Dolores Cannon on Simultaneous Time and the Subconscious || EP 225

Dolores Cannon was a phenomenal hypnotherapist and writer who developed the QHHT a profound hypnosis methodology that allowed her to explore the past lives of her patients and even what happened between lives. As she did this she accessed a vast quantity of metaphysical information about the afterlife and what is happening on the earth as we undergo a reality revolution.

This is a continuation of the last video I did on Dolores Cannon and parallel universes.

In this episode she discusses simultaneous time and what the subconscious really is.

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Welcome to the reality revolution today. I’m going to continue a series. I just started on Dolores cannon. Go and check out my original series. I talked a little bit more about her biography and what she does, but to summarize, Doris Cannon was a fantastic hypnotherapist that over time developed QA, H, H, T which is an advanced hip, no therapeutic technique which can be used to access a patient’s previous incarnations or lives and even between lives and after working with thousands of clients began to see patterns of beings that would come through in deep hypnosis sessions that would give her incredible information, which tended to be corroborated by all of these different beings that she would talk to that had no idea what each of them had said, which gives some credibility to some of this stuff. The stuff is just on the same level as raw. If you check out my episode on the law of one, the last episode address the idea of parallel universes. She had talked to a patient that explained the dynamics of how we move in and out of different parallel universes and what kind of things that we see and how objects can be lost and how you can slip in and out and how long it takes. So I would recommend that you check that out. But I wanted to continue because in the same chapter she addresses some other interesting topics that I would love to talk about and her concept of simultaneous time and the subconscious. So she is talking to this patient named Phil and she asks him when the predicted earth changes come about on our planet, how will that affect the parallel or interpenetrating universes? There will be experiences on this particular level which will be experienced on this plane. The patient says, however, the experience as a whole will be shared on a much deeper level, on a race level as well as on a deeper level. The universal level even now experiences on other planets and in other areas of your universe are being shared by a deeper aspect of yourself. Afar therap the louder level of yourself when, and this is again on an individual level. Each of you experienced that transition which each must eventually experience. Then you will see that there are others on other planes who have experienced similar transitions and they will be able offer encouragement and energy so that you will be assisted in whatever endeavors you need. More information came forth when Beth visited the library on the spirit plane during the session in 1986 Beth is a different patient, best says it’s been a while since we have met in the library. The knowledge is all here, sparkling and shiny and ready to be learned. If the question happens to be located somewhere, I will project myself there instead. It is no problem. Beth exasperated said, I will try one difficulties the planetary influences under which you were born. It makes you hold very solidly to what you perceive as reality, which occasionally comes across on this level as being dense or stubborn, which is sometimes frustrating. I will try to explain to you about dimensions where you are on the road in the life you are living at this point in your development you perceive three dimensions visually that is height, width and depth and your scientists assume that the fourth dimension is time to take up the space of the rest of the object that you know is there, but you cannot directly see since light travels in a straight line on your level of existence out of convenience, your wise men have labeled these dimensions. The first, second, third, and fourth dimensions. Assuming that is all there is from their limited understanding of the nature of the universe and their limited understanding of the mathematics involved, this is sufficient to work out their equations. However, there are many different ways of perceiving reality, many different ways of experiencing what is and each of these different ways contain and involve various dimensions. These various dimensions are not necessarily length, width, depth and time. These labels apply to both four dimensions when there are really many dimensions. Do you understand so far? Yes. The various combinations of these different dimensions contain various branches of the mega universe that I have described to you before. Do you remember about the universe and how it’s always branching off and dividing and weaving together due to the nature of time and Dolores says yes and then the parallel universes are all interweaving together by the answers. Exactly. These parallel universes not only involve the same dimensions with which you are familiar, but also other parallel universes that are involving with all the other dimensions that you have no way of perceiving. These other universes are also contained intelligent life, higher life forms who are also working through the circle of karma. The beings in some of these