Christian D Larson – The 7 Steps To Making Your Ideal Real || EP 476

The purpose of this work is to present practical methods through which anyone, the beginner in particular, may realize his ideals, cause his cherished dreams to come true, and cause the visions of the soul to become tangible realities in everyday life.

Our purpose is the living of a greater and a greater life, and in such a life all philosophies must constantly change. In preparing the following pages, the object has been to take the beginner out of the limitations of the old into the boundlessness  of  the  new;  to  emphasize  the  fact  that  the  possibilities  that  are  latent  in  the  human  mind  are nothing less than marvelous, and that the way to turn those possibilities to practical use is sufficiently simple for anyone to understand. But no method has been presented that will not tend to suggest new and better methods as required for further advancement.

The best ideas are those that inspire new ideas, better ideas, and greater ideas. The  most  perfect  science  of  life  is  that  science  that  gives  each  individual  the  power  to  create  and  recreate  his own science as he ascends in the scale of life.

Great souls are developed only where minds are left free to employ the best-known methods according to their own understanding and insight. And it is only as the soul grows  greater and  greater that  the ideal can be  made real. It is individuality and originality that give each person the power to make his own life as he may wish it to be;  but  those  two  important  factors  do  not  flourish  in  definite  systems.

There  is  no  progress  where  the  soul  is placed in the hands of methods; true and continuous progress can he promoted only where all ideas, all methods and all principles are placed in the hands of the soul. We have  selected the best ideas and the best  methods  known  for  making the ideal real,  and through this  work, will place them in your hands.

We do not ask you to follow these methods; we simply ask you to use them. You will then find them all to be practical; you will find that every one will work and produce the results you desire. You  will  then,  not  only  make  real  the  ideal  in  your  present  sphere  of  life,  but  you  will  also  develop  within yourself that Greater Life, the power of which has no limit, the joy of which has no end.

Christian D. Larson was born in Iowa, in 1874. He attended Iowa State College, and also attended a Unitarian Theological school in Meadville, Pa. In his early twenties, Larson became interested in the Mental Science teachings of Helen Wilmans, Henry Wood, Charles Brodie Patterson, and other prolific New Thought writers of the time. Christian had an analytical mind and his own new thought writings made had a big influence on the movement. Larson believed that all people have a tremendous latent power within them, which could be harnessed for success with the right mind and proper attitude. He attempted to find a place where science and theology could meet in order to provide a practical and systematic philosophy of life.

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