Guided Meditation: A guided quantum journey to your greatest potential timeline and highest self | EP4




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Episode Summary

Using a background in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming Brian gives his first guided meditation on the Reality Revolution podcast. This guided meditation is a 25 minute guided journey to meet your higher self, expand your consciousness and empower you to find the best parallel reality. Music by Rebecca Reads Edited by Quinn Brentson

Show Notes

Using a background in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming Brian gives his first guided meditation on the Reality Revolution podcast.

This guided meditation is a 25 minute guided journey to meet your higher self, expand your consciousness and empower you to find the best parallel reality.

Music by Rebecca Reads

Edited by Quinn Brentson

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00:02                                     Welcome

00:03                                     to the reality revolution podcast. This is your host, Brian Scott. The Reality Revolution podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe that life is meant to be magical and fun. We believe that you are infinite, multidimensional, and eternal. This podcast, primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards life, to shatter your rigid belief systems and habitual ways of seeing the world. I’m so excited to have you here today. This is going to be our first guided meditation, so if you’re listening to this while you’re driving, just put it on pause and wait until you get a chance to go home. This should not be listened to while you’re operating any sort of heavy vehicles. You can listen to this while you’re laying down. I think it’s better when, if to do while you’re sitting up, because sometimes we associate laying down in bed with sleeping. We want to be a little bit cognizant of what’s going on.

01:19                                     Okay,

01:20                                     so I just want you to sit back and relax and let’s begin.

01:26                                     Relax, relax.

01:32                                     Close your eyes. Give yourself permission to allow yourself to just follow through and your own guidance and your own.

01:48                                     All right. It’s just my first one. Never done one. So that was different

02:04                                     bond to them being closed to allow you to move into a deeper sense of relaxation, relaxation switches on your own self healing forces. When you’re relaxed, your body wants to bring itself into zero balance. That’s why it feels so good to be this relaxed and now you’re even more relaxed. I just want you to become aware of the space around your feet. Become aware of the space around your legs. Just relax. Become aware of the space between yourselves. Become aware of the space around your body, so in your own time when you’re sure your eyelids are not going to open, just send out relaxation,

03:24                                     okay?

03:25                                     Down like a, like a energy down to your feet. Just feel a wave of relaxation. Travel down through

03:38                                     your body.

03:42                                     Spend a few moments enjoying how good it feels to have this bonded powerful moment here

03:57                                     of group energy

03:59                                     with all of your higher selves. And believe me, they are

04:02                                     all here.

04:07                                     You’re multidimensional groups. All here pulled together for this special moment. Become aware of the space around your heart. Breathe in, breathe in through your nose. Hold it and let it go out of your mouth. Just breathe out. Just focus on your breath. Take another deep breath and focus and become aware on the space around your body. Each time you exhale, send it down to your toes. Feel your body. Thank you for that. I want you to send out a thought of gratitude.

05:31                                     Yeah.

05:32                                     For this moment, for the energies around you to allow you to do what you want to do. How’s your breath travels down through your body. Imagine yourselves and your organs being grateful as this takes place. Use your imagination. I just want you to imagine avoid forming all around you. Expanding. While you’re still aware, this void is nothingness. It is no one. It is nothing. It is no body. It is the void of space. Now let this boy just expand. Why did expand all the way above you to the top of the universe to the very end and below you all the way to the very edge of the universe below you and to your right, expanding outward, just a pure void and to your left all around you like a circle, expanding out work. Nothing. No one. Feel the void. Rest in this void. No. As this takes place, find those single point. Find that one place of who you are.

07:24                                     Yeah.

07:26                                     I want you to imagine above your head. There’s a big white ball of light like the sun and feel its rays of light. Come down. Breathe it in. Allow your soul’s light to feel every cell of your body. Feel yourself expanding. You feel lighter and heavier at the same time as you sink into the better chair. Imagine the full universe of space and all the stars, just like the stars are separate and the balances of the sky. All beings of light connected into one blanket of creation. Imagine an orb of light around you. It can be translucent, are full of color, whatever color you want. Remember, everything is information. Whatever colors or light or sound comes in, it is all carrying information that is needed by you. You, yourself is calling this into being. Allow the orb of light so that you can float and drift freely, feeling relaxation, taking place in your body. Allow yourself to drift on a stream of consciousness. However that presents itself to you, the orb. We’ll take you. Feel the Orb, take you into your

09:51                                     mind.

09:54                                     Become aware of the space as the orb takes you.

10:02                                     Deep, deep, deep, deep

10:14                                     inside of your pineal gland right there in the middle of your head, but it’s shrink smaller still to the small crystal that is formed right there in the pineal gland. Imagine a door and it carries you through the walls of this crystal into an open space and open room.

10:52                                     This room

10:55                                     is a multidimensional area in which all of time and all realities exist as one from all angles in our places. You see different versions of yourself from all around, from different timelines, from different places casually coming in as you allow them to for they are you and you are them. Send out a thought of gratitude and thanks. Open your mind. Share the information that you can and see where they guide you. Ask them whatever question for they are fully aware of

11:53                                     the present and the future.