universes are much more advanced than you are spiritually, mentally, and intellectually. Consequentially. Many of them have discovered a way to travel from their university, your universe, by using a certain wondrous device to alter the dimensions they are perceiving and by altering the dimensions they perceive into the dimensions you perceive, it automatically puts them in your universe. It’s hard to explain constant [inaudible]. That is why they are said to be from different dimensions because their universe occupies the same space, so to speak as your, your universe with a different set of dimensions so that nothing collides to draw an analogy in your world, in an area on a foggy day, it’s like having a piece of guys hanging in the fog with some Dew on the GA’s and some missed in the fog. Now the GA’s, the do, the mist and the fog are all occupying the same space, but they’re separate from each other. That is the way it is with different dimensions. Your set of dimensions might be the gods. For example, one being set of dimensions might be the fog and the fog is all throughout the gauze and in the GA’s, but it does not collide with the gauze and all this is being can perceive is the fog. Therefore it is not aware of the gauze and does not collide with it. Whereas all you’re aware of is the gauze and the fibers that make up the gods. You’re not aware of the fog that’s around and through the GA’s and surrounding each of the fibers of the GA’s and you’re not aware of the Dew that is condensed on the gods for it is out of your perception. Do you understand? Delores says it’s difficult. The scientists in our time think that these UFOs come from physical space as we know it. They come from physical space but not as you know it. They alter their perception of reality to coincide with your perceptions of reality, which causes them to appear in space. As you know it. One way they can obtain the fantastic speeds they use for traveling is by partially perceiving both universes so they’re able to condense the distance between the points, which I know sounds totally confusing, but that’s the only way it can be explained in your language. When I look at so-called visual representations of it in this library, the concepts involved are very elegant and simple like most large concepts that are the basic building blocks of the universe, but when I start to try to explain them in words, they sound much more complicated than they really are because I’m trying to explain what is not as well as what is I will put across an accurate mental picture. I see, but the investigators think of UFOs coming from different planets. I don’t know if they can understand this concept, the patient. Then they need to be very clear on the subject of the various dimensions. I’ve only used labels of the four dimensions that you have. The three that you perceive visually are all that you can perceive with your five senses. You simply have no concepts anywhere in your brains or your language to deal with other dimensions. Therefore, I have not given them any labels. However, I will say this to help understanding that what you consider to be part of the dimension called time actually encompasses several dimensions. Your world and universe does not contain just four dimensions. It is composed of many more dimensions than that, but the others are lumped under the label. You call time and that is why strain things often happen, which are an explicable due to the nature of these various dimensions interacting with each other which you perceive as one dimension. Therefore, it’s conflicting, nonsensical and confusing to see you sometimes the various natures of these various dimensions which you call time or these extra dimensions you are capable of perceiving them, but your scientists try to rationalize them away however your body is equipped to perceive them and is this perception of these other dimensions that gives rise to what you have labeled psychic powers. The psychic powers are not anything extraordinary. They are along with the same lines as you are being able to perceive depth, length and width. These psychic powers are turning into these other dimensions that you have lumped under. The concept of time. Delores says this is subject to the likely go on for quite a while. It could go for several sessions. The patient says the main thing that I can write it and let those who understand it understand it. Even if I can’t grasp it. Those who are higher educated may have a more difficult time understanding because they are more fixed in their ideas. There’s another session here where she talks to Phil. She explains that information from filled during a session in 1996 in Hollywood where he was living at the time. I’ve been trying to meet with him for quite a while, but my traveling schedule did not allow for it. My main focus in the session was to tie up some loose ends and find missing pieces that I could use in this book. It took many years of gathering bits and pieces from various people all over the world to bring forth these concepts and to clarify them as best we can with our understanding. Phil came to my hotel after he got off work after catching up on the last few months. We started the session as he relaxed on the bed, he began to speak before I gave him his keyword. I did not have to use our normal procedure [inaudible] he started before I even had the tape recorder turned on. This only happened once before. In the early days of our work when we were working