Dolores Cannon On Parallel Universes || EP 219

Dolores Cannon was a phenomenal hypnotherapist and writer who developed the QHHT a profound hypnosis methodology that allowed her to explore the past lives of her patients and even what happened between lives. As she did this she accessed a vast quantity of metaphysical information about the afterlife and what is happening on the earth as we undergo a reality revolution.

I have had several requests to do an episode on Dolores Cannon but there is so much I did not know where to start. One of the most profound things that I found was a recollection from one of her patients as to the true workings of parallel universes from a client who between worlds had full access to the way we intermingle with the mettaverse. What the patient described was mindblowing and I believe a further understanding of transurfing and parallel reality surfing discussed by Vadim Zeland and Frederick Dodson.

Have you experienced reality glitches and reality shifts. This explains what may be happening. This is from the first book Convoluted Universe 1 and Cannon thought the information to be so mindblowing that initially she had a difficult time understanding it.

“In this state he had access to knowledge that is denied the mortal. I questioned him about the finding of the strange animal. The answer that came forth was so complex that I knew it did not belong in that book. I summarized it in the barest, simplest details because I thought it would be so complicated that it would distract from the purpose of that book. It is offered here in its entirety. I cannot explain it further. Just listening to it confused me and left me dizzy. I felt very topsyturvy afterward. The idea was so alien to my thinking that it disturbed me and completely muddled my reasoning mind. Although the concept may seem revolutionary to me, it may seem quite simple to someone else, someone who has no trouble grasping complex theories. Many people will probably say it is not a new theory at all, it is only new and startling to me.”

Cannon, Dolores. The Convoluted Universe: Book One (pp. 351-352). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host Brian Scott and decided to do something a little different today. I’ve had many requests to do an episode about Dolores cannon and there’s just so much material on Dolores Cannon’s. Tough to do a single episode, but Delores Kat Kennan is absolutely fascinating and definitely a rabbit hole that you can go down if you want to explore some of her writing and her life and her story. If anybody has followed my podcast on a regular basis, one of my personal obsessions and interests is parallel universes. I had an event in my life, I survived a near death experience and I noticed major changes in my reality, reality shifts where I saw buildings that weren’t supposed to be there and I saw objects had moved, major changes in my own reality and it kind of drove me crazy. I got very worried about it. You can check out my episode on parallel universes where I give a little bit better story about what happened to me. Also my episode on quantum physics and consciousness where I did discuss my own interpretation of the research on quantum physics and parallel universes. If you can also check on my parallel universe meditation, you can check out any number of my meditation. Finding your quantum higher self meditation are all designed around parallel universes. My interest in reality, trans surfing came from an interest in parallel universes and you can also check out my interview with Frederick Dotson who I absolutely recommend whose book parallel universes of self is completely fascinating, but Dolores cannon is in her own right, completely unique, very interesting and credible. So if you don’t know Dolores cannon than buckle up, sit back and you’re going to learn an interesting story. Now just to give the background, there’s not really a Wikipedia page for Doris Cannon, but if you go on Amazon and look up, she has a ton of books that have been written. Doris Canon’s career is as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life Lagree regression. It spend almost 50 years and had taken her on in this incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations as the range of topics or work covers. And sheer volume of original material she had produced places her in a category of her own. And her unique hypnotherapy technique is groundbreaking. I am certified hypnotist. I’ve taken classes on the QA HHT and I absolutely recommend it. It’s one of the most profound hip no therapy techniques and exploring past life regression and beyond past life regression. It’s a little different than other techniques. And just to give a little background on her, she was born in Missouri I think in 1931. Uh, and she met her husband who was in the Navy and in the 50s as I, I had read, there’s not a lot about her and it’s not super important. In the 60s she and her husband were just, uh, using simple hypnosis for habits, which is the common stopped smoking, losing weight. I have done hypnosis for those things and those things work. It’s a great way to start to learn about hypnosis. She was first introduced into reincarnation in 1968 according to her books when she and her husband were asked by one of the doctors at the Naval base, he was stationed out in Texas to help one of the patients using hypnosis and this woman had suffered from a nervous eating disorder and was extremely obese and had high blood pressure and suffered from kidney problems and the doctor thought it would be beneficial if hypnosis could use help. The woman’s simply relax. Midway through the session, the woman unexpectedly began describing scenes from a past life where she was a flapper living in Chicago in the roaring twenties Dolores and Johnny watched as the ma woman liberally transformed into a different personality with different vocal patterns and body mannerisms. Check out my episode on past life regression. I just use a standard script and I’d love to go back and extend that out. The only complaint people have is they want to go longer. Once you start to access these previous incarnations, sometimes you want to space it out. I mean, I just did it. I was like an hour long, but it would be better to have greater spacing. She got really good at it and she could tell who she was talking to, like the person’s subconscious, the higher self. And she started recording these sessions. She met hundreds of clients. She started practicing full time. People were attracted to her. They had heard about her technique and how powerful it was. And so she started being able to literally con communicate with the subconscious mind in a way where people would start talking about past lives and what was happening between lives. That’s where you hear about the three waves of people coming to the planet that were going through this awakening. It’s the people refer to Dolores cannon in new age circles and she would literally found a way to directly communicate with the subconscious of many people. And in her journey she started talking. She would find out about, uh, the earth before about Atlantis. She talked about people that had lived and seen Jesus in the scenes. And then one of the most interesting ones, after many different sessions, she started noticing a pattern where Nostradamus would come through the subconscious of different clients and communicate directly with her as if it was a telephone call. She has several books where she discusses these conversations with Nostradamus, that’s a whole other rabbit hole to go down. So she’s talked to people that are from other planets and have talked with other aliens in past lives. And Oh, and the thing that’s incredible is that most of these stories, 99% are consistent. And people have not heard the stories that people, different people that have been hypnotizer in such deep hypnosis States, they have not heard the other stories. So it would be impossible for them to corroborate. And the ones that don’t fit ended up having an explanation later on. They all are consistent or we’re talking about thousands of different clients. So she started finding out real answers about the universe by doing this. So a lot of the information that she said, a lot of what I think happened is that entity started coming to her clients and communicating subconscious knew that they could get their their voice out there and so some of the information that she received is mind blowing, so if you go back to my other episodes, I’ve talked about a deep belief in parallel realities. I have 61 episodes on reality trans surfing, which is a model that takes into account