The Love Revolution | Ep 39

Let’s face it. Falling in love is an amazing feeling. The biological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual powers of love make you feel like you’re getting caught in the pull of an exhilarating wave. Finding true love is worth trillions of dollars. Can we do it with our thoughts by surfing through realities? In this episode, I explore the world of reality creation and love. I explore all aspects of love and relationships when using the law of attraction and reality transurfing.

As we move into this reality revolution the most popular category in law of attraction literature is manifesting love.

Can you create love with a specific person? Should you try to manifest a specific person? Can you find your soulmate through reality creation techniques? Can you use the power of your mind to find true love? What role does importance and pendulums play? What role does our 2 million-year-old brain play in creating programs that affect the love in your life and how to overcome it?

I include some exercises to help you find your true soulmate and to maintain a relationship once the honeymoon is over. As we begin to embrace love over fear in the world, it starts in our own lives and finding love in all things in the present moment. Maybe one the ideas or techniques in this episode can help you find your soulmate, your twin flame or simply the true joy of having love and being loved.

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

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