8 hour Deep Sleep Meditation – Transformation Advantage Acceleration Programming || EP 675

Meditation starts 1:00 🎧

The intention of this meditation is to compile some of the best affirmations on the channel using binaural layering techniques to create a powerful subconscious program that will transform your life and accelerate your manifestations.  The meditation starts out by pulling you into a deeply relaxed state , revising your day, and then you will hear thousands of incredible affirmations in most cases playing on two different channels in each ear.  It is optimal to use a  blue tooth sleep mask but this can be played through speakers.

These meditations cover everything fathomable.  Wealth, health, love, power, time.  

I have tested this for a full 3 weeks before posting and this may be my favorite long for sleep meditation due to the sheer breadth of the affirmations and used.

We use everything is working to my advantage, large sums of money, tranformation programming, manifestation acceleration and joseph murphy affirmations combined.

It will change your life.

Welcome To The Reality Revolution

Music by Mettaverse

gleaming through

infinite light

deep sleep 3hz deep theta

schumann resonance

equilibrium of the mind

always now

golden lotus

star wanderers

travel light

inner worlds


a universal language

372hz dimensional openness

528HZ solar winds

432 HZ natural vibrations restorative healing music

528 HZDNA integrity and 787hz universal remedy

111 Hz the divine frequency

639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy

174 hz undercurrent of serenity

432 HZ deep sleep night sounds relaxing ambient mus

rhythm of breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart binaural beats Delta and Theta

ambient healing sound bath 432 hz tuning

432 hz deep sleep night sounds

healing restorative music

replenish the whole self

sound medicine

ascension waves

universal frequency 888hz

deep theta

deep delta 432 hz lucid dreaming 4hz theta and 8hz alpha

healing tranquility 111hz beta endorphins and cell rengenetration

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