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Intuition. Ever get a hunch about something. Thought about somebody and they immediately called? Noticed synchronicities that foretold some future event? Intuition is an ability available to all of us that can enhance and transform our lives. On this podcast, Brian discusses everything about intuition. Brian discusses how Winston Churchill avoided death multiple times by following his intuition. Brian discusses how intuition works, how to differentiate it from jealousy and desire. Finally, Brian gives practical exercises to increase intuition in your life.

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Intuition. Ever get a hunch about something. Thought about somebody and they immediately called? Noticed synchronicities that foretold some future event? Intuition is an ability available to all of us that can enhance and transform our lives. On this podcast, Brian discusses everything about intuition. Brian discusses how Winston Churchill avoided death multiple times by following his intuition. Brian discusses how intuition works, how to differentiate it from jealousy and desire. Finally, Brian gives practical exercises to increase intuition in your life.

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

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00:01                                     Welcome to the reality revolution podcast coming to you from the void through the stream. Your fellow epiphany addict, Brian Scott. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun and it is. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of this world. Here I ventured a share mysteries of self and reality. My primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and odd towards life. My goal is to help you create your reality, unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life to explore the very mysteries of the universe. You know in your heart right now, we are experiencing a quantum shift in the world. People are becoming more aware of their ability, with their thoughts alone to literally change reality itself. Our consciousness is affecting the very fabric of the universe around us, but as we do this, as we become more powerful and technology grows exponentially, our thoughts are becoming reality much faster and in greater detail.

01:20                                     While many of us don’t even know it, our fears are becoming manifest as well. With this podcast, we are on the leading edge. Our goal is to help you access your reality and a better way to choose love over fear, to create a hopeful free future, and that’s what we’re going to do. Thank you for tuning in today. I’m so excited. Today we’re going to talk about intuition. One of my favorite topics and at the core of what we’re trying to do when we surf through realities. When you make decisions and choices, intuition is where it comes from. How do you make that choice to turn left or turn right? How do you make that choice of which job to take or what city to move to or what you’re going to do everyday? We’re given these choices and we’re given information all the time, hunches and how do we follow these hunches to literally transform our lives?

02:20                                     So we’re going to explore intuition in every way, shape and form, and we’re going to give you a system where you can divine your best intuition for a future that will be truly unbelievable. Intuition is a real thing. It’s powerful and defines your very existence. You know that you’ve had hunches and ideas or feelings in the past about the future and things have happened. You’ve thought about somebody in a phone and the phone called and it was that person. This happens all the time. No, I love it. Love to look back in history and I see examples of how intuition has affected great men and women in the way that they’ve made these decisions. I love the story of Winston Churchill. You know, back in World War II, air raids were a regular feature of life in London. Well, they weren’t totally indifferent. They kind of acted in different the day at the danger they impose, they, they were rather casual about them.

03:22                                     Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and naturally courageous men who would often come under enemy fire during his years of active service was a pugnacious as anyone else in the capital city, and perhaps even less disposed than most to let himself be disturbed by the bombs of Hitler. In any case, he was supposed to be the embodiment of Britain’s unyielding resistance to the enemy and he took the rural seriously. But when his inner voice is intuition, told him that danger was real and imminent. He listened and figuratively of course, jumped away from danger. One interesting story is one night he was entertaining three government ministers at 10 Downing Street, the prime ministers, traditional residents in London, and Erin was in progress, but this has not been allowed to interrupt the dinner. Suddenly Churchill left the table and went to the kitchen where the cooks and made we’re at work. On one side of the kitchen was a large plate glass window. He told the Butler to put the food on a hot plate in the dining room and ordered the kitchen staff to go immediately into the bomb shelter. He then returned to his guest. Three minutes later, a bomb fell behind the house and completely destroyed the kitchen, but the prime minister was not harmed.

04:41                                     One of the ways in which Churchill fulfill his role as an inspirer of confidence was by personally visiting anti aircraft batteries during night attacks. On one particular occasion, having watched the gunners and action for awhile, you walked back to his car, perhaps intending to go visit another antiaircraft crew before daybreak. The door on the side of the car was normally set with standing open for him to get in, and as he looked at this open door, he ignored it, walked around to the other side of the car, opened the door, and got in a few minutes later as the car was making its way through the blacked out streets, a bomb exploded nearby, lifting the car and causing it to careen perilously on two wheels with an ace of overturning Churchill. If he had said on that side of the car would have been dead. It must’ve been my beef on that side. That pulled it down. When his wife asked him about this brush with death, he said at first that he did not know why. On this occasion he’d deliberately chosen the other side of the car. Then he added, of course, I know something said stop before I reached the car door held open for me. It then appeared to me that I was told I was meant to open the door on the other side and get in and sit there and that’s what I did.