on the story of the seeding of the earth. Phil says, you are a record keeper and there are now those who would facilitate this endeavor. You may ask that which you perceive to be your questions. Now, that feeling I always get when I listen or read Dolores Cannon’s books is that these entities wanted this information to get out. Like when I read this, knowing my podcast, I felt like an obligation to get this information out. I don’t know why. Maybe you understand what I’m saying, but she asks. I wanted those to be present who could provide information in analogies if possible to make it easier for the average person to understand. Phil says that is accurate. That has, as you yourself have noted previously, always been our trademark to use your simple flied symbolisms to convey the abstract concepts which we would impart to you. We find that it is perhaps easier for the human mind to visualize that which is familiar as opposed to trying to conceptualize that which is abstract. It is necessary due to the unique structure of your human mind and we would clarify here, not to say the brain, but rather the mind itself. The mental processes which are inherent in your human existence are not conventional. They are somewhat modified from the accepted norm of what we would call universal reality. Delores asks, I’m involved in a project and I’m trying to understand, marry very many complicated concepts. Can you explain the concept of simultaneous time and Phil says, we see the reality being somewhat misrepresented in your conventional wisdom that your human mind seeks to defined. This is both a hindrance and a help in your desire to understand. We would ask that you picture a disc lying on its flat face so that the top of the desk is viewable to you and she says, looking down on it and he says, that’s correct and then inscribe a point at some distance from the center of the disc along a radius of a line from the center to the perimeter or outside edge of this disc. Then rotate this disc and notice that the path that is traveled by this inscribed point seems to continue indefinitely in one direction. We would describe this as infinity and that the perceived direction has never changed and the end has never been met. You’ve never met yourself on this path. Therefore, to the observer who is positioned on this point, there is no end or no beginning. There are simply motion or movement in a perceived forward direction. Then realize that this perception is due only to the fact that you were on the plane of your travel, where you removing yourself from that plane or take the perspective of the one looking down on the desk as opposed to the one who is on the desk. This perception would be apparent. The apparent discrepancy is that there is indeed a beginning and an end. Any position on that disc could be used as a reference or beginning or end. It is simply not apparent from that position on the disk. When one removes oneself from the plane of apparent reality than the true realities manifest. Delores says, then the one who is on the disk, would that be the way we perceive it? And he says, that is how it is perceived, not that you perceive it, and she asked because we perceive it as proceeding in a linear fashion. That is correct. The perception is simply from a vantage point and not from a reality. We find that many on your plane seek to define their reality by their vantage point. There are broader realities that go unnoticed simply because people refuse to alter their vantage point, which is something that is not possible to someone who defies the ability to do so. That’s why I believe that meditation is so powerful and why some of the concepts and trans surfing are powerful. While Neville Goddard is powerful because he’s talking about changing your vantage point by changing your assumption, by changing your area of awareness, start working with these concepts of the vantage point. Delores then says, I think one of the complications we have with trying to understand simultaneous time is the idea that instead of progressing in a linear fashion, everything is actually occurring at the same time. That is how we defined simultaneous time. The concept itself is somewhat not accurate. Your definition of happening is in itself not quite able to comprehend the reality of existence. When we say happening, the very idea of happening is defining happening is right now as opposed to existing which is undefined. The perception of happening is again somewhat limiting in that by its definition, the word happen has to have both a beginning and an end. The very definition of happening indicates the beginning of some event and the end of some event. Therefore, we would ask that you drop both of these beginning and end points and simply realize that there is that which is therefore is existing simultaneously as opposed to all is happening simultaneously. Delores asks, one of the difficulties I’ve had with this is in our reality, as we perceive it, you grow from a baby to a child, to an adult and that is linear. If it’s all existing at the same time, how can that be defined? There exists many different scenarios in your lifetime that you consciously perceive in a singular fashion, and here we refer to our other statement that your mental processes are somewhat modified from the general accepted universal realities. Your mental processes in themselves define that which you perceive. They only allow a very small portion of reality at any given time. There are those