parallel realities and how the interact with our own reality. You make think that that’s ridiculous but there is a possibility because of just the general physics nature of this that we are interacting with parallel universes on a regular basis. Go look at the work of Pitino Massaro. He does a really good job of explaining this. As I said, Frederick Dotson is probably the best. It’s also an incredibly great mental model to understand the universe and how to choose a reality. My book that’s going to be coming out. The reality revolution, the mind blowing movement to hack reality is based around an understanding that we are maneuvering through parallel realities and once we understand it, it opens up unlimited possibilities. I believe strongly that Neville Goddard was talking a bit about that when he talked about the imagination. He was talking about accessing realities that already exist and that Sumption is actually going into the feeling. The reason is you start to maneuver and access these other realities by accessing the States. These States are the way to quantum jump into other realities. That is why I never got heard. His teachings are so profound with me because they’re absolutely consistent. In the episode on Neville Goddard and out of the world, he talks about this particular model of the universe, a physics model that he’s discussing and it completely is consistent. Even with Carlos Castaneda who discussed that there are different parallel realities. All of it is consistent when and they’re underlying all of it is this possibility that there may be parallel universes and what does it mean and how does it affect us? One of the best, most enlightening and interesting conversations about parallel universes came in a discussion in one of Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis sessions that she documents in the convoluted universe volume one, and I wanted to bring this into the discussion on the reality revolution. If you’re a regular listener to this channel that you know that one of my goals at the very beginning was to fundamentally understand the idea of parallel universes, and I’ve tried to explore this in so many different ways. I had a fantastic interview with Cynthia Sue Larson, who wrote the book about quantum jumping and reality shifts documenting people that have actually seen these reality shifts on a regular basis. I could talk about it forever. It’s part of a spiritual journey that I’ve been on to understand what had happened to me. And so I wanted to go into a little deep dive on portion of this chapter and discuss her concept of it because it seems like the person wanted to get this information out to as many people as possible. And it’s a way to understand how parallel realities may be working. And then using this as a model, linking all the others together. And I think that you’ll come back to this because whoever is explaining parallel realities and how it interacts, there’s some rules, some laws and understandings on how those other realities around you and you are. And once you understand this, and once we adapt this and add this and integrate this into our current understandings of maneuvering through parallel realities, through quantum jumping, through reality, trans surfing, it unlocks yet another capability, power, and understanding that you can use on your path. So the chapter begins and cannon explains, I was led into the strange and very deep discussion in the 80s while exploring the lifetime of two in the Hunter, which is the basis for my book, the legend of star crash. In that lifetime he killed and brought back to the village of very unusual animal, one which had never seen before or since the people, the shaman of the tribe noted that it was a very strange occurrence and wanted to know all the details of the hunt. He was so impressed that he asked the butchers and Skinners to take special care when preparing the meat. He wanted the skull to be preserved and used it there after, during ceremonies honoring the winter solstice. All of the details as presented by two one suggested a paranormal experience of the highest degree one which he had never experienced before, but which he readily accepted. The reality of it could not be denied by the people because the proof was visible, although the preserved skull and skin was visible as well to the description. So strange that I also knew it was not an animal that had ever lived on the planet earth, at least not within known history. A zoologist also confirmed my suspicions. She says if the animal was not from earth went, then where did it come from after two and died and crossed over. I was able to question him extensively about many of the curious events concerning his village. Canon says in this state he had access to knowledge that is denied the mortal. I questioned him about the finding of the strange animal. The answer came forth was so complex that I knew it did not belong in the book. I summarized it in the barest, simplest details because I thought it would be so complicated that it would distract from the purpose of that book. It is offered here in its entirety and I cannot explain it further. Just listening to it confused me and left me dizzy. She says I felt very topsy turvy afterwards. The idea was so alien to my thinking that it disturbed me and completely muddled my reasoning mind. Although the concept may seem revolutionary to me, it may seem quite simple to someone else, someone who has no trouble grasping complex theories. Many people will probably say it is not a new theory at all. It is only new and startling to me, so be it. I asked the deceased to in spirit if it could explain the mystery of the strange animal. That was a rare Beth who was the person that she was interviewing under deep hypnosis said that was a rare occurrence. You must understand that ours is not the only universe, okay? Numerous parallel universes exist alongside of ours, but because they vibrate at different speeds, they are normally invisible to humanize. The universes intersect with each other, but usually the points of intersection are not compatible. Thus inhabitants of the two universes are not aware of the intersection. There may be some minor changes that one or two might notice, but it will be nothing major at this one particular point. It was a rare occurrence of a compatible intersection and when to one was out hunting. He was in two universes simultaneously but was not aware of it. The animal that he killed was an inhabitant of the other universe, but since it was compatible intersection, he was able to transport the animal into this universe without destroying its basic matrix. So Dolores asks, do you mean the other universe was also a physical universe? Now, this is an important question. One of the distinctions between Frederick Dotson’s work and Vadim Zealand’s work is the idea that the other universes are not physical parallel realities. The philosophy behind it is still possible. The other parallel realities may exist as an informational quadrant in space, but there’s also a belief that these other parallel realities are physical universes. So it’s always been a question when she asked this question. The subject says another subject had described universes composed of energy. Yes, it was a physical universe built along a different basic matrix, but since the intersection was compatible, the animals matrix was not destroyed when it was brought across to this universe. That’s what the occurrence. So rare. If the intersection is not compatible, the basic matrix of anything from the other universe is destroyed and it no longer exists in this universe. So she asks, how do you mean it would just disappear or what? Yes, it would just dissolve into nothing and release the energy into the ether. So she asked what would somebody see it as a Mirage or something similar? Perhaps under certain circumstances they would see it. Then it would seem to shimmer and fade away into nothing. She asks. I was trying to understand, are you saying that this other universe is existing side by side with this one? Yes. The patient says there are an infinite number of universe is existing side by side with this one and they’re all interwoven like a cloth. The terms of this language are not sufficient, so she asks, I’ve been told that before and the client says searching for words, I’m going to have to misuse some terms to try to get this point across. These various universes. Universe, sigh, universe says whichever are interwoven like a cloth into a gigantic cosmos, which contains the totality of all existence, but these universes are alive and so they’re always moving and shifting. So