Deep Sleep Meditation Everything Is Working To My Advantage || EP 1147

By request, this is a deep sleep meditation version of the everything is working to my advantage meditation.

You must look at the world as working to your advantage. You must undestand that even the worst thing that can happen to you will work to your advantage if you let it. If you lose your job it is working to your advantage. Even the most horrible thing will work to your advantage in some way.

But you must change you the way you thing in those moments. If you don’t your reaction becomes creative and the worst things will start happening due to your reaction to horrible event. This is a martial art. Just like automatically blocking a punch, you must automatically train yourself to see everything working to your advantage.

You must program your mind to react in the smallest of moments to any event that.  You have faulty programming in your subconscious that makes your react to certain events.  Your reaction can create your reality more than the event itself.

Everything is working to my advantage

Something wonderful is happening for me now

My world is taking care of me

Everything is going according to plan

Things are working out perfectly and will continue to do so with ease

This must be said until it becomes a part of you in every way.  When you adopt this mental programming your whole life will change.

Some of these affirmations play binaurally (different in both ears) this helps to deepend the induction and helps in reprogramming the subconscious.

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