who can see a much broader spectrum of existence without these limiting factors, neither beginning nor end, but total existence we speak here of many were of much higher and advanced planes of awareness. However, it is possible for those on your plane to comprehend this and even experienced this in some fashion or manner of degree as they open their mind, so to say, to drop the barriers of beginning and end. The universe exists. It does not begin or end. It simply exists Delores ass, but in our reality we serve our self starting as a baby and the body grows and changes does not contradict the idea of everything happening at once. The birth experience is very analogous to mental concepts or mental functions of your experience. There’s a defined beginning and a defined end, a birth and death and your life is defined by all those points that fall in between the two boundaries where you to remove yourself from this defined set of parameters and look at your total existence from this defined set of perimeters and look at the total existence. You would see that the birth and death benchmarks are simply definitions and not realities. Your soul is existing both in and out of the benchmarks you describe as birth and death. You therefore take a higher broader perspective and see that you exist whether you are alive or not. Dolores asked, these are things I can understand. I just can’t put it into perimeter perimeters of simultaneous time where everything could be occurring at once. The existing resistance of terms as happening or beginning and end are somewhat defining and that they make you think in those terms. We would ask that you use different terms such as existence which is not beginning in defining and beginning or event, but simply relate the existence of reality. Reality exists. It does not begin and it does not end. Your definition of simultaneous time is simply an attempt to look at the whole picture in a two dimensional term, which is somewhat confusing and that there is indeed this concept but not in your terms. We have to deal with the terms that our mind understands in the English language. Dolores says, all right, let’s go onto another one. I’m trying to understand the concept of parallel lifelines, even parallel universes. Maybe that’s two totally different things, but let’s start with parallel lifetimes. They say these are lifetimes we are experiencing at the same time and there again the concept of time comes up but they are in a different time periods and may even overlap. This is indeed a similar concept in that parallel time and parallel universes are indeed the simultaneous time and universes of which we spoke earlier is simply a matter of focusing your attention on one particular aspect of that which is the sum of all your experiences. We would refer again to the analogy of the circle in which any one point defined on the circle can be either a beginning or an end. It is not defined by its character as one or the other. It’s simply there. Then understand that all points on that circle exists simultaneously on the circle and are neither beginning nor end in and of themselves, but only by definition. They are not in and of themselves a point. They are simply a definition. Delores asks, we believe that we enter a body as a spirit and experience that life, but if we are existing living in another lifetime that is parallel to it. How can that be defined? I’m thinking of one soul entering one body at one individual time. He responds by saying your your reality you, your personal reality could be defined as a circle. You and your conscious state can only comprehend the point or segment that your mind is capable of perceiving. Your awareness is only capable of perceiving that which is directly in front of you. Not to say that you cannot see beyond your own nose, but we would use that analogy in the sense of an overall picture. All that you are and all that you, Ben and all that you shall be are on that circle, but your perception of that is simply that which is small enough for your conscious mind to perceive. You are on higher planes, aware of the sum total of your existence. However, your mind on the plane from what you are speaking is only capable of that which is most immediate to your conscious mind. Dolores asks, I just had a thought whenever I’m doing hypnosis and I take the person to other lifetimes, is that a way of changing the focus, like switching channels on a television set? That is exactly right. It is indeed the same person or energy. The consciousness is simply directed forwards or backwards along this circle. This being exists. It does not begin. It does not end. It simply exists. You merely changed your focus or perspective from one section of that existence to another. There is no break in the existence. It is continuous and infinite and either direction. However, you may advance your perception to suit that which you seek. The knowledge you seek will be found on some other portion of that circle. Then it’s as though the subconscious has the knowledge, the sum total of all the lifetimes. The subconscious is the sum total of all those lifetimes. It is the circle itself. The conscious simply moves to the portion of the circle of which you seek information and then relates that which is in that portion of the circle. We would clarify as in your question that in cases of mental aberrations or illness where the perception is distorted, then moving to another portion of the circle would cause a distortion. In