it’s like a living cloth and as they are moving and shifting their relationships with the other universes or always changing, and since there’s an infinite number of them, the relationship is never the same twice. And for there to be compatible intersection like it. This one incident with two when there has to be a very unusual set of variables existing at the same time since it happened so rarely, it cannot be expressed with percentages. The number is too small and so this universe is still side by side with this universe in relation to it, but it’s a different relationship now because it has been shifting along with all the other universes through the eons in this relationship of the gigantic cosmos. Do you understand? Well, Deloris explains that she mumbled that she did, but she really didn’t and the surprise barrage was so complicated. It was giving her a headache. When Neville Goddard says all things exist, he’s saying that all the realities exist already and we have access to them. That’s part of what I feel like when I hear information like this. Dolores cannon then asks, but you said this does happen at times and people are not aware of it. The patient says, yes, this universe is intersecting with other universes all the time. It’s just a matter of when and where the when every moment. This universe at some point is always intersecting with at least one other universe if not more, and since there’s an infinite number of universes and they’re always intersecting, it’s quite reasonable that several of these inner intersections take place on or near this planet where it can be observed by people. However, whether or not the intersection is compatible enough to be able to observe anything directly is not as common. Usually it is a very small change that people with very ordinary perceptions would not notice. Only someone who was particularly observant would notice this very small difference and it’s usually nothing earth shaking or anything that would matter. It would just be a very small thing that maybe one or two people will notice, but they will not comment about it because it’s such a small thing and they feel that others would think that they had mistaken which what they had observed to start with. So then Ken and asked, would you give me an idea of what they might experience? The patient answers? Yes. For example, a person is walking one day and they notice this tree. It has a particular shape that is distinctive and particularly beautiful and they walk along the same place a week or so later and they discovered that the tree is no longer there, or perhaps the shape is radically different, but it’s nothing they could really prove one way or another. It’s just a small thing like that, but it’s different from what it was before. What happened is that at the point where the tree was, it had intersected with another universe and the effect either altered the tree or destroyed its matrix to where it ceased to exist or perhaps it exists altered form in other universes. Now Canon asks to and did say that whenever he came across this animal, he had a strange feeling with the senses. He knew something out of the ordinary was occurring. Yes. He was very highly developed psychically, and so he was aware of the fact that he was in two universes simultaneously, but he did not know how to state this verbally. He wasn’t very sure of what he knew. He knew what he knew without really knowing what he knew. She asks. Yes, he didn’t know exactly what it was, but you mean that this was very unusual for him to be able to bring the animal back to the people of the village? Yes. The patient says to be able to bring the animal back fully into his universe without the animal dissolving into nothing is extremely unusual. It rarely happens. It does happen, but just not very often. So you wonder about visitations of aliens or big foot. Could it just be us slipping in and out of other universes? Canon asks, of course, the people were very hungry at the time. This might’ve been part of it. The client says yes, their psychic abilities undoubtedly helped the animal to make the transition. So here we see the person saying that our psychic abilities have an effect on the transition from one reality to another. Canon says then for many years afterward, the animal’s head and the skin was used by the wise man, so it was definitely something physical. Then when something like this happens, it’s very rare. Really happens in the vicinity of the people where they would notice it. The client answers, well, it happens in the vicinity of people, but usually the changes are so small or so minor that the majority of them do not notice it. People have a tendency to see just what they want to see and if something different has happened, if they don’t want to see it, they won’t or they’re too busy to notice Canon asks or they think they imagined it. Is there any chance of a human being crossing over into the other universes? The patient answers. That happens all the time. Many times human beings walking down the street will cross over into another universe. Several of the universe, particularly the ones that lie closest to this one are so similar as to be practically identical. So sometimes whenever they are overlapping, people can cross over to the other universe temporarily and then cross back without destroying their matrix. It’s the permanent transition. That’s so very rare as with the animal and many times they will be in another universe and nothing, gee, I sure thought that this and such had happened and someone said, well, no, that has never happened. You’re just making that up. And then a few days later they mentioned this again and someone else says, yeah, well, yes, you’re right. That did happen. Well, during that period of a few days when everyone was saying it had not happened, they were in another universe where it had had, where it had not happened. So this makes me wonder people, some people, and not all of course, that are suffering from like some levels of dementia may simply be experiencing parallel universes, distorting their memory and understanding of the world around them. Canon then asks, this would be confusing to a human. The patient says yes. It would make them think maybe they were imagining things, hence they would soon dismiss it from their mind and forget the incident. So they would not be consciously aware they had been in another universe. But it sounds as though the universities are identical. She asked if they have the same people in both the patient says usually yes. And usually it will be just a few things that are slightly different. Then this would mean that we all have a counterpart or more than one counterpart just like us. Yes, in most universes we have an identical counterpart whose basic experiences would be very similar. In some universes we would not have a counterpart, but it is rare for us to encounter these universes and when we do it’s very shocking experience. When you go up to someone that you know, you know and you know who knows you and you greet them and they stare at you as if to say, who are you? I don’t know you, I’ve never seen you before. That would be very confusing. Canon says, but then it is possible if you cross over to cross right back again. The patient, yes. Usually this crossover is only a very short period of time, maybe a few hours or perhaps even as long as a couple of days, but it’s usually very temporary crossing over and generally the people who cross over just continue with their lives, their ordinary everyday activities and they’re not really aware of when they crossed over and crossed back. The moment of crossing is very ambiguous, but some people may remember something odd that happened while they were over there. Canon says, do they just notice they feel a little stranger? What? Sometimes they don’t even notice that sometimes they just notice something. For example, some particular building that exists in their universe and they notice that one day they’re walking in, there is no building and has never been a building there. A few days later they noticed the buildings there again, and by this way they would know they were temporarily in another universe where they had been a building built where there had been none in that or in their universe. So this has happened to me. I started running when I had moved back to California and I would run through a lot because it was a shortcut. When you run a path on a regular basis, you know where the shortcut is. You don’t have to go on the sidewalk all the way around. You can, it’s, it was an empty piece of grass. I could just run across. There was nothing. It was looked