Dolores Cannon On Satan, Demons and Possession || EP 253

Dolores Cannon was a phenomenal hypnotherapist and writer who developed the QHHT a profound hypnosis methodology that allowed her to explore the past lives of her patients and even what happened between lives. As she did this she accessed a vast quantity of metaphysical information about the afterlife and what is happening on the earth as we undergo a reality revolution.

This is a continuation of the last video I did on Dolores Cannon and parallel universes.


In this episode she discusses Satan, Demons and Possesion.

This is taken from the 10th Chapter of Between Death And Life

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I wanted to go back to Dolores cannon. Dolores can have so many interesting topics that she’s covered in her sessions, in her hypnotic sessions that she’s documented in many of her books. Please check out my previous episodes on Dolores Kenton’s where I give a little more background about who she is, but if you have never heard of her, and this is your first time listening just to understand, she was an advanced psychotherapist that uses a, an extraordinary hypnotic technique called Q, H, H, T which allowed her to unlock previous past lives and in the process she would communicate with spirits and entities that had much more advanced knowledge in many cases beyond anything that we could imagine. And some of the knowledge that came through is absolutely mind blowing. And just as you would, if you could ask an entity with this kind of incredible knowledge and resources, what would you ask them? Well, Delores tries to cover the whole range of different possibilities in her books and the questions that she asks and she’s very thoughtful about them and that’s why her books are so interesting. One interesting chapter I wanted to cover was in the book between death and life where she talks about many of the subjects of other dimensions, heavens and Hells. In one chapter, she gets into a discussion with an advanced spirit about Satan, possession and demons. Are they real? How do they work? So Delores asks, we asked you about the concept of God. What about the concept of the devil or Satan? Now, she asked this concept in a previous chapter. She talks about God and I can go over that. In another episode, the spirit says, the concept is merely that it is a concept and analogy, a rationalization, which is used for purposes of understanding. Then there is no real entity. There is no such real entity. No, there is no personification. But people say the devil is a being a person. Is there any such thing as that? Not as one being or one entity being evil and considered the devil. When most people are talking of the devil, they’re talking of the name being known as Lucifer who was one at the time of the formation and who threw his own wand for power lost all they associate him with evil. That is because most of the elements which have been associated with evil congregate around him. Do you think this misunderstanding so to speak, would give these kind of forces more power? Yes, because they utilize misunderstanding to their means than people give them power by thinking about them. Power is not given by just thoughts about them. It is given in the acts that people do. This is why every time someone says, the devil made me do it. When they have done something they know is wrong, that gives them more energy. I’ve heard it said that there has to be a devil because you have to have balance. If you have good, you have to have evil. This is a rationalization or an attempt to comprehend. People need something to say, Oh, I understand that. If we did not understand it, we would not feel comfortable. These are rationalizations to make us feel comfortable so that we can feel that we understand it. We have set up many rationalizations in order to explain what we see and feel and observe around us to the point that these rationalizations have taken on a life of their own. They should know, be understood as mere rationalizations and not the entities of their own. Well. Is it a good or bad thing that people rationalize it this way? The purpose is served. There is a feeling of security, however, it stifles growth because there is a resistance to parting with the rationalization to understand something somewhat more complex. It is neither good or bad, merely indifferent as part as what is right and wrong. What about the preaching of sin and that you’re going to go to hell and burn in the fires, et cetera? Would you explain that as a mistranslation when you were a child, your parents constantly threatened you with the belt for not eating supper or many other things. The fear of these punishments is what directed your attention or your actions away from what caused the confrontation in the first place. This is merely an adult threat in order to make you do that which is perceived to be good. Then is there any such physical place as hell? There is no physical. The mind will at the time of death create its own hell if that is what it’s expecting. Suppose a person lives a life of wickedness all the while knowing that they’re going to hell for what they’re doing. If they firmly believe that, then when they die, that will be waiting for them. I now Delores then says separately outside of the conversation, I do not believe people necessarily have to be