Interview with Anjania Siegrist writer of The Alchemy of Intimacy

Anjani Siegrist has been practicing the healing arts for over 17 years. After 1000s of hours of bodywork training, Anjani moved to Asia to study with masters in Reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Thai Massage. Her work is a powerful synthesis of Healing Arts to unlock hidden potential and ignite personal magnetism.

In a previous episode, I reviewed her book The Alchemy of Intimacy: Love and Sexuality Workbook

It was wonderful to get a chance to interview Anjani who I consider a specialist in energy about a variety of fascinating topics

We cover a variety of topics and I ask her about the Yogic perspective of the plait in transurfing. Her answer was fascinating. We also discuss yoga, chakras, kundalini, feminine/masculine energies, moldavite crystals, the Alchemist and our shared love for the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come.

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