05:58                                     Stories like this are truly remarkable and amazing and think about it within tuition. The very history of the world may have been changed on those occasions. There are stories throughout history of people following their hunches, following their, their, their visions and completely surviving different events and it’s very interesting when you read about natural disasters, when you read about all of the stories of people during nine 11 attacks, the people that didn’t get on the plane because they have feeling not to get on the plane, the people that didn’t get on in the building, that people that don’t go on the trains before there’s an accident. The people that decide not to take the car before there’s an accident. This is a real thing that happens. They’ve been talking about it for years all the way back to 1950 a study was made by Wwii Cox and he said fewer people travel on trains that are destined to have an accident that on trains that are not since trains accidents are an unknown quantity until they occur.

07:01                                     Cox was forced to conclude that many people consciously or unconsciously avoid taking the train on the day it has a crash and they may be guided by these premonitions. You are constantly be given premonitions of your future. Maybe it requires a major event for you to have access to these feelings because they’re so great with the model of reality that we’re discussing with the reality revolution podcast. The idea is there are multiple parallel realities that exist. At the same time, they may not be physical realities, but there is an informational field that we have access to. There may be a reality where you had a plane crash. There may be a reality where you were in a train crash and you may notice this feeling as you get on a train because the multidimensional mind that you have this in your mind is aware that in that reality you had were involved in a train crash.

07:59                                     We have access to these moments of the future. Remember the time as physicists become more and more aware exists outside of this reality, the past, the future, and the present all exist at once. At one time. More and more physicists are documenting this as reality. As Einstein said, time is relative. One sucks. Suggestion by Gerard Dietrich Wasserman, a mathematical physicist at the University of Durham and earn England, is that all events exist as time timeless mental patterns with which every living nonliving particle in the universe is associated. Of course, this idea owe something to the ancient belief that the universe, that the universe, the macrocosm contains innumerable microcosms. Each rec recapitulating the features in order of the large hole. Thus

08:56                                     man was seen as a microcosm of the earth, his veins and arteries corresponding to the streams and rivers. And so by the end of the 17th century, the idea had undergone many transformations. What was still potent. The great philosopher and mathematician Barron got filled. Wilhelm von leaflets said all different classes of beings which taken together make up the universe are in the ideas of God who knows distinctly they’re essential gradations only so many ordinance of a single curve so closely United that it would be impossible to place others between any two of them since they would imply disorder or imperfection. Another version of this idea that the future lies hidden in the present was advanced by Adrian Dobbs, a mathematician and physicist at the University of Cambridge in 1965 note, these are ideas spoken about for 50 years now and more and more physics is becoming more and more aware that we do have an awareness of the future as events unfold.

10:01                                     He proposed they actually a relatively small number of possibilities for change that exists at a subatomic level and the process disturbances or caused the create another dimension of time. What Dobbs calls a positronic wavefront. This way front can be registered by the brain’s neurons, at least in certain, especially sensitive people and interpreted. Imagine a pond at one side of which a toy ship is launched and at the other side of the pond, it’s a very small person. He may not see the ship, but you’ll see the waves for the ship and he becomes aware of the ship as it comes in. Imagine time is not linear, that it is the same as a large ocean or lake and when you throw a pebble in, it will cause a wave to cope forward and backwards in time. Our mind is multidimensional in the way that it interprets reality. We know that it access is up to 11 different dimensions,

11:03                                     but more importantly this way for an is coming to us and we’re gaining access to it. So you may be aware of future events as you get access to it. The truth is our brains do not know how to access this information. When this information comes in, our heart knows, our heart can tell and that’s why intuition works and that’s why we should discuss it. What is intuition? Intuition is the ability to understand something instantly without need for conscious reasoning. If you look it up in the dictionary, there’s lots of cinnamon synonyms for intuition such as for knowledge, inspiration, perceptivity, premonition present my gut feeling innate knowledge, insight. It also has some cinnamons sent. An I do not believe are the same unless such as clairvoyance, second sight, sixth sense, discernment, Gut Feeling and instinct.

12:03                                     You know, our soul has access to the whole information field and sees what lies ahead in the future. Sectors that are not yet realized. Yet the soul knows if the variation is good or bad for us and it senses are perceived by the mind as a vague sensation of spiritual discomfort or discomfort. This knowledge we call intuition and it can be greatly help us in life as humans evolved to their next hire version. As we move into this revolution, there will be more intuition in the old bodymind reactions. We’re becoming more intuitive now. We are becoming more intuitive on a larger scale in the groups of millions. When you go to a restaurant, you know it’s going to, whether the food is going to be good. When you go to a movie, you know beforehand whether the movie is going to be good. You when you decide to go on a trip, you know whether or not you’re, you start to know beforehand the truth of what’s about to happen and we are all becoming tuned into this because we’re aware that it’s true and we’ve seen the evidence in our lives and we are moving to the spiritual consciousness of intuition where we place more trust in the cosmic intelligence around us.