like it was a park and then I would, I think something had happened to me where I had a sudden emotional experience. That could be many reasons why you go into a jump. It could just be meditation, it could just be a decision that you make. But I believe that that a certain amount of energy for us to jump into another universe. That’s my theory and I’ve experimented with this and used it and to help other people. You can check out my quantum jumping meditation, but what I have found is when I ran through the lot, and there was, there was a building there and the building was old. It wasn’t new, it was not a brand new building, and there was simply no way that they had built the building in that period of time because it was a part of my regular routine. And as they said, they were temporarily in another universe where there had not been a building built where there had been one in this universe. So the question she asks, in other words, they’re not absolutely identical, right? They’re never absolutely identical. There’s always at least one different thing. And that one thing being different is enough to make it a different universe. Sometimes it may be as small as a grain of sand being positioned differently on a beach to be sufficient for it to be a different universe. And what makes it even more complex is that there are always new universes being created for every action that is done. There is more than one possible outcome and your universes, one outcome is realized, but all the of the other outcomes have to go somewhere. And so these other different outcomes that were not realized in your universe cause another universe to come into being. It’s practically identical to your universe except that this particular outcome is different. And from there that universe continues to develop in its own direction. So it could be just a minor change or Maynard major change. But I do believe that we start to sense these outside universes and that’s kind of what we’re talking about with parallel universes of self with reality trans surfing. So the question she asks, you mean one person can cause this to happen or does it have to be many people? No, just one person. Anything. It happens all the time. The gigantic cosmos is continuously growing and it’s infinitely complex to where one mind cannot grasp it. For example, in this universe, say your nose starts to itch. Now you can do several things. You can rub your nose, you can scratch it, or your body can decide to sneeze. All these three things will happen in this universe. Say you decide to sneeze, you do. So however the energy of the other two possible outcomes has to go somewhere. And so hence at that moment, two other universes come into being. We’re in one, you rubbed your nose and in the other one you scratched your nose. And that’s the only difference at this point between those two universes in this one. And then they continue to develop and they will be slightly different, but they’ll still be a very similar to this one. So what’s happening is in the, in this new universe that you’re creating, a lot of people that hear about this and get the idea of the many worlds theory, the Copenhagen interpretation of physics, that there are parallel realities, which physicists are now collaborately showing mathematically is they say, well, it’s just impossible. But your concept is undermining the idea behind it. These universes could be in your cup of coffee. There’s so much more to it that we’re thinking about as Vadim Zeeland says, did, how many universes did you drink in your cup of coffee this morning? So Dolores cannon says, this sounds like it could get very complicated and the patient says it is. I always believe that we come to a crossroads many times in our lives that we make a decision to do one thing and yet we could have several other decisions that would put us on another path. Does this mean that the other decisions become a reality to the patient says yes. The other decisions come to pass too, but not in your universe. You come to a crossroads as you put it and you have a major decision and you can do any one of several things depending on which things you do. It could very well determine the general direction of the rest of your life. You make the decision to go one particular way. As soon as you make that decision to do one particular thing, the potential energy that was stored behind this causes other universes to come into being where all the other decisions also come to pass to where now there are alternate use who travel these different paths and their lives will be different from yours because they made a different decision and they went a different direction and hence cause that universe to be different and sometimes the effects can be very far reaching to where in a short period of time, surprisingly enough, the universe is very different from yours. So that’s why the idea of potential energy as mentioned here in this answer is important because you create an inordinate about of potential energy when you have importance or balancing forces and potential unlimited potential energy can cause distortions and imbalances as explained in reality trans surfing. So they go on to say yes because your life would go in a totally different direction and have a totally different effect on the people around you. Yes, the patient says it’s a snowball effect, which Hans has become D D a different effect on the people around them, et cetera, et cetera, but you’re not really responsible for your decisions and the patient says, no, no. You make the decision that what you feel is best for you under your circumstances. It may be, and the other circumstances come into being to where the other sides of the decision are best for those circumstances that come into being too. However, sometimes you make a decision and you realize that you made the wrong decision, that you did not choose the best circumstance. When you realize this, what has happened is this particular branch of your life split off from another universe, from your original universe and the original. You took the right decision and you acted out the alternative decision with this energy stored there. You lived with it and worked your life around it. The best that you could can asked, is it possible to give the other one back? It’s not possible to fuse the two together again. No is the answer, but it’s not as fatalistic as it sounds because even though you made the wrong decision or you feel that you made the wrong decision, you can still make the best of it because you still have decisions to make. Every moment of your life. Making these decisions wisely will keep your life on the path that you wanted on Ken and asks then it’s possible to turn your life around and go the other way if you wanted to. Yes, you’ll just be in a different universe than the alternate you. Who made the decision that you would have liked to have made? So Canon asked, well, it sounds as though your physical body is in many places at different times. Is it an exact duplicate of this body? I’m trying to understand this. In my limited earthing terms, I laughed nervously. This was becoming extremely complicated and unsettling. Um, Kevin explains, the patient says it starts out being an exact duplicate, but after a while, different changes that take place. For example, in one of our universe, you might receive an injury that you don’t in this universe, which would make a difference. It’s very complicated. The hardest thing of all is trying to relate. The different alternate use in the alternate universe is to your true self, to your soul. That’s one thing that makes karma so complicated. Because of the pole of karma, you must experience everything at least once to round out your experience and to work out to your truest high self. Well, in each lifetime you are experiencing almost everything at once, but you still have to experience all these different things in there, right proportions to round you out totally to where you will be a total person. Hence you have to go back several times through several lifetimes and you end up existing in several universes each time. But that’s the way it is. The language just isn’t sufficient. So Canon explains, but if all these various other counterparts are living separate lives and yet they’re all parts of us, why are we not aware of them? Why aren’t we able to communicate and know they exist? Because it would be too difficult and too complicated for your limited human minds to accept it would be too overwhelming. There are too many concepts beyond what you accept as reality that you are not allowed to know about because they would completely