Advanced Quantum Jumping With Water || EP 1054

When you hear the words “quantum jumping”, what exactly comes to mind? If the words “quantum physics” spring to mind, you’re on the right track. Do you think the word “quantum” immediately makes this book a possible science-fiction novel? The answer to all of the above is that quantum jumping is indeed based on the concept of quantum physics, but it is not solely based on the studies of scientists in the quantum physics field. If you are interested in quantum jumping, then you need a better understanding of exactly what it entails and how to perform the jump that so many people have sworn works and are talking about.  

First, you need to be introduced to the theory of the existence of multiverses, if you haven’t been already. This is the idea that we exist at the same time in multiple dimensions and universes but are leading either the same, worse, or better lives than in our current state or universe. Quantum jumping is a technique that is used by many people around the world to visit their many different versions across all dimensions of the multiverse. It may sound like science-fiction, but there have been so many people who swear that they have met multiple versions of themselves as they performed quantum jumps to other universes in the multiverse.

In this episode I talk about using water as part of your quantum jumping experience. Why water, though? Well, water has many healing properties. As one of the seven earthly elements, it holds a massive amount of energy on Earth. We see it as a sign of life—as the driving force of all existence. Therefore, it makes the perfect chemical structure for the energy you channel when you quantum jump. Scientists have done studies that show how water can remember the molecular structure that was dissolved in it, even after that structure has been diluted with water

We can program the quantum memory of water to create and move into the reality of your choosing.  Anyone can do it.  This will introduce you to the basics of using water and shifting realities.

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