living a wicked life. They can be living a perfectly normal God fearing church going life, but the church has planted this fear in them and being normal. They know they are not perfect, so they expect to go to hell for some small, insignificant sin because this is what the church has promised. They feel they’re so unworthy that there can be no other afterlife for them, but hell, this type of brainwashing does an extreme amount of damage to the person if it prepares them to expect hell instead of heaven. I think this is where the church is wrong and can do more harm than good by making people fear hell so intensely. The church succeeds in creating it for them. The spirit says they remain there in their version of hell until they realize that it is a manufacturer of their own mind. It may take a year or it may take hundreds, but since time has no meaning on this side, it is as only the twinkling of an eye. When they realize they don’t have to stay there, it has no power to hold them and they are released to go where they truly belong, but there is much that we call evil in the world. Evil is not an inaccurate term. This gets back to what is good and what is bad. It’s simply misguided. That would be a more appropriate term in our perceptions. The things which you call evil are merely energies which are misguided or misdirected. These energies are simply not evolved. They are not personifications of evil. They’re not entities, so to say, there is no such devil sitting on people’s shoulders telling them to do this or that. On this side, we have no concept of evil. For evil is merely a disharmony between the two forces and this has been given the term evil. In order for your human conscious mind to be able to comprehend this disharmony, please understand there is no incarnate evil. There is no such thing as a Satan who is walking the earth and snatching the souls from people. There’s a fallacy and a story which was created in order to understand disharmony. I will use an analogy there is positive and negative on a battery. If you are going to jump a car, you have two jumper cables to hook up, positive and negative and if you leave one off while you’re going to sit for a while, aren’t you? So it can be seen that both are necessary, neither is important, more helpful or useful. They are equal in importance and usefulness. So shed your fascination with evil and good for this is an inaccurate concept and will hinder your conceptions and understanding. Did these energies come here from somewhere else? They are energies that live on this planet. We are all energies. You are an energy. Your soul is an energy. These are the energies I speak of. We could say souls or this. Go along with the idea that thoughts are things. Exactly thoughts are energy. Thoughts are real manifestations. Thoughts are period. You mean by people thinking about these bad things happening to the world. They’re actually creating these things. This is true thinking of hell on earth. We’ll bring it just as surely as going out and building it by the sweat of your brow. It may not occur in the same way, but it will just as surely occur. Check out my episode by Neville Goddard, where he talks about believe it in and how he’s referring to what was happening politically and in the past and how it was the result of everybody’s thoughts creating these issues and in many ways we may be in a similar situation. We are creating what we’re seeing in the world and we can change it. We can change our imagination. Delores asks then by thinking of these things and fearing them, people are creating a thought energy that is powerful enough to cause them. Is that correct? That’s exactly right. A thought is energy. Your soul manipulates energy thinking is a manipulation of energy. A thought is a willful act. The purpose is to counteract it. This disharmony by bringing in fresh energy, new ideas, hope new directions. It’s the intention of the thought itself that counts. If you send someone love, that is the intention. If you wish something in return for that, you may send them love, but that is not the intention. It is entirely dependent on what is expected and this cannot be disguised. The true feeling comes through, is that what you mean? The center knows what the intentions are. The receiver may not. Then if it is true that there is no such thing as evil and there’s no such thing as the devil, where does our concept of evil come from? Do you really wish to know? There’s one word. That scene sums up the whole concept easily excuses. There’s a lack of responsibility. By blaming this unhappiness and this dread on others, it is much easier to assign the blame outward than inward, and so voila, the devil is there poking his three timed prong and urging others to do that which they would not normally do. Who me? No, the devil made me do it. This is heard through the centuries. This is what is meant by excuses. This is evil. We are thinking that evil was definitely a force and we wondered where it came from. It came from the imagination. It was conjured and so roams the world devouring innocent babes de botching, raping, pillaging this evil incarnate. The excuse is to hide from responsibility. Then it comes from the mind of the persons. That is correct. It comes from the inner desires of the people and not from some outside force. For there is no such entity roaming