Claude Bristol – Mind Stuff Experiments || EP 509

In order  to  get a clearer understanding of our subject, you should give some thought to thought itself and to its phenomena.  No one knows what thought really is, other than some sort of mental action.  But like the unknown element of electricity, we see its manifestations everywhere.  We see  it  in  the  actions  and  expressions  of  a  child,  in  an  aged  person,  in animals,  and  to  varying  degrees  in  every  living  thing.    The  more  we contemplate and study thought, the more we realize what a terrific force it is and how unlimited its powers are.

Glance around as you read this.  If you are in a furnished room, your eyes tell you that you are looking at a number of inanimate objects.  That is true so far as visual perception is concerned, but you are actually looking at thoughts  or  ideas  which  have  come  into  materialization  through  the creative work of some human being.  It was a thought, first, that created the furniture, fashioned the window glass, gave form to the draperies and coverings. The  automobile,  the  skyscraper,  the  great  planes  that  sweep  the stratosphere, the sewing machine, the tiny pin, a thousand and one things – yes, millions of objects – where did they come from originally?  Only from one source: From that strange force – thought.  As we analyze further, we realize  that  these  achievements,  and  in  fact  all  of  our possessions  –  a thousand  and  one  things  –  came  as  a  result  of  creative  thinking.    Ralph Waldo  Emerson  declared  that  the  ancestor  of  every  action  is  thought; when  you  understand  that,  you  begin  to  comprehend  that  our world  is governed  by  thought,  and  that  everything  external  had  its counterpart originally within the mind.  It is just as Buddha said many centuries ago: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Your  very  life  is  your  thinking  –  and  the  result  of  your  thinking processes.    Your  flesh,  bones,  and  muscles  can  be  reduced  to  70  percent water and a few chemicals of small value, but it is your mind and what you think that makes you what you are.  The secret of success lies not outside, but within the thoughts of man. Figuratively,  thought  makes  giants  out  of  pigmies,  and  often  turns giants into pigmies.  History is filled with accounts of how thought made weak  men  strong  and  strong  men  weak,  and  you  see  evidence  of  its working around you constantly. You do not eat, wear clothes, run for a bus, drive your car, turn on the television, or read a newspaper – you don’t even raise your arm – without a preceding  thought-impulse.    While  you  may  consider  the  motions  you make as more or less automatic, perhaps caused by some physical reflexes, behind every single step you take in life, regardless of its direction, is that formidable and powerful force – thought. The  very  way  you  walk,  the  way  you  carry  yourself,  your  talk,  your manner of dress, all reflect your way of thinking.  A slovenly carriage is an indication  of  slovenly  thinking,  whereas  an  alert,  upright  carriage  is  the outward  sign  of  inward  strength  and  confidence.    What you  exhibit outwardly, you are inwardly.  You are the product of your own thoughts.  


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