13:16                                     Contrary to popular believe intuition is more accurate than any other source. I owe much of my success and happiness and my very life to intuition. Many of the decisions I’ve made have contradicted normal reasoning. Intuition does not explain or justify. It only points the way because it does not follow earthly logic. It does not always look reasonable. It’s whisper soft. It says go that direction or go this direction. Sometimes it’s drowned out by the noise of daily life and the circus of the mind in a state of calm can just can be heard just fine. We’ve all been to dinner with ww and had that one friend that just couldn’t decide on which meal to eat and that person is locked into his mind outside of his intuition in my life, the instant I receive an email from someone asking to do business, I intuitively know immediately whether I want to do the deal before finding out more about the person or checking Google or doing research or having a meeting. The instant I get some new kind of software, for instance, I intuitively click around to learn how it works.

14:41                                     When somebody comes along and says, this is the greatest investment ever, I can tell whether it will work or not. The very instance, somebody hands me a book, I can tell whether it’s going to be good for me or not. I have tuned in to that flash of insight, the very split second before thinking starts and trusting it, you must become tuned in to your mind. At what point does your ego take over and begin telling you information? At what point is your higher self, the in more intelligent part of yourself telling you what you should do. There is nothing that your higher self and your deep subconscious doesn’t know. It’s the lower self, the ego blinded by aversions, desires, confusions and loads of indoctrinated beliefs and baggage that is perpetually perplexed. If you were to rely on intuition, you could graphs some subjects that normally take years to learn in only a matter of seconds. Imagine a world as we become more and more aware of the power of our intuition where we begin going through core college, getting college degrees in a matter of days by trusting our intuitive knowledge. For example, I was never at all interest in the stock market. Did, wouldn’t read books or magazines on it, wasn’t interested in speaking to an expert and still the stocks I have worked very well. For me, intuition in one case is a very great time saver

16:15                                     and I’ve taken this for granted and I’m aware that many consider this kind of psychic, supernatural, paranormal phenomenon, false, fake. Not Real, but there’s nothing strange about it. Labeling, labeling it. Paranormal is what separates us from an ability that is inherent to us. It’s like saying a stomachache is paranormal. It’s simple. Consciousness and attention can be expanded to places outside of the visible environment and they’re not limited in time or space. Expand awareness somewhere and you perceive whatever it is directed at anyone can do it. Our education system should focus on finding a way to maximize our intuition. My most popular course is an intuition training course and that’s because as people begin to realize the power of their intuition, it is stronger than just simply visualizing and manifesting in movies. We get this idea that this is some kind of super power and it’s not. Now intuition is strongest in people who are mindful and practice metta meditation on a regular basis. It’s not exclusive to them, but it really helps you get an awareness of the way your mind is thinking.

17:43                                     Yeah.

17:44                                     When you meditate, you understand how to tune into your body to read the messages being felt. Many people experience a sense of heightened awareness or stomach pains when they know something is wrong, but they can’t put their finger on it. These physical sensations or the means, our intuition uses to communicate to us and our intuition is communicating to us all the time. Intuition is experienced at all times. For example, you get a sudden inspiration just to solve a problem while the psychic might translate the insights being received from another source and give these insights, meaning intuition is immediate and immediately understood.

18:26                                     Have you had visions either in a dream fantasy or meditation when where you received information about your own life, the future of others, the future of yourself or the future of the planet? I had that. I had a vision that I was going to have an event happen. Now, my intuition may not have worked perfectly. I wish I could have avoided it, but I avoided being killed in a home invasion, but I’ve also had other visions that have avoided car accidents and I’ve avoided dangerous situations and more and more as I tuned into this intuition, I believe my life has been saved multiple times. Have you ever flashed on an image of a friend before you meet? Have you had a Deja Vu experience where suddenly you realize you’ve seen it all before? I had a counseling student during his internship often make decisions about what to work on and his therapeutic practice by examining the imagery in his dreams from the night before, he found profound insights about colleagues by looking at the clock colleges and masks and sculptures they make in his art therapy group. We all have these voices that we must focus on and we all must find a way to focus on them.

19:48                                     So the first exercise I want to introduce you to that is incredibly powerful and very simple for intuition is a method that I first learned from Frederick Dotson and established myself. It’s not complicated. The key to intuition as opposed to fear is being in a state of relaxation, of being in a state of calmness. When your brain is in a Alpha Theta or Delta state, you are more receptive to the intuitive feelings that you receive. If you’re in that Beta state where your brain is running at full tilt seems to block out the intuitive feelings that you may be wanting to receive. So the first step is to simply calm down and find a relaxation point, relax and then write down a question that you need intuition on. And if next start writing down every possible answer you can do, right, 2030 different answers, they can be as ridiculous as possible.