overload the human psyche. It is enough for you to focus on the present life and the circumstances that you’re living, but be advised the true self, your soul knows about everything that your countless counterparts are doing. It keeps perfect track of it. You as a human don’t have to be concerned with the complexity of it. Now this explanation is important because I have had dream events so I don’t know if they’re real. They were dreams where I felt like I had met my higher self, communicated with a version of my higher self. A true higher self is a version of us in the future that is experienced, all the different realities, all of them at the same time. And so when I was able to go into community education, I could see all my realities before me, all the different possible realities that were available to me and that is what our higher selves that Abraham talks about, that that you hear that’s referred. The inner guardian is this version of you that may know all the different realities out there in the future, in the space, in the source that is out there in the alternative space, in the space of variations is the informational field of those parallel realities that are available to you and that’s what we’re accessing. So she goes on to say thank goodness for small blessings. In the midst of all this complicated information, I was reminded of something in other my of subject set. He said, I would never receive the answers to all my questions because some knowledge would be as poison rather than medicine. It would harm rather than enlightened. So I suppose the human will never be able to handle the full amount of information from the mind of God. Canon says, it seems confusing to think that another counterpart of yourself, a physical counterpart is doing things that you’re not aware of. The patient says that’s true. You may wonder when you cross over to another universe and you’re interacting with an alternate set of people, wouldn’t the people you normally interact with miss you. However, when you cross over, your counterpart also crossed over and so you are not missed and asks. I was wondering about that. If you could meet your own self and the patient says no because when you cross over it forms a vacuum that must be filled and so your counterpart automatically crosses over to fill the vacuum until the tension comes to the point where you have to cross back over to the universe you belong in. Kevin asks, will the other people notice any difference? Perhaps some slight flaw, a subtle difference usually in memories and such. They would say, do you remember when this and such happened and your counterpart might say, why? No, that never happened to me, and they’ll just put it down to faulty memory or what have you, Ken, and ask if your counterpart was pulled through the vacuum, would it also not know it was an alternate version? The patient says not unless you and your counterpart were one of the few people who put two and two together, so to speak and realize, gee, not everything is quite in place like it should be. Perhaps I’m in an alternate universe and the thing that makes this interesting and should help you understand your fellow companions is that at any time you may be dealing with one of them from one of their alternate universes to where if you say something and they don’t remember it, instead of getting impatient with them, just remember with this particular one, maybe it has happened to them or it hasn’t happened to them yet. Well, gee, I’m talking to you one of their counterparts in a few days. So Canon says, could the other one have a totally different personality? Now this is interesting. The patient has no, the personality is generally the same. Sometimes different aspects of the personality will be developed a little differently due to different sets of experiences, but usually the personality is basically the same because the personality is one of the things that links your physical body to your true self. Canon asks, I was thinking that if they met somebody who looked like you but was totally different than people would think something strange was going on, right, but that never happens because the personality is basically the same. Maybe some of the details might be different. For instance, in wonder at universe, someone might be friendly and outgoing and very yet their alternative self still be friendly, not as outgoing. They might be more shy and not as talkative. It could just be a minor alteration like that. Canon says yes and your family or people would just think, well he’s in a mood or something. Exactly, but there’s there a case where the two counterparts might meet each other. I don’t think it’s possible. I was thinking of stories or legends. We’ve heard that like doppelganger sr double. Yes. When you see your double like that, that’s when the two universes are intersecting and you’re still each in your separate universe and you see them, but it’s not very common Canon and that’s probably why it’s so rare when it’s been reported. Yes. Usually when this will happen, it’s when someone else will see your double and tell you about it later and then she says, Oh, I’ve heard cases like this. They’ll say, we saw you in such and such a place and you say, I wasn’t there. I was home all day. Exactly. You were at home, but you were in an alternate universe and your alternate was out wandering around. Cynthia, Sue Larson talks about this in her book where she says people have seen her at the beach and she had been practicing quantum jumping when she would also at the very same time with somewhere else. Have you been in by location and people reported seeing you in places that you are not, so Canon asked you that would explain a lot of these strange cases we’ve heard of, but in the case of two when the animal was totally different than any animal on earth at that time. Yes. That was another reason why it was so rare for its matrix to survive and be permanently crossed over because there was no counterpart in this universe, at least not on earth. Now there’s a possibility that in this particular case, the animal does have a counterpart in this universe, but on another planet and at which point then this animal crossed over and stayed crossed over. It’s counterpart either crossed over into another universe itself or ceased to exist at that point. So when any another earthly animal wouldn’t have crossed over in its place? No, because it’s not the counterpart of this animal and asks. It would have to be an exact counterpart then, but did it occur at a time when the village needed food and they did eat it? It didn’t harm them in any way. It’s very interesting. It’s also very complicated. Yes. I feel I, I’ve perhaps left some mistaken impressions in your mind due to the inaugural cuisine. That’s language. Well, that’s possible. Other people I’ve spoken to have this have said that the language is inadequate to explain things. Sometimes they must draw analogies for me. True. Most inadequate to it leaves rather simplified notions to your mind. Yes, but sometimes that’s the only way to explain things even though it’s not fully accurate. That is true. I don’t want you to feel guilty or limit yourself on your actions simply because of the alternative things that also come to pass, continue to live your life as you have always lived it because it’s the natural way of the gigantic cosmos. The fact is that when you were born in this universe, you were also born in several other universes too. And so actions and decisions that you make will cause another universe to come into existence or perhaps alter another universe that is similar enough. This is not to alarm you because this happens all the time. So this is a natural thing. In other words, yes, and it’s part of working out your karma. It’s not like predestination either you and all your alternative use have freedom of choice in the decision that come up in your lives. And even though you make one decision that does not amount likely mean that an alternative you has to make the other decision. If another alternative you makes the other choice, then it’s because they chose it. It is their free choice. And it usually ends up balancing that way. Occasionally you and your alternative use choose one way and the other way was not chosen. Then another universe comes into being, were they that way, was chosen to keep the energy balance? Do you understand? I’m trying to. So basically this explanation is even when you choose and all of the use choose the other one, another universe still comes into play, so right now there’s a version of you no matter what. So Canon asks, I’m trying to, this is going to take a