that perception, we speak here with the assumption that the realities are presented as they truly are and are not through a distorted lens of false impressions. For that indeed is possible. The lens or conscious mind need to be clear and undistorted so that the information from the different points on this circle is both presented and we find here a difficulty in translating the word to infer that the perception of that information is accurate. So here is another concept to consider and that is that your subconscious, the part of you that beats your heart, that makes you breathe, is your higher self and is one in the same as your soul, that your soul is your subconscious. This is talked about a little bit in reality, trends surfing. When they talk about the heart and the mind, Zeeland refers to the heart as the subconscious. And by accessing the in uniting the heart and mind, that’s when you’re able to change the outside world. Almost like magic where you can activate outer intention. It’s because your subconscious is much more powerful than you realize. And so it is critical to get into a relationship with your subconscious. And that’s why I recommend listening to my book version of the feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard, where he explains that the relationship with the subconscious is, it’s like a lover. It’s a feeling. The subconscious doesn’t care about the words. It’s probably lived for a long time, but it loves when you have a feeling and it can recreate that feeling in an experience. So Delores then asks. Then it sounds as though our concept of the subconscious is really an error, is the subconscious most closely related to the solar. The spirit there is actually no difference. He says the soul and spirit are identical. The subconscious in your definition is simply the intelligence or awareness of that soul. In your definition, the awareness of your soul is defined as the subconscious. The fact that you, your and soul is your awareness. That is one of the stumbling blocks and learning the realities of the universe is that your awareness is your reality. It is not that you perceive the universe through your awareness. The reality is your is your awareness. You are what you would think that is your true reality. Check out my episode on the power of awareness by Neville Goddard. Delores cannon then says, we think that the subconscious is like the record keeper. The guardian of the systems of the body and remains objective in that way is like the protector of the body, but I guess I have not correlated with being the actual solar spirit. The existence of your awareness validates the fact that you are, you think therefore you are and yet you are and yet not know it. Therefore you think therefore you are not. Oftentimes when I contact the subconscious directly and ask it for information about the body, it seems to be very objective and removed. Patient says the emotional aspects of living in an environment such as you find yourself in require that there be some sort of interface in order to function with the currents of reality that swirl around you. These emotions allow the intake of information from that which is being processed around you to be assimilated into the existence of your soul, to translate the existence is around you into a manner in which can be perceived by your consciousness. I’m reminded of the book that I recently read by a Donald Hoffman called the case against and we are all just a user interface. Like if you imagine that we are computer code that translates consciousness like a user interface. So our subconscious is just using our bodies in our awareness as a user interface in this parallel universe. It’s kind of interesting. So the next question is [inaudible]. I think that makes it a little easier. Another question along the same line. Can you give me a description or definition of other dimensions that are existing in close proximity to us? Although they are invisible to us, there are many dimensions surrounding your defined area of reality. We would ask that you choose that you perceive to be the most relevant and define it in terms that you may understand. There are in fact many dimensions both above and below your depth of perception. However, that is not to say that one or the other is any greater or lesser than they say. There are many dimensions existing very close to us but invisible to us and yet they are very similar to ours. Does that make any sense? They are accessible to you, however, perhaps not apparent to you. There are many aspects of these other dimensions which overlap from one dimension to another and yet there are many more aspects which are unique onto that particular day. There are times when you are emotional. States can cause your mind to expand and broaden and enhance your perception of the world around you. For example, many few people find that watching a particular sunset or particular time in their life or perhaps the time of day or year will give them a feeling of awareness that is not common in their life, a oneness with nature that is uncommon or perhaps in the vernacular of those who seek these experiences to become one with nature. They have attuned their consciousness to that particular thread which runs common to all of those universes. Therefore, they feel the breath of their existence expand to the point that they feel they are in many other dimensions at once and indeed they are. They are aware of it. Then it seems to bring up the same