20:54                                     Write down everything that comes to mind. The next step is to imagine that each answer is true and then ask if it’s true, how does it feel? And if it doesn’t feel true, then you cross it out. Then repeat imagining each item with those at remaining on the list until you’re left with one or two options. Choose which one you feel the most on, and then take action to verify that intuition. So I had made the mistake a while back of leaving my car door open and I found an unusual object in my car and I tried to write down all the different experiences and different possibilities and things if we’re how that Penn had resulted being in my car and I had isolated it down to some kids that had lived nearby and I went and asked them if this pen was theirs. And at first I could tell by the way that their faces were, they kind of snidely laughed.

22:01                                     But then the father came back the next day and told me that the pen was theirs and they had been in my car while I should have locked my car door. This prove to me this intuitive method worked once mastered. Once you find a ability and there’s multiple ways to do this, you’ll have the ability to focus with laser sharp accuracy on specific missions, specific targets while keeping your mind clear. The clarity. Mine allows you to your attention to absorb what’s being received and this will enhance your intuition on demand abilities. As much as a telescope enhances our ability to explore the stars on another exercise. Start making intuitive choices on simple things, whether to buy a piece of gum, what kind of food that you want to eat and then see what the results end up being. Start noticing the feelings in your body certain noticing where they come up.

22:59                                     Start asking yourself questions. Start monitoring the way that your body restonic spawns to certain events. This awareness is one of the first steps to understanding your intuition. Awareness when confronted with false hood, the body kind of goes weak or feels nothing at all and I’ve talked about and other exercises, muscle testing which may work. We don’t. We’re not going to go into full detail of that. Now, I talked about it a little bit in the subconscious podcast, but the body does respond to to false. When confronted the truth, the body is stronger and when it’s false it seems to go weaker. Negative feelings are indicators that what you’re doing, thinking or intending is not good, positive feelings or indicating what you’re doing. You’re thinking is good. And by using the testing, your body in many ways can enhance your own intuition. Another exercise you can try as the body lean exercise where at first you ask me yes or no question and see if your body with your eyes closed and see if your body leans forward or back.

23:59                                     In many cases, yes it will be forward and leaning back will be no. But some pieces it’s different. After you’ve established what, which is yes or no, start asking some more questions and then start asking your body questions. Should I do this? And if your body leans forward, it’s a yes. If it’s goes back, then it’s no. And then test out the results of these intuitive answers that your body has given. Imagine that your body is smarter than your mind. Give it the power that it deserves. It can’t talk to you but it badly wants to talk to you to tell you what you need to do. There is a difference between intuition and paranoia. So we need to find what is the distinction between paranoia or intuition. Desire you desire something. Does that mean it’s an intuition or jealousy when you become jealous that your partner has done something? Is that based on some intuition? What about wishful thinking? Is that based on an intuition that it’s going to happen? The simple answer is when you’re in a positive, relaxed state, your hunches are mostly true. And when you’re in a negative state caught up in worry or strong desire or important, your hunches usually aren’t hunches there. Emotion-Based projections.

25:19                                     For example, I once intuited that my girlfriend was, was proceeding on me and I knew that something had been going on. She had gone on a trip, uh, to go on a marathon and I just, my heart started racing and I had images of this thing happening. In fact, I intuitively knew that that’s what she was doing. And when I came back and confronted her, I had discovered that she had kissed her old flame from high school. How did I know this was happening? I knew it because I’m not a normally jealous person or emotionally needy. And I had those feelings at that time. So if I had normally been jealous or emotionally navy, I’d be suspicious of her flirting with other guys all the time. But I hadn’t. So I knew that the, these particular feedings bringing, we’re unique and when I confronted her about it, it was true the calm mind. Nothing is hidden. Everything is effortly Lee apparent through years of trial and error. You will learn to tell the difference between information from the body, mind, and the higher self. I remember once going into when I was living in La, going into a mall and saw a guy standing there just didn’t feel right. I instantly felt a pang of dread, went back to my car and drove away later. The next day I had heard that there that been a knifing incident and I saw the picture. It looked like the same guy.

26:59                                     Now,

26:59                                     previous experiences or acquired knowledge can be helpful in judging situations. And when you look at Malcolm Gladwell’s book, where he talks about blink, where he talks about when you become highly educated about a particular topic, you do gain larger levels of intuition. One of my favorite examples is Dennis Rodman, one of the greatest rebounders of all time. And when they’d ask him how you could get so many rebounds, he could see the ball bouncing where it would go beforehand. And this had been due to thousands of hours of playing on the court. And since he wasn’t a great shooter, his best ability was to rebound the ball and he gained an intuition by following these bounces, making that his focus. So sometimes we can enhance our intuition by gaining research and experience, but it’s not always accurate because it’s not all of the knowledge you have learned applies to the present.