bit of digesting and absorbing, trying to understand it. Anytime I’m exposed to a new idea, this is what happens, I have to go over it before I really understand it. Feel free to ask me more questions when you have digested it, it’s important that you understand. Kenneth says, I feel I’m being led to give this information that I received to many people and the patient says yes and it’s important that you understand it as clearly as you can with the limitations of your language so that it when it is broadcast to other people, bill have a clear understanding and not a muddled understanding for this particular concept, could it set the religious institutions of your universe and it could cause much, much unnecessary turmoil. That’s why I feel propelled to read this to you, this particular small section of this chapter, because I feel like the person giving it had an intention to broadcast it. So anybody listening to this episode, like this video and put a comment so we can be a part of the algorithm and and other people can get this information. So she says you keep talking about these alternate people. Could one of ’em, could one have one occupation and another a different occupation or would it be very similar? Oh, that depends. Many times it’s not unusual for them to have similar occupations. For example, in this universe, a person is good at working with their hands and so they do say electrical work. In another universe, they may not be doing electrical work, but they may be doing something else where they’re also working with their hands. They may be a craftsman or a woodworker or something like that. Or if someone in this universe is an engineer, but they have a hobby, say music, they’re very passionate about music, but it’s just a hobby for them. Then in another universe, they may be a musician instead of an engineer. So whatever your basic tendencies are in your, since the personality is basically the same across the universes, if it’s a multifaceted personality to where the person is capable of doing many different things in the other universes, their counterparts may be doing something radically different than they are doing here because the ability to do this is in their personality. For instance, cannon asks, now I’m a writer, would another part of me still be a housewife and not interested in writing? No. The interest to expand oneself would still be there. You may not necessarily take the direction of writing in another universe though. For example, in this universe, instead of wanting to remain a housewife, you might want to to expand your mind and do something more fulfilling and you became a writer and another universe, you would have the same basic personality urge of not staying just a housewife. You would want to expand yourself to do something else. So you might have started doing volunteer work or perhaps in another university might have gotten involved with crafts and such. Instead, or I perceive that you’re interested in psychic things. Well in another universe, instead of getting involved with writing, you may have gotten involved with psychic things and not thought about writing but them, but just doing them. Canon asks, when I thought about these different alternatives I could take, then they become a reality somewhere else. Yes. If they weren’t already a reality somewhere else, um, this could get very complicated. It is very complex and I feel strongly that you won’t be able to absorb it at this time. You will probably have to come back and ask me more questions, which is fine. It’s important that you understand this and that it’s clear. Any decision you make is right. There’s no such thing as a wrong decision. You may feel later that you could have made a better decision, but at the time the decision you made was right for you. And so do not feel guilty about so-called mistakes that you’ve made in the past because there’s no such thing as a wrong decision because the other side of the decision exists somewhere. Cannon asks, yes, it is all balanced and whenever a major decision comes up in your life, usually some form of that decision comes up in some other alternative life will be represented in the final result, okayed. Finally, one of the aspects will not be represented in, hence a new universe will come into being to represent that side of the decision to whenever it happens. You would not be aware of this because it’s just a natural thing and your life will continue along that line and you won’t realize there’s an additional alternate yet you, it’s an automatic process and there’s no physical phenomenon involved with it so you don’t know when it happens. Ken, Anat says some of the questions I may ask may seem very simple and very naive. This is to be expected so that you will understand. You have to start somewhere. Are these alternate possibilities or personalities all associated with the same family members? It wouldn’t be a different family or a different husband or children or anything like that. OkaySo finally, usually it is a balanced representation. For example, if a one point in your life you had a choice between marrying one man or another man and you decided on one man and the other universe is several alternate use will decide on the same man and several alternate use will decide on the alternate man. Hence their universes will be different in that direction because an alternate you decided on the other man and hence the family would be different that way. So yes, there are used that have different families, different ancestors and such as that because of these different decisions, but at the same time there are universes where the same decisions were made and so the same family members would be involved that if you crossed over into a universe with a different husband and family, that would be very confusing. Yes, it would, but that doesn’t happen very often because since the universe is radically different, it would be more difficult for you to be able to cross over successfully. It’s usually where the universe is, where everything is very, very similar, almost identical, where the easiest accidental crossings take place. Cannon den asks this have something to do with vibration levels. Yes. Complimentary vibrations, complimentary energies, a universe where similar decisions have been made in the past as in your universe where everything looks very close to being the same with only a few minor, very subtle differences here and there. It’s much easier to intersect with this universe and intersect in such a way as to have an open portal for you to pass through. Now, there may be incident where this universe may intersect with other universes so that you may be able to observe things going on, but it would not open an open portal to where you would not be able to interact with things going on. Canon asks, you could see through the through, but not go through. Right. For example, you may be walking one day and you may observe something that’s different than you remembered it, but you don’t go over to investigate it. You just keep walking. You wonder about it and there’s nobody around to ask about it. Hence, you have interacted with that universe. You merely observed something different. Or if there are other people around, it would not occur to you to ask them about it or if they do, they will seem to not hear you because the portal is not open to where you can interact. Canon says just like a window that you can see through, but not step through. Right, and you would not be able to tell the place where your universe ends and that universe begins. You’ll just think you’re looking across the street or what have you at something and somewhere between you and bear is where the two universes are intersecting. Cannon asks, you said though that you will see something and it begins to look shimmery and then it would just disappear. Yes. That’s when the intersection is coming to an end and universes are drawing apart. This would help explain many of the incidents of what you call ghosts and mirages too. You have a phenomenon noses, the Bermuda triangle, that area for some reason keeps intersecting with this other particular universe. There’s an unusual magnetism there and it causes planes to fly into other universes and most of the time their matrices dissolve. So in reality trans surfing, there is a section on something called the transaction technique where you do a breathing and energy exercise while walking and you can check out my walking meditation where I do the transaction technique and you look, you have to be outside looking at a distance and you can literally see the parallel realities time shift right in front