Anthony Norvell How To Tap The Divine Mind Power Currents Of The Cosmos || EP 467

There is a vast tidal wave of cosmic power that ebbs and flows throughout the interstices of the universe. It is this creative intelligence of the Cosmic Mind that created all things and which sustains the universe.  When you once learn how to tap the divine mind power currents of the cosmos you will be in tune with the infinite and all metaphysical power will be yours.

Let us study the methods by which this cosmic power radiates through out creation andlearn how we may avail ourselves of its omniscience,  omnipotence and omnipresence.

There is a miracle power in every blade of grass and a divine mystery in every robin’s egg. With his scientific knowledge and skill man is not yet able to duplicate the mysterious forces of the cosmos.  He can, however work with them, and perform seeming miracles.

This chapter focuses on healing, specifically the 5 aspects of miracle healing.

Music By Mettaverse

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