Beginners Guided Meditation: Awakening The Mind And Finding Your True Self || EP 117

The intention of this meditation is to give the beginning meditator a simple guide on how to start meditating. How to deal with your thoughts and focus on your breath. There are no complicated postures, this is very simple.

There are lots of long and advanced meditations on this channel. Sometimes it helps to go back to the basics. One of my favorite writers Alan Watts does a terrific job of explaining the process of meditating, how to focus on the breath and let the thoughts and sounds fade into the background on his awakening the mind meditation. I was inspired by his guidance to create this meditation.

On this meditation I will guide you for about 10 minutes, the final 20 minutes is with just music and then fading to ambient noise. Meditating in silence can be helpful so I recorded some ambient noise around my house to capture that silence. You do not have to listen all the way through but I have provided the space you need to try to awaken your mind and begin to discover your true self.

This is inspired by the teachings of Alan Watt.

The music is fantastic I use three great tracks from Mettaverse and you will find a deep trance state in any case.

111 hz “holy Frequency”

777 hz deep relaxation

111 hz Awakening the Energetic Heart

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