of you. I have experimented with this and it’s, you can’t do it every time, but when you see changes in the reality, you can see it right before you, it’s pretty damn cool and I recommend the checking, checking that out. That is what the transaction technique is. When these universes are intersecting and you can actually see it as Zeeland says in reality trans surfing, don’t take his word for it, test it out. And that’s a way for you to actually test out this theory in physical space. Canon says, you said though that sometimes you see something and it begins to look shimmery and it would just disappear. Yes. That’s when the intersection is coming to an end and the universes are drawing apart. So that’s another reminder. We just had said that, but just as a reminder that the shimmery means that the universes are drawing apart. So when you have an induced transition or some major event and you see in the distance something happened, it means that something you had a major change in the universes. My own theory is that you wouldn’t see as much of a shimmer if it’s a minor change, but the big changes you can notice as Zeeland points out and as Frederick Dotson points out, it can be like the Hughes, the colors, the feeling of it. You noticed when you were younger in the universe seemed different, more vibrant and alive. That was a different reality. So she asked then people no longer exist when they go through there, right? They pass over at that point. Now Canon says, and the plane, the ships or whatever, the whole thing dissolves that no longer exists on the other plane after it passes out of this universe into the universe. It’s no longer existing in this universe for it is passed out in the other universe. It cannot exist because of the vibrations do not coincide and their counterparts are still over there, so one of them has to give. Usually it’s the one that most recently crossed over the dissolves. Sometimes it’s the other one that dissolves, but this does not happen very often. This is the explanation for some of the accounts you have of people walk, someone walking across a field or something, then disappearing into thin air. Their counterpart had just crossed over into this universe and they had to go somewhere and when they disappeared into thin air, usually they’ve either crossed over into another universe or their matrix has dissolved. Canon says, this is just dissolving of the physical body. The soul cannot be harmed in any way, can it? No, just the physical body. Canon says, is the spiritual plane considered one of the [inaudible] these parallel universes? I’ve always wondered this and had a question. Is the spiritual plane just a parallel universe? The patient says there are infinite universes on the physical plane, but on the spiritual plane it’s all basically one universe. We can interact with everything on the physical plane. Some people work out their karma by leading several alternate lives in various parallel universes, especially if they want to work out some particular detail of one particular aspect of their karma and the various decisions they make in the various universes have balanced out in such a way as to help their karma. Sometimes since all these universes are on the physical plane, the protective barriers between them sometimes cancel out and the person they talk to is already passed over from this one universe, but it’s still living in the other universe. It’s difficult to explain. Kenneth says, I thought when they died in one universe, all of the other different alternatives, dyes would also die. They do all die within the same general time, but not necessarily all at once. It depends on how long it takes them to work out. That aspect of karma of alternate solutions to this one aspect of karma in this various universes. It usually takes approximately the same amount of time, but it’s not a clear cut ending because time doesn’t have any meaning on this side and so there’s sometimes some discrepancies like that, but usually they’ll appear because it’s not often that these discrepancies coincide with the energy barriers nullifying themselves. Occasionally Canon says then if you see somebody find out later they had died weeks before, you might be seeing an alternate. Yes. Another explanation is that sometimes when a spirit has died a few weeks before and they haven’t adjusted yet to being on the spiritual plane, sometimes their spiritual echo can be particularly convincing or particularly compatible with the physical vibration of things. Canon says be physical enough to where someone could touch them and talk with them. This would go along with Jesus himself, visible enough to people where they could touch him. He was supposed to have come back after the resurrection. Yes. When he first came back he was not fully adjusted the spiritual level yet and that’s why he told the first people who are wanting to touch him to not touch him because he had not yet ascended to his father. Yet later when Thomas wanted to touch him, he had made some other adjustments to his spiritual echo to where he could be touched. Cannon said there’s always been confusing. If they, if they were dead, how could they be that physical? They could also have cases of ghost where they actually get in the car and they’re writing and talking to the people. Yes and then disappear. Canon says, would they, would that be along the same line, this barrage of strange information left to be mentally exhausted. I felt as though my brain had been twisted. This is cannon explaining and bent like a pretzel. Nothing had ever quite disturbed me as much as this avalanche. I knew it’d be a long time if ever for me to absorb it sorted out and understand it. Maybe other readers will not have the same difficulty and it will fit right in with their view of reality or at least be plausible enough to open their mind to radical thinking. When Beth awakened, the only thing she remembered about the session was a strange mental picture she wanted me to tell about it before it advantaged picture electric models of the atom where it shows various electron shells and the paths of the electrons are going were around in all the directions. Now these paths of the electrons, instead of being electronic threads like they were pictured, picture them being silver bands instead in the picture. This at very electron levels, these silver bands about a fourth of an inch wide, I’d say in the whole picture being approximately about six inches from the ground. She made hands to show the size. It would be bigger than a baseball, about the size of a good size of grapefruit or cantaloupe and these silver bands being about a fourth of an inch wide going all around in all different directions roiling and undulating a little bit and moving and constantly shifting like it contained an explosion of silver bands. There’s no way of counting them. It’s an infinite number of them. That’s the picture in my mind. Go and check out my episode on the assemblage point in Carlos Casta Neda’s work, which is also mentioned in reality trans surfing, Carlos Casta, NEDA and told described this idea that the of these bands, these these filaments, these strings that come and [inaudible] and when we become a living entity with awareness in this particular reality, there is an assemblage point where they all come together at one point and what they’re describing is exactly the description of the assemblage point. You can also check my, my episode about activating the plat. The plot is the assemblage point. There is something to this as an idea of maneuvering through these different realities, and this does give some confirmation, although it may not be exactly the same. The in the exact description is given from a Carlos Casteneda book in that episode, so check that out. So she says they’re kind of entwined or what? Yeah, there will be one going like this and then another one overlapping and another one overlapping and another one overlapping and they’re all kind of intertwined and overlapping and crossing over in the shifts between them and the relationships between them altering and shifting in the angles changing in such as that Canon says, this may be another visualization picture they’re trying to give to show how the different universities operate. They talked about a cloth with all the threads intertwining. Yes. I also saw the threads doing this. Canon says, this must may have been a picture in your mind that they couldn’t quite get that across, so they gave me the idea of a cloth because it’s simpler to describe. Yes. Perhaps we need both concepts to help what it is like now that she gives it a little short note information