the universe. There is simply a lack of responsibility on those who wish to assign the devil his blame. What was so many people believing that there is evil and there is the devil. Then there is the devil. Is it possible that by believing it, people can create some kind of thought form. They cannot create an entity for only God can do that. They can create situations which seem to prove their existence. They set up the events which prove to themselves that the validity of that which they want to believe. This is true not only in evil experiences but in good and Holy experiences also that which you believe preprogrammed your experience, believe what you want and that is what you will find, but we have heard that you can create thought forms with your mind that is not correct for no mere mortal has the power of creation. Only God has that right, that power. What humans are creating are these situations or circumstances which seem to prove the existence of this devil. Can you give me a specific example of what you’re asking? So the spirit here differentiates a mortal human beings from God, but that is just in their inward, in their mortality. As far as I can tell while I’ve heard it said, Delores says that if enough people concentrated, they could create a thought form. The spirit says that is not correct. They can create energy which is merely a collection of the energies being fed into it. It is simply a matter of pooling the energies. This can be done for good or for harm, but there is no creation of an entity. Then it would dissipate when the energy was released from it. There was nothing created and so the energy would dissipate and go back to the elements I repeat. There is not the creation of an any entity in this. There is simply the pooling of energies which is a very powerful process. There is no creation of life by any creature, be it Astro or otherwise. There’s only energy created by God and that is all so we don’t need to fear anything like that. That is correct. Humanity has been in the chains of fear for too long and it is now time to break the chains of that bondage and release humans to accept their own responsibility. There are entities which can be considered demonic. There are entities which are just elementals, which have been warped by human contact. There are also entities which are elementals which have been lifted by human conduct. It’s all in the exposure. The power is the same. It’s how it’s utilized. There is no black and white areas at this time. I was having difficulty understanding the term elementals Delores notes. By elementals do you mean there are just very simple, they haven’t learned anything yet. They’re earth spirits. Yes. Earthbound spirits, spirits of the earth. There is a difference. Are they allowed to incarnate to know they’re what some people have come to know as when they talk of possession. Usually they are talking of an elemental overtaking. Could they evolve into a spirit like yourself? They could evolve into a higher form but they would never be allowed to incarnate. When the native Americans talked about trees and animals having spirits, would they be like that? This is true. They have guardians as it were that care for them. They’re more of a feeling sensing spirit than having much thought. Then how could they be dealt with if they cause problems? Could you reason with them? You could reason with them in the fact of letting them know that you are going to face them and telling them to go and by telling them in the proper manner they will have to leave. Then you can’t reason with them like you could another person. These are the ones that just cause trouble. Not always. These are the fine examples of good usage of elementals or there have been rude experiments in the proper usage of elementals by gaining knowledge. Then if they are not reasoning spirit, if they can’t understand whether they do is right or wrong, right? Elementals live upon feeling energies. You will find some who live in churches, they feel the uplifting of prayer and the happiness that lives in that place and they feed upon these emotions and then there are those that feed upon hate and lust and things like that and they congregate around places that generate these emotions. So in this description, elemental sound like a pendulum. They could be the same. They could be separate. You could have both. I don’t think in particular, but I think it’s very similar to what they’re talking about. Doris Canon says, is there any way humans could protect themselves from the influences of these mischievous elementals? The spirit says, you can always bring down a prayer of protection over yourself and over your surroundings. Dolores says, is there any particular way you have to do that? The spirit says, well, it depends on the way that you view the eternal being and the universe. You can just call down the ultimate power of what is good and ask it to protect you. Then there are no certain words that have to be said in a certain way. No. It just has to come directly from within and be said with meaning. People who are presumably possessed are actually examples of those spirits who have a particularly bad dose of negative energies attracted to them. It had gotten strong enough to start influencing them on the physical plane. These spirits, when they cross over, we’ll have to spend quite some time in