27:57                                     Intuition comes in when you forget everything, you know sometimes. And look at the situation as if seeing it for the first time. If I were to set you on a lonely island into an environment you know nothing about, your intuition would kick in because you have no point of reference. There’s really only one way to feel subtle energy, and that’s through intuitive relaxation, a relaxed, concentrated state. You don’t need to be meditating. In fact, you can be driving, having dinner with friends or watching TV with the proper amount of discipline and commitment. You can train yourself to step back into the necessary concentrated state of relaxation anytime instantly.

28:37                                     Okay.

28:38                                     There’s several methods. One Book I highly recommend is super learning by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder from 1979 there’s many exercises on becoming aware of your intuition and the energies and the subtle energies around you.

28:52                                     Yeah,

28:52                                     rely on the truth you feel in your body when you’re in a relaxed state. Rely on this more than on what people say. People say all kinds of things. Many of them are not universally true. Whenever you’re not in a calm state, you cannot rely on the truth you feel in your body because it will be distorted by tension. So before drawing conclusions, it’s advisable to relax. Find a way to get into a relaxed state. You can do this through hypnotic techniques. Feel free to use any of the meditations I’ve offered with this podcast. You’re natural and most true state is a relaxed openness that generally observes and is completely unworried. This is the part of yourself that was never touched by the ups and downs of life, the part of yourself that was there before life, and we’ll be there after afterlife.

29:37                                     Okay.

29:38                                     This broader perspective is aware of the ego self. The mind cannot discern truth because it’s programmed and is easy to be programmed with all sorts of information, so to apply any sort of truth testing, get in touch with the unprogrammed part of yourself that sees clearly there is a fine line between intuition and fear and paranoia. Let’s say you do think your spouse is cheating on you. Is that intuition or jealousy or paranoia?

30:10                                     Intuition is a sacred spirit skill. Paranoia is just a negative, psychotic energy. So here’s the solution to the dilemma that I’ve found. If there is fear involved in the thought and it a pike occupies your mind all day to the point of obsession. It’s probably paranoia if it’s simply occurs naturally to you as a slight concern or suspicion without dominating your emotional and a mental state. It’s intuition. Of course, something may also start out as intuition, but then bring up its own paranoia added to it. So for instance, I might be aware of that is possible for someone to hack into my computer, monitor my activities. That’s knowledge and if I think that someone is really doing it, then I have an intuition about it and I tried to get it fixed. But if it turns into paranoia, then I’m also obsessed by it day and night and take exaggerated measures. I started installing numerous alarm systems in my home, spraying my house against chemical attacks, putting blankets over my computer while typing in passwords, just in case some satellite is peering through my window trying to snatch it, burn and destroy my old computer and bill different security systems that is paranoia, not based on intuition.

31:23                                     You know, it says in the Bible in proverbs, trust God with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding in all your ways. Acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs three five through seven. Now one thing you must do to develop a true intuitive power

31:47                                     is

31:49                                     to believe in yourself and that means you need to teach your subconscious mind that the things that you say are true only make promises that you can keep. Tell the truth to the people around you. Show integrity. If you lie to the people around you, your subconscious will know that you’re lying to it. You need to believe your subconscious. It’s a two way street. You must find honesty and truth and that way you can trust your subconscious.

32:16                                     Stay true, be true to your word, and you’ll notice you can trust your intuition more and more. Another practice I recommend write down your question that you have. Ask any question like, but Frazier question in a positive frame, for example, how can I be happy is it’s more positive than say, why am I sat right down your question at the very center of an empty sheet of paper? Now Circle your question to activate your subconscious focus. Take a pen and circle your question over and over again until there is a thick circumference around it at the center of the pain paper. Now answer it from yourself from your higher Spec of ask. How might a higher version of me answered this? Ask that. How might my confidence self answer this if I’m confident? How would an answer ask that question? If I was love, pure love, how would I see this?

