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Waking up in the eternity archive – A full review, discussion and Analysis of Tufti the Priestess by Vadim Zeland | EP 23

Details EPISODE TYPE: Full CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Scott KEYWORDS: reality creation, life coach, reality transurfing, vadim zeland, tufti the priestess, law of attraction EXPLICIT: No Episode Summary One of the best books to come out this year is Vadim Zeland’s Tufti the Priestess. It discusses practical techniques to change reality. In this episode Brian does a […]

Quantum Computing performs tasks in collaboration with parallel realities

“Quantum computing will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.” David Deutsch 2005 This video is a fascinating description of Quantum Computing and parallel realities. This is further proof that parallel realities exist and will be a part of our quantum future.

Energy | EP20

54:08 Minutes Details EPISODE TYPE: Full CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Scott KEYWORDS: qi gong, meditation, energy centers, chakras, levels of energy, energy, five tibetans, law of attraction, energy psychology EXPLICIT: No Episode Summary Brian discusses everything about energy, the different kinds of energy, levels of energy, energetic connections, cords, and chakras. To finish, Brian outlines a mindblowing […]