the resting place to rid themselves of this. I’m trying to understand the these negative spirits, what they attract, not spirits, energies, negative energies. I think people are always thinking of these negative energies as being similar to the devil and demons. Another version in another interview, Dolores asks, when someone is possessed, is the entity doing the possession a true spirit? The spirit says it is a warped spirit more on the level of what you would term demon. They’re lower than human souls and they’d been warped through touch or contact by certain entities or even people so that they’re bent and evil Delores ass, but if they have not actually lived lives, where do they come from? They were at the formation. The cases of so-called possession are generally caused by someone who has allowed their karma to become seriously imbalanced, leaving a vacuum and part of their karmic energies where other energies can enter. These are usually disorganized energies for the energy that constitutes your soul and your body are not the only energies. There are some of the superstitious terms that used to be common in your language. Earth sprites, water sprites, elementals and various things like that referred to collections of loosely organized energy that usually are connected to certain physical characteristics on the earth because of the type of energy they are. They’re attracted to certain physical situations. Then it is not normally a possession by a human spirit that crossed over. No. Usually it’s an elemental type of spirit that is present on earth at all times because it’s just simply part of the earth. Do they really mean any harm when they do things like this? No. The reason why they enter in is because there is a serious imbalance in a vacuum there and the vacuum needs to be filled. It is like a magnet to them and they are drawn in without their really wanting to be drawn in. They don’t do it on purpose. It is just an accident and the violence that ensues is because they are not as organized in energy terms as the human soul is. They are more loosely formed and so they are not to have organized action. Thus, violent actions are the result. Doris asks. I thought they were more like mischievous type spirit spirits. No. There are things that they do out of mischief, but things like this generally happened because of an imbalance in the energies. It’s the law of cause and effect. Again, these energies are drawn to this imbalance because of the interaction of that energy with their energy. It’s just a matter of energies that drain rather than build up. Possession is a reality. However, elementals are drawn and not invaders as such. Is there anything that someone can do to get rid of these, to expel them if they have entered in like that? It is difficult to say basically to realize that it was an imbalance in you that caused this. The only thing that I can see that is available at your present level of knowledge would be to meditate and get things back in balance as things get back in balance. The elementals would have to leave just as a natural course of events because the polarities of the energies involved would change and they would no longer be able to stay because the energy no longer interacts in the same way we hear of exorcisms performed by the church. That’s mainly a help to the mind of the subject involved to help them realize that something is out of balance and to help them try to put something back in balance. But usually it is like putting a bandaid on a deep cut. It doesn’t really help the cut and you keep bleeding around the bandaid. The person involved must actively work with themselves to be able to balance the imbalance and having some water sprinkled on you and some words set over. You would not correct this situation. Dolores asks, so I’ve heard that that white light is very effective to exercise these elementals. Yes, it is effective for protection, particularly against or not against. That is a bad word. It can be used for protection when dealing with people whose auras seemed to clash with your own. Delores says, I’ve heard of what they call psychic vampires, which be another person who absorbs your energy and makes you feel very weak or drained. That’s not a very good term, but do you know what I mean? Yes. It is a good description for your language. These psychic vampires are imbalanced themselves and they need to work on that. Sometimes it is not intentional when these things happen. Dolores says that is true. Sometimes it happens spontaneously. It is not that common, but it still is wise to help protect it. Check out my episode on understanding energy and transforming where trans surfing, they talk about psychic vampires. Delores then goes on to ask, didn’t you say that a person couldn’t be possessed without their cooperation or did I understand you correctly? A demon’s only method of entering in is through stealth. Therefore, they must be very stealthy in order to attain even a foothold upon another person. Can they attach themselves by finding weak spots in the Ora? Wouldn’t this be the same thing as other entities said about finding a weak spot or of imbalance of vacuum, a void to fill? They would attach themselves in any way? This would be at one method? Yes. Is it possible for those people who can read auras to detect this in others? Yes. If a person is aware of