concept of where our focus is. The other dimensions are all there, but we can’t perceive them because of our focus. That is correct. Then it seems like those three topics go along together. That is accurate. The general scope of this confirmation is more perception as opposed to reality. The realities of the universes are there for all to perceive. However, the individual growth and understanding of the person who would be trying to understand it at any given point would determine to what depth or breadth or height they would be able to perceive these other realities. Then when they talk about raising our consciousness, does that mean we will become more aware of these other realities that is accurate? And then in another question, sometimes we think of having various aspects of ourselves that quite possibly might be living here on earth at the same time that we do. How frequently is this true? And Phil says, Myron incident response was very frequent, much more frequent than we are aware of. In fact, the more thought projections we send out in those areas, the more juice we give them that capability. However, our aspects have a life of their own. They exist and most of the time are not conscious of their other aspects, us and others during another session with the same patient. Delores asks, I’ve been gathering information about different dimensions and I wanted to expand on that. I do know in my limited way that the other dimensions that surround our planet are physical worlds with physical human beings living on them, but they are vibrating at different speeds and are invisible to us. Can you give me any more information on that? There’s a certain circular reality in that there is no sense of finiteness in the true reality. There are many shades of reality which are expressed in different ways. However, to say the dimension is physical as opposed to spiritual is somewhat misleading. The concept seems to be understood [inaudible] as physical being different than spiritual. It is simply that which you call physical has certain characteristics which are somewhat separate or different from that what you call spiritual. However they are one and the same. It is simply a matter of there being a certain difference which distinguish one from the other. If you were to find the reality true reality of green water as opposed to blue water, you would say that certainly green water is not the same as blue water. However, it’s obvious that the true constituent of each, which is water is entirely identical. There’s simply differences between the two, which distinguished them. So could you say the blue water is really different from the green water? I’ve heard there are beings that living in these other dimensions. She asks, they’re invisible to us, but they’re living [inaudible] and what they consider a physical world that is accurate. It is as the radio waves in your air are all existing at the same time and all contain different information, different realities, but yet can exist in the same space at the same time. It is simply a matter of difference in frequency. There is no interference until the frequencies attempt to share the same frequency at the same time. Does this cause what we call static or overlapping? Yes. Trouble. Does this happen with dimensions? Occasionally, but thankfully in the scheme of things there are safeguards which prevent this. However, it is possible for an occasional overlap. What would happen if that occurred? Beings from a different dimension could interact and become aware of each other through their own sensory perceptions. The senses. Would you call your five senses or instruments which are attuned to the on your level of existence. The beings which inhabit other levels of existence have sensory organs which are attuned to their own particular frequency of existence. If for some reason these levels of awareness where to overlap or to share the same frequency than the sensory elements of each would be attuned as it sit in the same frequency and the beings on each plane would be aware of each other. You know when in reading that last answer, I had this idea that what we think of as our nose that smells in our ears that hear each are just tuning in like an instrument to some other frequency. So if somebody were to say they have seven different organs, separate different sense organs, well one could, one organ could taste the infrared, you would think of it as a taste or smell or touch. These are all ways of perceiving and just found that it an interesting way of understanding that our senses are really just filters for the different frequencies that are in our environment. What frequencies are we not sensing? Well, we certainly know there’s a ton. There’s radio waves, there’s different energies all around us that we don’t know about that scientific fact, so she asked what would they know. Something unusual had happened. Perhaps not necessarily, but there are between dimension slight changes between successive dimensions. The greater changes become more apparent such that the beings from several dimensions removed would, if they were able to comprehend that they were seeing realize that there is indeed something very peculiar happening. However, because the changes are so subtle between the dimensions, each successive dimension is slightly different from the next. You could possibly be that one would not be, or at least initially aware they had found themselves in another dimension, but is it possible to go back