11:58                                     There are older versions and younger versions of yourself traveling through dreams, traveling from many different places, all of them there to aid you and guide you. Find the ones that are within the group that are closest to your current reality and find the ones that have the perfect future, the future that you want, that leads you to the highest place that leads you to the greatest, most pleasurable, most meaningful and purposeful place. Follow them in all dimensions, in all angles. Let them take you higher and higher. The ones that overcome the obstacles, the ones that find the greatest miracles, the one is that open their hearts and minds defined the greatest love, the greatest wealth, the greatest health, the greatest knowledge and information to expand your soul to its highest point of fulfillment and awakening. Allow the information to come in. Don’t analyze it. Don’t judge it. Different layers of your body, different layers of your consciousness

13:46                                     taking you, guiding you, floating you

13:53                                     drifting you, you feel something significant is happening, something incredible, amazing. You feel it deep down in your gut, growing in warmth and pleasure in a few moments when you arrive in this place. Just spend a few moments here and feel the information floating through you about the steps to take about the places to visit, about the things to say,

14:41                                     the people to let go of

14:47                                     and to embrace. Send out a thought to yourself right now that you would like to remember this moment. Just keep it in your energy field somewhere for you to draw back on in your own time. Now, just relax and let go. Let go. Let go of that too and that. Pay attention to the sounds, to the colors, the words, images, and ideas. Don’t worry about what it means. Simply observe it. Make no judgment. Imagine you are a creator, just observing it’s creations lovingly with interest, but no attachment completely free. If you would like in your own time, move around to different events.

16:41                                     Pay Attention.

16:45                                     Allow this play of consciousness to reveal itself to you. Make a note of any feelings, thoughts, sensations in your body and in your own time. If you would like either fast or slow, feel free to move around to these events and moments that you’ve experienced and that you will experience.

17:23                                     Pay attention, not judging them.

17:29                                     Allow this knowledge to reveal itself to you. Make note of any sensation, any thoughts moving in your own time, your own way. You are just

17:50                                     energy, your just consciousness, free flowing energy, self-aware and free.

18:05                                     The orb around you moves in different directions.

18:10                                     Okay.

18:18                                     Notice anything you’re drawn to breathe it in shapes, colors, sounds. This is your time. This is your self aware field. You really are a light being. You have complete control in the moment. You arrive into a space and time and you will come across even more versions of yourself. Let them take you somewhere on the inner planes somewhere to connect you to the purpose of who you are and what is your mission. Let them give you information. Share your information with them about what you have been through and where you are going. Be Curious, be open, be receptive. Send out the thought of whatever you desire and let it go.

19:29                                     Okay?

19:31                                     It is no longer important. Simply just let it go. Send out a thought to be taken to the highest inner sanctum. Ask for a personal guide to take you to the very best possible potential that aligned with your greatest desire. And when you arrive at this sacred space, allow the process to take place. You may be told something, you may be shown something. Just breathe and feel.

20:17                                     Yeah,

20:20                                     you enter your self into a new body, into a new time. Let your body adjust. Let your mind adjust to these new sensations into this new world. Become aware. You’re given a gift. I want you to feel the gift. Breathe it in. Whatever you experience. Allow yourself to be adjusted. And while you’re here, send out whatever questions you have and in this moment, be open and be receptive. Feel this information coming in. Incredible information. Feel the excitement, the exhilaration, the epiphany’s. Your vibration is shifting, your rising. You are lifting yourself. Let yourself be guided by your heart. All on the energy of truth of who you are. Allow the energy to activate you, to activate your cells, to fill the energy field around you and leave a landmark that guide. Send out energy so you can find this place. Imagine lines forming a grid work. You can come back to this place at any time. You are entangled with this place and now I want you to rest in the new person that you are. Not Division, not the thought in your whole body. I want you to imagine the feeling of what it is you want to feel of what it is you want to experience. Feel it.

23:42                                     You are this person. This is your reality. Not In the future now,

23:55                                     okay,

23:56                                     feel it.

24:03                                     Okay.

24:06                                     Now feel yourself coming back to your body. Feel yourself coming back, coming back to your center. Put your hand to your heart. If you can. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your head. Align yourself. Taking a deep breath and relax. Feel yourself slowly coming back. Get used to this new body. This new mind, this new moment, this new presence. You are now aligned with your highest self in a new timeline, a new reality that is yours. Your greatest life will unfold and isn’t folding in, has unfolded before you. Your heart knows every step to take every pitfall, to avoid every path that is meant for you. Align your heart with your mind and your soul. Feel the presence of the wisdom that you’ve been given. I want you to breathe in and come back to me.

25:54                                     Okay.

25:55                                     You can open your eyes now whenever you’re ready.

26:01                                     Yeah.

26:03                                     Now that is just our first meditation and I find this to be very powerful. I’ve created it as one way of accessing the creative part of your imagination and it accessing different parallel realities and the alternate space around you. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback and hopefully this takes you to a new level. Hopefully this takes you to something special. Hopefully you see an example of the divine and the synchronicity of the new reality that you’ve entered. I want to thank you for spending this time with me. Spending time on this podcast. I am incredibly joyful of your presence. Thank you for joining the reality revolution. Look forward to talking to you very, very soon.

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