being overtaken, all he must say is I bid. You leave in the name of Christ and it must go. It has to obey this name. They have no choice. Who has to make this command the person that the demon is in or can someone else do it? If someone else does it, it is what you would term an exorcism. But if the person who is being possessed is made aware of this, they can also command them to leave, but there has to be the strength in the command. Delores says, what if they don’t think they are possessed? Do they have to be told? What did the say or do if they don’t believe they’re possessed? Another may do the exorcism for them by commanding it to leave. I ask you what harm would it do to command something to leave in the name of Christ? If there is nothing there, it has harmed nothing, but if there is something there, it has done great. Good for this person. Can you tell me if anyone ever leaves their physical body and a different spirit enters into that body and uses it? Oh yes. Perhaps the soul has become dissatisfied with the situation and decided it cannot handle what it thought it wished to, but the body must carry on for other reasons because this person, as others know it needs to exist. Therefore, another would choose to enter into this body and live that life. Delores explains that is a typical description of a walkin not a case of possession. Walk-ins are discussed and she discusses it in another chapter. She asks, is there ever a case where a spirit is forced out of the body? No, it is the self’s decision. There’s much talk about these things that frighten people. They say that an evil spirit can come and force you out of your body and take possession of the body is such a thing possible. Perhaps if there was no desire to remain, one seeming to be high minded could take over, but I have never known of this to occur. I think that you’re speaking of is where others are said to inhabit the body at the same time rather than actually the other entity, two spirits at once. Why would that be allowed? These are restless spirits, more of an elemental variety. I think you told me that elemental was something that was more or less, didn’t have any understanding. Is it just very simple? It’s a very basic energy. It operates more on the case of desires. Then the knowledge of why, well, how would the person allow something like that to come in by not protecting oneself, different things, but it is always able to throw off at any time that the owner of the body wishes it to be done. Then there are not more powerful than the real owner of the body of a person would perhaps be given to strong drink or drugs. Does this ever open up the body up to an elemental? There are those who due to these factors become very open and there are those elemental Sioux gather around these types of people, but this is a rarity. This is not something that would happen every day as it were. Then the strong drink or other drugs don’t lessen the ability to protect oneself. No. Okay. I thought it made them more open to these other spirits only if they allow themselves to be, then as long as they protect themselves, they don’t have to worry about it. Simply ask for God’s protection in God’s name or Jesus’ name. The mirror vocalization is instant protection. Could the white light be used in this way too? That is correct. The light of protection merely vocalizing the name of Jesus or God and asking for their protection is the same for instantly the light surrounds. Delores explains it apparently. Doesn’t matter what your particular religious beliefs are. Every entity agrees that the calling upon a higher power for protection will be sufficient to keep the elementals away. They also agree on the power of the white light. This is the personification of protection. It is very effective when you visualize this. Beautiful white surrounding yourself, your car, your home or whatever. The following is a very effective visualization for protection that was given to me by a subject in trance, and now this is what she explains. Vocalization is a highly effective, but you should include more visualization, see more fully, and do not rely so heavily on simply the spoken word for, although the spoken word is in truth, a creation of energies, it is much more efficient for you if you would truly visualize and see in your mind’s eye exactly that which you wish for. This is in fact creation. See yourself envelopes in a pyramid of white energy surrounding perhaps the entire building that you’re in or whatever you feel most comfortable with. If it is used in this way, all within its space would be included in this white energy and courage, all who participate to co-create and in so doing, the energies become stronger. It would be very simple to describe a pyramid surrounding those present and ask that each simply visualize this pyramid of white shimmering energy such that no discrete of energies may enter from the outside. Ask that all does creative energies within be transformed and align into the creative energies of the universe. It would also be appropriate at the time to ask for any healing which would be required of those in the assembly. Ask that the dis dis creative energies within the assembly which caused these physical manifestations of illness be turned to the white light and aligned and turned back to the universe in a creative manner. In this way, those present will assist in the healing of whoever wishes it. