Art Magic Workshop: The Birth Of New Earth Art || EP 1111

This is a recording of the Art Workshop as presented on Youtube. This episode is referring to specific imagery and thus is not readily beneficial to listen to for a podcast. You can still listen to it for the affirmations and the first 45 minutes of the workshop.

Welcome To The Art Magic Workshop. Over the last two years I have undegone a huge journey inextricably linked between spirituality and art. One day after a quantum jump I awoke as an artist, with different memories and desires. I felt an overwhelming urge to create in any way i could. As I learned to paint with my wife I began to feel the presence of the creator, joining us in our creations.

After much research and experimentation I was inspired to try Art Magic, after spending long hours mixing paint I found I could charge the paint with my light and put intentions into it.  As I did amazing things began to happen with these painting. I coded real intentions into this art and it began to have an amplifying magical effect unlike anything I had ever experience.

Soon I was giving this art to my friends as a means to help change their reality. One to help a friend find love and another for a friend struggling to get a job. You can do all of this and more.

In this workshop I will discuss

The history of art as magic

The power and history of sigils and hypersigils.

How to create sigils using art

My art journey

Different painting mediums

Using Grabovoi and quantum healing codes, what they are, how they work, and how to learn more about them.

Flow painting do’s and dont’s

Finally I will share the different art sigils, giving you access to the concentrated energies I created using this process.

You can create your own art magic. My goal is to show you how to do this to empower your manifestations to help you find wealth, health, love, and to ascend to higher levels of consciousness through these images.

Art can be used as a powerful service to transform the emotions and consciousness for those around you. You are an artist, you are the creator, this links you to your divine origins.

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