and forth that is accurate. We’ve heard that sometimes there are windows that make it easier to go from one dimension to the other. Is that true? There are openings which are useful to allow beings who have knowledge and awareness to be able to manifest this so-called window. However, there is not in your terminology, a certain place which can be defined as an existing phenomenon in and of itself, which is static, that you can access it any time simply by walking up to it. The energies can be manipulated such that a window can be generated. However, it is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. There was, as you are aware, an experiment done by your Navy, which is commonly referred to as the Philadelphia experiment. This is an example of an experiment with these windows. There are those beings who are spiritually capable of passing from one dimension to another. Your best example perhaps would be Jesus who could access many different levels after his Ascension. He could return to your plane consciously and appear even though he perhaps was not of your plane, he could come to your plane. You mean the government found a way to open the window to go back and forth with the Philadelphia experiment or they created a window? We would say that a window was opened. However, the ability to get back was not quite as fitness as the ability to open it. There were catastrophic results because of the inability to properly manipulate this phenomenon. It is natural in the universe sense condition. These planes are simply natural and common. However, it is your level of understanding at this point, which makes them, or this concept somewhat supernatural. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is the basis of reality in the universal sense, but the government found a way to do this. There are those who are working on manipulating these energies. There are some who have succeeded in more or less fashion. However, because of the lack of spiritual awareness which is necessary there as as yet perhaps Mo, uh, most crude fundamental understanding of this phenomenon, she asks if the experiments are continuing that as accurate as possible, that at this time to transport energy or matter through dimensions. However, the spiritual realities which enable this phenomenon to occur are Yaz not yet understood? The basis of understanding to this point has been technological. The spiritual component has not been understood. There have been experiments which have failed and the participants were somewhat in the worst shape afterward. Then before their solar spirit has the ability or perhaps the resources to heal these victims of these experiments when they have pass through dimensional plane to which the, you’re called the spiritual plane. There have been cases where individuals were completely lost to another dimension and were in essence trapped in another dimension. How could they be trapped if the soul can go anywhere, if it wants to do anything, it is the physical component which we speak. There are cases of the physical body being completely transported to another dimension with the soul intact. That’s what you mean. The physical was trapped in another dimension and couldn’t get back. That is accurate. Your comprehension is adequate to allow us to see that what you were describing and yes, it is true that they sometimes overlap. However, at this point it is not technologically feasible for someone on your plane to attempt this on a regular basis. It is in fact one of the matters in which those who you call the aliens are able to maneuver through these vast distances. Does simply a matter of going between the dimensions and finding these portals which exist in their naturally occurring state. We wish here to define the difference between that which we were describing as a window as opposed to what we described as a portal. Yes, I’d like to know the difference in the context in which we were speaking earlier. A window was a device that which allowed one to simply pass from one plane of existence to another. This is not a naturally occurring device. A portal, however, is a naturally occurring phenomenon, much like a tunnel in which what you would call distance on a particular plane can be crossed. One would be able to travel great distances by going through these portals, so there is another question later on. She asked all of this confused, confusing [inaudible] to have an idea using the planet Venus. For example, in our dimension, it appears that there is no life there. Could it be possible than an alternate reality or a different dimension? There could be people living there. Now, this is interesting because if anybody knows about my episode on the law of one raw claims to be a spiritual, a social memory complex of the planet, Venus claiming that yes, people live in different dimensions on this planet, so it’s interesting that she asked about Venus, so they ask on the on the level in which you experienced reality, you would not be. However, in higher dimensions there are in fact many life forms on many of the planets that are simply at a different level of expression. It would be simply that that expression, as it manifests on your level, does not convey or express the essence of what you would call life forms. There is at the lower levels of that expressant simply gas and rock, however much is an iceberg is considered only partially visible. It’s known that the entire expression of the eye of iceberg is only visible at the level