33:08                                     And answer the question to yourself to the best of your ability, common sense or intuition, write down the answer, no matter what it is, lie down and start practicing circular breathing to the top of your head. Breathe in to the top of your head and out through your mouth. Circular breathing. Is it as a soft without, it’s a soft way of breathing to pause without breath and in breath. Imagine breathing in through the top of your head. As I said, continue that for a few minutes until you’re fully relaxed and feel no effort. Imagine, imagine that your higher self and that you are your higher self. Ask the question again and then just let it go. Imagine a higher version of you, a higher being, a higher source, a mentor, a coach, a sole guide, whatever you want to call it. Wait until you have a clear impression and then ask that higher being the question again. The answer may come instantly in a dream or in signs throughout the day through coincidence is that you see,

34:08                                     okay,

34:08                                     let go of the question for now. Once you start to follow your intuitions, you, your life will change dramatically. Many of the things I’ve done are so outrageous. I would have to keep them secret. Only close friends know about them and it’s not because I feel uncomfortable about them because I don’t want people to emulate me walking through the middle of a mountain unknown where I’m at in the middle of a storm, driving for hours on the spur of a moment. You can do this. Imagine the possibilities before you. A lot of this information is just simply not given to us. And as we become more and more aware, our higher self and the subconscious part of our mind gives us greater access to it. You know, your child wants to drink coffee or have some wine or jump in a river or drive a car. Ride a bike, right? A six month old toddler is not ready to drive a car,

35:07                                     okay?

35:07                                     He or she has to learn to walk and then to grow tall enough to see above the wheel and then to read and then become aware of their surroundings. What you’re going through is the same thing. You’re growing into the ability to drive your higher Perry power. The infinite intelligence can give you a private jet within two minutes, but it would not do so until you’re ready. Imagine just being given a lightsaber, turning it on without knowing what it was. You’d go around everything around you. You will be given this power when you’re ready and as you access this intuition and grow spiritually, you’ll become more and more in tune with the things around you.

35:51                                     Creating a clear lens, recognizing the intuitive process, choosing the intuitive world view, living in alignment with the creation cycle, unlocking the secrets of your subconscious mind is what you’re trying to do. Harness the dreams and Anna and imaginations received subconscious guidance, applying intuition in everyday life with a natural flow. It’s just like going down a river. It’s moving and you are avoiding the rocks, but the movement, as you become more and more attuned to the river you’re used to, it’s flow. As you move in and around the rocks, you can tell when the water’s slow and fast and you become better and better at maneuvering down that river to open your intuition and keep it flowing. Establish a ritual. You need a stimulation. Your Body can count on something you do consistently every day just as your dog or cat orients itself to the exact time you feed it and pesters you re unrelentingly for food.

36:46                                     If you forget. So what? Your body quickly acclimate itself to rely on relaying information to you from your soul. Ask and you will receive if you create a reliable, consistent method for receiving, give your body a notebook and a colorful Penn. Fun things to do with that pen and watch out. Create a new habit, right doodle, sketch. Make lists. Use your favorite pens, ones that make broad bold strokes, ones that roll sickly across the surface. Pens of different colors for different days. Fountain pens with character, fine line drafting pens. See what ideas flow with different nibs as pierce, as Penny Pearce says in her book, the intuitive way information as well as openings to greater knowledge can come and strange in a logical ways. We’re not as practicing recognizing and validating intuitive truth as we are concrete scientific proof. I’m saying we need to learn how to practice this.

37:41                                     Another exercise. Find an object. If you live with somebody else’s child or partner, acclimate yourself to the object, become entangled with it and then just give it to your partner and have them hide it somewhere in your house and follow your intuition to find that object. Follow your first instincts to find that object. Try this several times and you’ll become more and more aware of where the object is. Another great exercise is to remove one of your senses, blindfold yourself and walk around for a couple hours and you become more sensitized to to this, to the sounds around you and to the feelings around you. Take away the [inaudible] your ability to hear and you’ll become more sincerity is what you see. Enhance the senses that you have. Have you ever pursued meeting certain people because saw a special quality in their photo or because the sound of their name rang a strong inner belt? Sometimes all we need to do is come near a person or hold an object or a certain spot of land and a pattern. Knowledge is activated within suddenly pictures appear in our mind, in our bodies. Telegraph a sense of safety or danger.

38:54                                     Become spontaneous, go to different places, activate your intuition and become aware of your body and the responses it makes with intuition. We know what we need to know right when we need to know it. The universe, it seems, doesn’t waste time or energy. Intuition presents information to us when we need it. Not a moment too soon or too late. The mind perceives the feelings of the soul as intuitive knowledge and inspiration and then interprets them in the form of commonly held ideas and classifications.

39:26                                     Okay.

39:27                                     As Volume Zealand says, the alternative space, the source, the field of information is an informational field or energy matrix. A template.

39:36                                     Okay.

39:37                                     For what things could be like when a sector of the Matrix is lit up by an energy that has the same resonance, that part of the template is transformed into physical reality. The question is whether the information held in the matrix can be used whilst exist in an intangible form. You could say that we are using this information on an every day basis. The conscious mind might not be able to read the information held in this space, but the subconscious mind can access it directly. This is where premonitions and intuitions,

40:10                                     yeah,

40:10                                     and inventions and works of art originate the conscious mind source of information both by interpreting data from the external world, by receiving it from the subconscious, be intuition. To put it bluntly, the data recording and information but represents truth in its purest form. It represents objective information undistorted by interpretation, and then when the truth passes through the filter of the mind, it becomes an interpretation or knowledge. All living beings have their own way of interpreting the truth. A chicken, for example, sees and understands the world very differently than a human.

