Alan Watts Ecstasy Is Inevitable || EP 710

All we experience is a spectrum of vibrations—light, sound, smell, tactile feelings, emotions, everything. We live in the midst of a woven tapestry in which the warps and woofs are all these different spectra of various kinds of vibrations. If you didn’t have one, you wouldn’t have the other, because it takes two to reveal the pattern. We are patterns in a weaving system. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the interlocking of all these different spectra of dimensions.

And when a vibration reaches a certain point, we think it’s too much, and when it falls to a different point, we think it’s not enough. At one end, it’s so subtle that we might go to sleep, but at the other end, it might feel as if things were going to rip right apart, and someone in that experience of tension might panic, and we’ll tell that person to relax and take it easy. But you can’t often do that. So for the person who can’t relax, I say go into that tension.

Go in the direction of least resistance—scream, get violent inside, that sort of thing. One way or the other, it doesn’t matter which way you go when the boat of life begins to rock, but I think you might as well rock with it than against it.

Ecstasy is inevitable. It doesn’t matter which road we take to get there. In a way, ecstasy is the nature of existence—a universe exists for the simple reason that it is ecstatic. What else are these fireworks about? When you know that everything is all right and that the situation is inevitable ecstasy, you won’t make such a fuss about everything. And the question, “What shall I do?” disappears, as it should have in the beginning, because there was never a real I there in the first place. The question will bring you back to the experience itself. Some people hear this and immediately worry that this understanding will lead to everyone becoming totally callous and impassive, and I can’t assure you that this won’t happen. But if you experience this state of being, you’ll find out for yourself.

Alan Watt was a genius and is perhaps my favorite spiritual teacher.  Here he talks about the state of being in ecstacy

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