Baba Ram Dass: Losing Yourself On The Journey Of Awakening || EP 202

Recently we all lost a great spiritual teacher who touched the loves of many walking the spiritual path – Baba Ram Dass.

Ram Dass was an American psychologist and spiritual teacher who studied and practiced meditation for many years. He shared his understanding and suggested how you can find methods suitable for you on the journey of awakening. He illuminated the stages and benefits of meditative practice, and provided wise and often humorous advice on overcoming difficulties along the way.

To honor his death I wanted to do a deep dive on my favorite chapter from his book The Journey of Awakening.

The chapter “Losing Your Way” was eye opening in explaining that many things that can derail us on the path to awakening. When we gain powers, see visions, meet angels, experience states of bliss, sometimes these things are just distractions for something even greater and we end up losing our way.

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