40:44                                     Yeah.

40:44                                     Even different people will see and understand the same things in different ways. As a result, knowledge is a more or less distorted a representation of the truth. The signals of the heart are conveyed as an ambiguous premonition, which we call the inner voice. As Vadim Zealand says in the moments when the mind is distracted, it allows you to experience the feelings and knowledge of the heart.

41:09                                     Zealand calls this the rustle of the morning stars the voice without worth reflection, without thoughts and the sound without volume. When you hear this music, you know that you have understood something, but it still has an elusive quality. Do not think so much feel and listen to your intuition. Everyone knows what intuition is. You know what it is. Ask yourself about the best times you’ve been most intuitive in your life. Bring that about. Focus on it. Put your attention on it. Everyone has something. Had the feeling of that some someone is about to arrive just before a visitor appears the door. Imagine those times and what were the feelings in your body when that happened? You had the feeling that something is going to happen and then it does. The mind is constantly generating thoughts and the voice of the heart is literally drowned out by the thought churn, making it difficult to access this intuitive knowledge.

42:06                                     Your mind must become coherent with your heart to access this intuitive knowledge. If you stop the train of thoughts in your mind, in your ego, and simply contemplate the emptiness devoid, you’ll hear the rustle of the morning stars, the inner voice that has no words. The heart could provide many answers to many of our questions. If only we could hear its voice. I am calling upon all of us as we go into this transition of a higher level of consciousness to listen to the rustle of the morning stars in the moment of considering a possible solution to a problem. The mind is guided by sensible reasoning, not by feelings. In fact, in the moment of decision making, the mind is unlikely to even notice that there are such things as feelings. If however, you’ve been able to remember, then take the next step and note that you are feeling, become aware and awakened.

42:58                                     As I repeatedly say, there might be something about a situation that puts you on your guard or worries you. There might be something you do not like about a situation. Once you have made a decision, ask the mind to be quiet for a moment and ask yourself how you feel about it. Good or bad. Then imagine having a different decision and ask yourself, how does this make me feel good or bad? If you cannot pick on a clear feeling when you do this, it suggests that your mind is still not very good at listening. Instruct your inner garden Guardian your higher self to alert you to your interstate more often. You may not believe in an inner garden, your higher self, but just verbally instruct it to alert you. You may be just simply talking to your body if that’s what you want to believe, but I believe we create an inner guardian.

43:46                                     I believe that we have a higher self. On the other hand, it may be that that the question is is to is ambiguous, in which case it’s better not to make a decision based on vague information. In this case, you can rely on the judgment judgment of your mind or simplify the question. If you get an you get individual and other example is the unexplained reason why you’re compelled to play a number which ends up winning. They can come to us in several forms like a flash of an image or subtle physical sensation, unknowing something without knowing how these I call an intuitive footprint as determined by Zealand.

44:22                                     Every here now contains millions of options to choose from right now in this moment as you’re listening to this podcast, you have a million different options of things that you can do, options of what to look at, listen to think, say, or do. Being aware of the sheer endless amount of options can be quite refreshing. The accumulated options you choose over the years will shape your reality. Choosing good options transports you to a rally and which options become even better. Life is a choice. Your life is the result of the choices you’ve made. The choices you make are conscious or subconscious. Sure. There are a few contexts that may be there without you having chosen them, but the way you deal with these frameworks is still your choice. You may have been born with a certain physical disposition for example, but whether you make it an advantage or disadvantage is your choice scene from a pre incarnate perspective. Even such a disposition may have been chosen by you before you entered this life.

45:24                                     Every here now contains several options of what to focus on, what to do. Some will shine more than others. That means you’re more interesting, have more integrity, more joyful of the right thing to do. The longer you live, the more the puzzle pieces on the way to a higher self match and the form bigger picture and which it all makes sense. Even the difficult experiences fit into the bigger picture. All of this applies on a small scale and on a grand scale. On a small scale. Example was this morning I had several options to stay at home, to go play basketball, to go to the gym, to go surfing in the ocean. We’re many of them options and there were millions of options, but none of them. She shone brightly in my mind. I could have flickered on the TV, gone for a walk. I could have read a book, stuck up a conversation with with my neighbor.