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be converted from negative to positive. Anyone can create this pyramid of white light and surround themselves with it if created in this way. Any discreet of energies which come near the pyramid will be returned to the universe to be transformed into creative and constructive energies. Any dis creative energies within the pyramid will be bathed in this white light and will be automatically converted into harmonious, constructive and creative energies. Visualize the entire pyramid completely envelopes and full of this white light and all of the discreet of energies within could be visualized as darkness in the light. Simply see the light changing the darkness, raising the darkness to the light or turning the darkness into light. In turn, the darkness becomes light and is no longer discrete IV but as again, constructive energy which has returned to the universe for constructive and creative purposes all have the ability to create this white light energy around them. They need only to affirm themselves the desire to do this. They must truly want this in order to believe it for if the individual is not firmly of the belief of what they desired. They will be limited success with this so I might have to include this in a future meditation, but I love that visualization. Dolores asks, I’ve heard people say that you should ask for protection in the name of Jesus. Is this as effective? This that is accurate? It is in fact entirely the same principle at work here simply different ways of stating the principle. There are many ways this energy could be directed thusly according to the individual’s religious beliefs, however many are aligned with one particular manner more so than another. It is simply a matter of appropriateness and personal preference. It is entirely up to the event individual as to how effective any one manner would be. We would say again that you yourselves are the creators you find around you that which you has been created by you. Therefore that which you find is indeed real. Even those things which you say are imagined for the imagination is in all reality the pallette of your creation. Therefore that was you can imagine is indeed real. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it be it physical or mental in nature, it is indeed real. These visit evil creatures, as you call them, are indeed real to those who would create them in their mind. There are those who do not believe in such and therefore do not exist. However, it would be wrong to say that they are not real to the individuals who believe in them. For indeed they are real. It is the ability of yours to create what you wish that is even more important now than it was previously. It is essential that you be aware of this power, this power to create what you will for. In so doing, you have the very real choice of creating that which would be good or that which could be evil. It is entirely up to the individual as to the reality they create. We enjoy those times when we can commune. This was the way it was at one time before on your planet when all could converse as freely as we do now. However, there was that time of the fall, none were spared the fall. We are victims as yourselves of the fall and we feel you know of what we speak. We in the Christian religion, I’ve always associated the term fall with the angel Lucifer being cast out of heaven by God. The supposedly gave him dominion over earth and created the belief in Satan and evil. This was the time when the knowledge was lost and consciousness turned down, so to say, towards the earth, and this higher energy plane was disregarded and discarded. So you can see from the strictly analogical standpoint, there was a definite fall of consciousness from the higher plane to the mere base earth plane. There was not as has previously been felt a surge of evil present when this fall occurred. It was simply that the attention of those inhabitants was shifted from the higher to the lower plane, so to say, this is what is meant by the fall. This is not a right or wrong judgment. It’s simply a fact which is in the realm of truth so you can see that you lose your sight of who and what you are. Then you would tend to wonder as humanity has done on this planet for many millennia now. It was simply a forgetting of the true identity of lowering of the consciousness, so to say and forgetting that our all her truly part of the whole, I think the main thing to get this idea of heaven and hell straightened out for people that would be a most difficult dusk. The people have been fairly brainwashed where these concepts in the Bible originally, no one reference that is used is the description that Jesus gave of Gahanna, the Jewish name for hell and the Lake of fire. He was trying to describe the condition you were in when you cross over to the spirit side and you were surrounded by negative influences, but the people listening to him took him literally in thought you were. He was speaking of a real place and another time Jesus said, this day shalt thou see me in paradise. When he was being executed, he’s referring to the fact that after they died they would transcend over to the spirit side of life and it would be at that plane called paradise. I was trying to think of another part