at which you’re seeing. The reality on being Venus is simply a portion of that which is underwater, so to say. There are portions of the total expression which are invisible to you because your perceptions are not able to conceive the reality of the higher planes of existence. So on an alternate reality, another parallel world, so to speak, could there be physical race living there that is accurate. And in the sense of our iceberg analogy, we would include the iceberg to transcend planes of existence. So this is very interesting. Now Phil wakes up after this session and she, um, he continues speaking saying, the main thing I got was the fact that there’s a difference between the dimensions, but that within a dimension there are levels of awareness even within an dimension. For example, there are things that we’re not aware of on this dimension, much less the other dimension, it’s like the spectrum of light that is all one light in this dimension. And we may only be aware of certain portions of the spectrum. Our awareness is limited to a very small portion of this dimension. We’re not completely aware of all the elements of this dimension and much less than the other dimensions. And so the concept of portals is within a dimension. You can travel great distances within this dimension, but there are not portals from this dimension to the next, but there are degrees of, it’s almost like there are dimensions within dimensions. There are levels within this dimension that change enough that would be different for them. Other levels within this dimension. She says, kind of like reading an octave. Each note would be a dimension but still safe within an octave. I really appreciate your explaining of the portals as opposed to to the window. She says. So the water seemed to be the easiest way to explain how we think of spiritual and physical. It’s basically the same reality, only in a different form. We all agreed that we were growing, expanding to where we could handle and understand the complicated information. Now she cites an article by Michio Kaku later that confirms a lot of the ideas that are discussed here, uh, in terms of the quantum cosmology, in the synthesis of different Rhea universes. Uh, and she’s right. It’s pretty, it’s pretty well written article. And so I recommend that you read chapter 11 there’s more to it and I may delve into chapter 12 the energy in the assistance or the use of manipulation of energy force or the mechanical person. So I also want to do an episode, uh, about the background people, which is another interesting concept and that’s another rabbit hole that we can go down with Dolores cannon. But the idea of simultaneous space is important to me that everything is happening in this moment. It’s a reason why mindfulness is so powerful and it’s a reason why identity shifting is so powerful because what happens is if you’re focused on the moment being in the moment as if you’re already in that other reality, not looking ahead to it, not trying to move towards it, but being in the moment of it, then you are truly accessing that other universe because it brings it closer by putting your attention on it. That is the magic of Neville Goddard and advanced reality. Trans surfing in law of attraction practitioners that figure out that being in the moment and fooling yourself that this is really happening. Now what happens is it’s like you’re pulling that dimension or timeline. And so something might happen that just moves you towards those events. It’s, it’s like water flowing down a drain and it’s going to naturally go down that drain. So when you move towards that reality, the water’s gonna move you in that direction. So it’s an interesting concept, the same simultaneous time. And just understand that everything that’s ever happened to you is actually happening right now. It’s pretty cool to think about. And when you do understand that concept, you understand the power of assumption. When you assume it really does move you into a new reality. And I believe when we access our imagination, we’re accessing these realities. These realities are part of God’s imagination. When we access our imagination, we’re bringing up possibilities. So it’s just a matter of are you accessing all of the possibilities or just a limited range of possibilities that you want, open up your imagination and amazing things will start to happen for you. So this was a wonderful chapter and let me know if you want more. You guys seem to like the the last one and please like this video and subscribe to the channel and put a comment. By doing those things, more people will be able to watch this video and there may be people that need this message as people have known. I’ve, I have had events in my life where I believe that I’ve seen or visited parallel realities or seen big shifts, and I’m fascinated by this and I want to know, have you ever entered into other dimensions or realities? Will tell me the stories I want to read them, put them in the comments. Tell me your stories about entering into other dimensions on what your con, what you perceive at means when we talk about simultaneous time or even about the concept of the subconscious as your soul. What do you believe? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m still a student still learning and can’t wait to learn more. So thank you so much for sharing with me in this episode. I hope that you learned something from it and welcom

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