46:20                                     I could have done laundry. The list was endless. I could have punched my neighbor in the nose. I could have meditated all day. I could have sprayed graffiti on the fence. I could have started a new project. I could have skyped with friends. I finally chose to go surfing, but that’s what I felt was the most in alignment to my primary attention of spending my time. Then once that reality had been experienced and I was complete, I looked at what options felt the best in the new here and now moment, and I went from there. This is how I spend my days. I spend my weeks, I spend my months choose what shines brightly in your future and what I mean by that is you need to find your purpose. What are you being intuitive about? If you have intuition, we don’t want to just keep our intuition based on the soul level of surviving. You need to go beyond that. If you have a true purpose, if you discovered your true purpose, your intuition will guide you toward that purpose. The mind is good at creating excuses, just like it can create endless options. It can also create an unlimited amount of excuses.

47:34                                     Okay,

47:35                                     yeah, I have this job. Yeah, I’m with this girl. Any context you live in Hazlet limitations. In my reality, I do not have the options to declare war in another country or go overseas to negotiate a peace deal. I would have those options if I targeted a different reality,

47:55                                     but

47:58                                     follow what shines brightly.

48:02                                     Yeah.

48:02                                     Try this deeper intuition. Exercise.

48:05                                     Yeah.

48:05                                     To find your purpose, to find what you need to do for this exercise. You need a journal again, a diary or no, Pat, your life is indeed a letter to your higher self was writing to you. Your soul is communicating to you everyday, but you do not often notice. It communicates in the form of signs, omens, coincidence, his name and number synchronicities meetings between people and hunches without getting paranoid about it or putting too much meaning into these signs. Spend a week of your life specifically looking out for communication from a higher source. Every time you think a higher source has communicated with you, every time write it down. Every time you have a feeling, write it down. Something might just fall in your lap. You might see something in a movie or a newspaper or in a discussion with somebody or in a book you might have a dream. Someone might say something strange. Someone may have walked into the talk to you and at the on a long time on a phone call, whatever it is that you feel is from a higher source, from your own intuition. Just take note of it because you’re now paying attention. You’re starting to notice there’s a difference between the mundane and the repetitive messages of the ego self. Start doing that. Raise your frequency. Notice that everything can become symbolic.

49:17                                     Another technique to reaccess the agenda and purpose of yourself is to ask yourself, when was the last time I genuinely smiled? When was the last time I genuinely laughed? When was the last time I sang or danced? When was the last time I told stories? Intuition is a quality of the soul self aspect of you. If you’re in a good spiritual shape, you can live by intuition all the time. You then just pick up what stuff means, how stuff works, what is going on, and what is on the right track. Many people, for example, do not need to visit a workshop or learn how to operate a personal computer works. They do not need to read a manual in order, surf the Internet. The intuitively understand how it works and learn as they go along. Having a life on earth is a rare privilege. It is an opportunity to practice choice, love, and to overcome challenges in a strange and wonderful environment.

50:08                                     What an intrepid band of adventures humans are. You’ve are incarnated to earth for a reason and with a purpose unique to you with a set of intentions and talents that only you can give to the world. Your life purpose normally reveals itself through over a lifetime. You learn this and that many years later. You see how everything you did is useful for the overall plan of you. When you were younger, you may have had jobs that you didn’t like, but you will see later how these skills you learned there fit into what you later needed. If you’re uncertain of what your life’s purpose has, look at what feels right, what feels native to you, what becomes to you effortlessly, what things are better than others? Emphasize those aspects. You may have separate life, several life purposes, not just one. You may even have several careers.

50:52                                     It can succeed in one type of career. You can also succeed and others, your life plan may or may not include sticking to one career. A human is deliberately born with amnesia. You cannot remember what happened before this life. You cannot remember your life as a soul. This Amnesia is in place for a good reason so that you can focus on your life here. Otherwise, it would be like seven watching several TV sets at once. It would be confusing and overwhelming. Try the following, lie down and become deeply relaxed while staying awake. Now, once you’re deeply relaxed, develop a feeling of bliss and elation in comparison to what you’re normally at the combine your deep relaxation with high feelings. Do this any way that works for you with the help of imagination, relaxation and intention. Finally, release all thinking and imagination. Don’t deliberately think anything. Allow a blank screen. Wait and see what flashes or thoughts, images spontaneously arise. Practice staying in this high state and receiving ideas. No matter what those ideas are, write them down after your session. Some may not seem to make sense. Write these down to everything will make sense. Someday check whether any of the images received. Hint at any type of action you could take. If so, that action is doable and positive. Take the action to the best of your ability.

52:09                                     Listen to the rustle of the Morningstar’s. Focus on that feeling. Get to know the sense of your body and your mind. Listen to the signals they’re there for you and you can understand and discern your future and follow a path that will light up an incredible life for you. Please tell me your stories of how intuition has affected your life. What signals do you here? Email me checkout the Facebook group, the reality revolution.

52:50                                     Yeah,

52:51                                     if you need coaching, you can go to my Thank you for joining the reality revolution. Peace and love to all of you.

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