on the same subject from another source. So this is another client that she had talked to that did not know about the last client and it said, uh, the client she is, if each one of us is living in different planes of existence at the same time is that what is known as parallel lives? And the patient says that is accurate. And that in the sense that each of you at this point in our, your lives are simply facets of your true entire self. You are pinpoints of awareness. Your total awareness is far beyond anything you could encompass or imagine at your level. Therefore, it is easy to see as your awareness grows, as you broaden your reality of the spiritual ladder, you will find that your awareness overlaps with that of the other individuals such that at the ultimate level you are indeed on the God plane where all is one. Your awareness on your level is simply a drawn out or focus pinpoint of the total spiritual awareness. And so it could be seen that at various levels your awareness would indeed overlap with others such that ultimately all is one. Therefore all lives ultimately are concurrent. And Canon says, you once said, we were just tips of our own icebergs and that is accurate. So I thought that this is just a small section in chapter 11 of this massive book, everything is talked about from vibrations and frequencies and earth mysteries and aliens visiting. And there’s even more in this section that I could go into, uh, about different experiences, uh, from different parallel realities. But I thought that this was a very good starting point and establishing what Dolores cannon had discovered about parallel universes from higher selves deep in hypnosis sessions. Sometimes we’re not going to get the physics behind it. Sometimes people argue and even Vadim Zeeland implies that he’s channeling this information that he got for reality trans serving. He certainly implies that at the end of two 50 the priestess and Frederick Datsun implies having explored out of body experiences and may have a Bay may have received these information from higher levels and maybe just maybe what we’re experiencing in this reality revolution in this awakening is a, is it an awakening to a quantum level of power where we become aware that we are more than just this universe where we began to accept all of us that we live in exist in multiple parallel universes and once we embrace this concept and we learned that because of this, that just with our own thoughts and vibrations, we can attach to parallel realities that already exist right now. There is a reality that exists for what exactly that you want. If it’s being with a certain person, if it’s making a certain amount of money, if it’s having a certain job or living a certain experience, that reality exists and by living the feeling of it you are you, you can almost trick your body into going into that reality. When you assume it much like Neville Goddard describes that while in your subconscious, then you maneuver yourself into that reality, so what I’m saying is this unlocks everything for you. All of the episodes of the reality revolution touch on some aspect of this. It is fundamental to my own teachings and my own technique which I will have a training session on the alternate universe, reality activation, alternate universe, reality actualization. I think it’s a two step process that we activate the reality that we want to be in and then we actualize it for our lives. That into me is, is is the process that I have found that works. I’ve found that it works through energy expenditure and meditation that is focused and so keep an eye out all. I’ll put together a training very soon. That’s almost done. I’ve been working on it for awhile now and you can see my discussions of this and this is something that’s very important to me and I want to know if it’s true. Did I experience going through a parallel universe? I’m very skeptical and I’m going to gather as much information as I possibly can and I believe that it’s possible that I did. I’d like to know if you believe that you’ve experienced parallel universes. We of course see discussions of the Mandela effect, which is completely fascinating and can take you down the rabbit hole that’s for another episode. I would love to talk about that in another episode. I have people, once I put out my episodes about what I experienced, have contacted me and told me about amazing things happening where they are in other realities and there’s a small community that share this and it doesn’t have in many cases it can. It can. People start to question their own sanity and they, it almost creates like a PTSD type of situation or you can embrace it. And I think on some level, your higher self will not let you adjust into radically different realities because it doesn’t want you to go insane. And so once you begin to open yourself up to this information and accept the unusual in your life except the radically different in your life, imagine waking up in a mansion, you’d probably go insane. So there’s part of your higher self that says, nah, we’re not going to like, it’s going to be a more natural progression because you don’t want to just wake up in your match and you wouldn’t know where anything is. Right? Maybe we can, and maybe we’re going to reach a point during our awakening where, you know, once, I mean the veil is lifted and we can travel into any reality that we want. And we are playing in a playground right now and it’s our sandbox. You are not limited. You’re not in a prison. I just saw a post where somebody said, why are we on this prison planet? No, we’re on a freedom planet and we are free to explore any reality that we want. Okay. And we probably worked very hard to get into these bodies that were existing in now and incarnating into this life because once we did, we knew that we would have the sandbox of all these realities and in this time with the advancement in information, we’re reaching a point where we’re going to start fundamentally using this concept to propel and Excel and move into an evolution of the human race. And that’s what you’re experiencing right now. And it’s a revolution. And Dolores cannon explains in other books that many spirits from higher vibrations are coming to this earth in waves to raise the vibration of this planet because we are going through this awakening and maybe maybe it’s a revolution in how reality is understood by our limited monkey minds. We are just an interface. Go check out the case against reality out a fantastic book that I will definitely dedicate an episode to by Donald Hoffman. We are just a basically an user interface like a, a computer accessing reality through this program. And so we are units of consciousness experiencing reality, but it’s not what we think in any way, shape or form. And it’s exciting. You can have, once you unlock this and realize the implications of it, how do you sense a reality where something’s happened? You have to actually live it. That’s why the actor is such a good, so good at moving to another reality because they can exhibition really experiencing why is the feeling the secret? Because there are our thoughts and feelings will link us to that universe and then we move into that universe. We move into that timeline and you can do that today. You are free to do that today. I believe this. So let me know if you want me to explore some more of Dolores Cannon’s work. I would love to definitely a rabbit hole. It’s a rabbit hole that deep and wide and I could go down and we could just be talking about it for episode upon episode. And I know everybody wants, a lot of other episodes are on things like Neville Goddard and trans surfing. And I promise I will cover it all, but I wanted to cover this because I thought you might find it interesting if you’re on the path and you’ve adopted parallel universe theory in physics into your understandings of reality creation. So please, I want to know what you think. I want to hear about your experiences. I want to know what you have said or thought of about parallel realities. Use the comments as a place for us to discuss this and explore this. Maybe they don’t exist. I’m not saying that it’s fundamentally 100% I’m saying it’s absolutely a possibility and the more that I re read about it, it’s interesting to find information that confirms my theory, but I’m open to all of it. So I would love to hear what you think. So thank you for sharing this journey with me as I thank you for all the journeys that we go on for all episodes of the reality revolution. You can go to the reality and welcome to the reality revolution.

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