorative healing music

regenerative spiritual reset 111hz 222hz 444hz 
111 Hz the divine frequency

undercurrent of serenity coming ambient music 174hz pain relief

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396HZ and 528HZ

universal frequency 888HZ

639HZ increase love and harmony
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