in the Bible where it talks of somebody who is in hell or something and they were asking someone to get them out. I was having difficulty remembering this passage on the spur of the moment. The spirit said, if you would just touch my lips with a drop of water. Yes. That spirit was in the middle of mental torment, which would cause a condition which on the physical plane could be likened to fever. It also means that particular negative energies were around the spirit when he said to touch his lips with but a drop of water. He was actually asking for a bit of wisdom to help him dissipate these negative energies, and the wisdom would act as a scathing bomb, as a soothing ball so he could understand and escape from that condition. I know churches have brought up that part of the Bible several times and say, this is a permanent condition that he couldn’t get out of. They use it as an example of burning in hell. Yes, but it was not a permanent condition. He was at that time going around in a mental circle and could not break out of the chain of events so that he could dissipate the negative energy. So he was asking for a bit of wisdom to help him see how he could work his way out of it. I was trying to remember if Jesus talks about heaven anywhere in the Bible, I know there was one part about heaven and hell shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away. That’s the only thing that comes to mind right now. He was just speaking the physical universe. He was saying that the teaching is of his words had to do with the higher levels that would still exist regardless of the destruction of this particular universe because there are other universes as well and the higher levels will always exist. I think it is very important for people to understand that these are not real physical places, that they have to go to this. That concept seems so limiting. It’s depressing. Yes, that’s true. They need to understand that reincarnation is not a polar opposite to their Christian religion as they seem to believe. I tried to tell them it is really just a philosophy. That’s what I have been told. It’s a way of thinking and not a religion in itself. Yes. People who are dogmatic about their philosophy or religion lose sight of how things really are. And so that’s the chapter on Satan, possession and demons in the book between death and life. And I found it very interesting as you always have to remember when you read Dolores cannon, who knows how accurate this particular spirit is, or if the spirit was truly the person talking or was it the spirit? So you have to ask yourself, whenever you listen to a channel of work, you have to ask, does it resonate with you personally? Sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s interesting to hear these discussions. I have met many people that always believe bad energies are coming in and out. And so this is one explanation of how these banner energies work. You are all powerful and you can instantly ward them away according to law of one for these energies. The very best thing that you can do is just love the energy. Uh, so if there’s something evil that you believe is evil or negative energy, find a way to love it and it will immediately depolarize it. They’ll be afraid of you. You can laugh at these damn these entities I was taught from when I was younger. That laughing will scare them away. Also loud clapping. If you go and clap, make sure that you wash your hands. When you do, you can create an imbalance where the energy goes, like will disperse and then make sure you clean your hands without touching anything. There of course are many other ways of cleansing that you can refer every frame for the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, all the way to different uses of Sage to smoke out your house. But the point is, don’t be sitting in worrying about this stuff. You are God and you have power over these things, but this helps you to understand. It’s very much like somebody talking about, Oh, let’s talk about the zoo and the tigers and the and the different animals and they act a certain way. Even if we believe that we are all powerful, it’s still uninteresting if we’re interacting in a zoo of energies to understand how these energies work and how you have control and domain over them. So it’s interesting because Dolores cannon really covers the full gamut all the way into aliens and reincarnation and all kinds of different issues. I’m going to do an episode pretty soon on energy, uh, the using of energy that is similar to this one, but I thought you might find this information interesting, especially if you’re, you’re a fan of Dolores cannon, so I definitely plan on exploring more issues. If there’s one particular issue with Dolores cannon that you want to explore, then let me know. Check out my previous episodes on Dolores cannon and parallel universes, also PR Dolores cannon, and her discussion of the backdrop people. But there are numerous other interesting issues and I would be happy to explore all of them if you’d like, because I’m a big fan of Dolores cannon and the work that she did and documenting our true reality between the spirit worlds. And so let me know. All episodes of the reality revolution can be I’m imagining love and light to everyone that’s listening and that your day b

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