Alan Watts The Dramatic Model of Reality || EP 206

Consider the world as a drama. The basis of all drama—of all stories and plots—is the game of hide-and-seek. The first game you play with a baby is hide-and-seek. You put a book in front of your face and peek around at the baby, and the baby starts giggling. The baby understands, because it’s close to the origins of life. It comes directly from the womb knowing what everything is all about—it just can’t put it into words. Every child psychologist tries to get kids to describe their feelings in psychological jargon, but the baby isn’t there yet. It just knows. You put the book in front of your face, you disappear, you peek around, and the baby starts laughing. Because the baby is a recent incarnation of God. The baby knows that hide-and-seek is the basic game.

Here’s a fundamental question to explore: Do you see yourself as a victim of the world, or do you see yourself as the world? If you define yourself merely as the voluntary network of your nervous system, then you’ve defined yourself as a victim in the game. And so you feel that life is some kind of trap imposed on you by God or fate or the cosmic mechanism, and you can live out your life as some poor little me. On the other hand, you could also include in your definition of yourself that which you do involuntarily. You define yourself as the whole works—you beat your own heart, you grow your own hair—and no one imposes this upon you. You’re not a victim. You are doing it. You might not be able to explain how you do it, because it would take too long, and words are boring and clumsy. Regardless, you can claim your life and proclaim with gusto, “I’m responsible.” Whether comedy or tragedy, you did it. – Alan Watts

Alan Watt was a genius and is perhaps my favorite spiritual teacher. Here he talks about the dramatic model of reality which is very powerful and consistent with lectures I have discussed with Neville Goddard.

How do you understand God?

When we say we are God what does that mean.

I definitely recommend listening to Alan Watt’s lectures and his wife for he a had a unique way of explaining things. Here I wanted to do a deep dive and discuss these ideas.

I think you will find them profound and powerful.

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